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Who is Chris “Sixty” ?

Chris ?Sixty? is consistently ranked as one of the top seduction coaches in the world. He became popular due to his method of using the natural power of ?sexual tension? to seduce women lightning fast. Chris has spent the last 13 years teaching guys how to attract beautiful women quickly and with the least amount of effort. He currently runs his own seduction company ?60 Years of Challenge? and offers phone coaching through

Chris’s Super Powers:

Chris ?Sixty? also known as ?60 Years of Challenge? first became popular in 2005 for his postings on ?Fast Seduction? the infamous online forum featured in the book ?The Game?. In 2011 he released his revolutionary product ?Automatic Seduction? which went against the grain of the old pick up mentality and set a new direction for how the game is played today.

Chris believes most pickup strategies are too focused on being ?social? making you look like a clown or are too ?aggressive? making you seem like a creep. In contrast, Chris?s ?Automatic Seduction Method? teaches you how to achieve the perfect balance of social, seductive and sexual game. And if you want date beautiful women consistently, learning how to balance these 3 skills is the key.

Sixty also specializes in coaching men how to seduce women with his famous techniques such as ?micro-escalation? and ?seductive listening?. It may come as a shock, but the number one reason guys get stuck in the friend zone is because they listen to women the wrong way. However, students who are coached using Sixty?s method are consistently able to approach beautiful women, say very little, and seduce them in just seconds.

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