Pua Routines


By: Bobby Rio

guy making small talk with a woman

 Examples of the Best PUA Routines

Most of us were first introduced to pickup artist (PUA) routines in Neil Strauss’s book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

PUA Routine has been defined as the following:

PUA routines are canned and scripted material that pick up artists use to pickup girls and hone their skills.

The main purpose of using routines is to provide aspiring pickup artists tested, and proven things to say to women in the field.  Often when an aspiring pickup artist first begins his quest to get better with women he is unsure of what to say to women, how to keep a conversation going, or how to build attraction.

Over the years, some of the best pickup artists in the world have document their best pua routines and began teaching them to students.

Although there is some criticism of routines, mainly that they make the pickup artist seem to robotic, and “canned” and limit his ability to display his “natural” personality, I believe that using routines as training wheels can really help your game when you’re just getting started.

PUA routines are used for many different purposes.

  • Opener Routines
  • Attraction Building Routines
  • Comfort Building Routines
  • Seduction routines

Most of these routines are based on several principles that pickup artist tend to stick to throughout their pickups.

1.  Most of these routines will contain elements of DHVs (or demonstration of higher value)

2.  Some of these routines will contain neg hits used to knock a woman off her pedestal.

3.  Many of the routines will exemplify the concept of “push pull” and the “cat on a string theory”

4.  Many routines will contain excuses to initiate “kino” or getting a woman comfortable with you touching her.

5.  Almost all of these routines are designed to entertain a woman long enough so that you can begin to move into seduction mode.

An Example of an Attraction PUA Routine:

Here is an attraction example routine, contained within the famous “Routines Manual.”

“I’m a high-end bank robber and art thief, and my team is planning an upcoming heist tomorrow night. I think you could be the perfect decoy. If you’re interested in being a part of the team, there’s not much money in it right now… I can’t guarantee that your take will be more than $350 million. If you’re okay with that small of an amount, let me tell you what you’ll need to do. Tomorrow night at midnight, while I’m hacking into the alarm system from the van, I’ll need you to show up at the bank wearing a long black trench coat over lingerie and stiletto heels. I’ll provide you a silver metallic briefcase. What you’ll need to do is seduce the 70-year-old night security guard while the rest of my team drills through the wall. Then, at just the right moment, I’ll give you the signal through your earpiece and you’ll press the red button on your briefcase and the vault will explode behind the security guard and you’ll run out to safety unless you’re totally enamored by the old guy. Can you run in heels?” Kisser- Love Systems Instructor.

This is a fun example of how to answer a question you know you’re going to get, like, “What do you do?” It does so with a role-play and makes it fun instead of delivering the boring, predictable answers she always hears. After the role-play you should tell her what you actually do so it doesn’t seem like you’re hiding anything…

An Example of a Comfort PUA Routine:

Here is a comfort building example routine, contained within the famous “Routines Manual.”

The Question Game Routine:

“I have a fun way to get to know new people… It’s called the Question Game. But there are rules…

“Rule 1: You ask a question, then me, then you, and so on, back and forth.



“Rule 2: You have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Like truth or dare but without the dare because I don’t know how weird you really are.” (Notice the tease.)


“Rule 3: You can’t ask a question that’s already been asked.


“Rule 4: You have to ask interesting questions…Take advantage of our anonymity. Oh, and… Rule 5, I ask you a question first.”


This is a great PUA routine to use because it can stretch throughout the night.

Here is a video of Neil Strauss demonstrating the 5 Questions Routine.

More examples of PUA routines:

These are just a handful of the popular pua routines from the book, The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

5 Points About Learning Pua Routines

Important things to remember when you’re learning how to use pua routines in the field talking to women you are attracted to.

1.  Like any skill, it takes practice.  Your delivery won’t be natural at first.  But the more you practice, the better you’ll be able to recite your routines.

2.  Don’t feel stupid practicing the routines at home.  Remember in Reservoir Dogs, where Mr. Orange practices his story around his house.  You should be practicing in the same manner.

3.  Make sure you are using specific routines for their right purpose.  This means if you are using a seduction routine, make sure you are at the seduction phase of the pickup.

4.  Don’t be afraid of being “called out.”  Although these pua routines are common to you, almost no women have heard them before.

5.  Don’t be afraid to improvise.  It is important to add your own elements to the stories.  Make them your own.

Go Out and Use Pua Routines.

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