Super Natural System Review

Review of Julian Foxx’s Super Natural System

(FTC disclosure) If you’re here, its probably because you got sucked into watching Julian Foxx’s Super Natural video.? I’ll admit, I began watching simply for entertainment purposes, but midway through the video I began to become intrigued as to whether or not Super Natural could back up its claims.

Now, I’ve never been a guy who is into banging random chicks… but I do see the valuable “social proof” element to dating hot girls and B-list celebrities.? It will make the real girls in your life jealous, and they will begin thinking you hold some magic powers that they will want a piece of is.

So truth is, my real agenda for purchasing Super Natural was to learn how to attract really hot girls with the purpose of using them as jealous tools to create interest in me from girls in my social circle.

Does Super Natural Seduction work?

What initially made find Julian’s advice to be credible is because awhile back I talked to a couple club girls about the topic of dating and sleeping with guys and pretty much exactly what they told me was extremely similar to Julian’s advice in the promotional video for Super Natural.

I had an Asian friend Pete, who was THE MAN when it came to sleeping with these club girls.? And Pete had very little game outside of these situations.? But for some reason hot girls were all over him.? Pete was not “well hung” and he wasn’t rich.? And he did not do coke.? So I always wondered exactly why he did so well with these clubby chicks.

However, after watching the Super Natural video I began to see how Pete was doing exactly what Julian talks about in his program.

So, yes, I would say that the program is legit.

I also happen to know a handful of guys in the “dating advice” niche.? And a few of them who know Julian personally, have told me that he is ALWAYS dating a stripper or some really hot model type girl. ?And Julian is not a good looking stud type.? He is a slightly chubby, pale, red headed kid.? And he definitely isn’t rich.

So I think he is really onto something.

==>(You can watch the video here)

What do you learn in Super Natural System?

The program is totally geared towards a system for going out to bars and clubs, meeting the girls, and getting them into bed.? The best part of the program is that Julian Foxx gives you the exact lines to use in these situations.

  • In the system, Foxx lays out three magic phrases that guys can use on women in order to get them feeling revved up. It?s not rocket science, it?s not some crazy magical spell. Although it may seem like it. No, it?s just one small phrase that plants the seed in her mind that you?re someone to consider as a possible partner in the bedroom.

You also get a really killer bonuses:

  • Plenyy of Fish in a barrel ?- all about meeting girls on the free dating site
  • A course on threesomes
  • A bonus providing you a great playlist of songs
  • Supernatural Skill builder quiz

==>(You can watch the video here)


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