Superman Stamina Review (With Hot Pictures from DVDs)


By: Bobby Rio

My Review of Keni Style’s Superman Stamina


I just finished watching Keni Power’s Superman Stamina DVDs and I have to say, it is EPIC! ?So I decided to do a complete Superman Stamina review.

Let’s get started with the review…

Wish I had this a few years back.? About four years ago I was working in a restaurant, a bunch of cute chicks working there.? One girl in particular, Tammy, I flirted with for a month or so.

I finally get her back to my place on day? and literally popped my load as I’m sliding it inside her.

Two really bad things came from that experience.

1.? Tammy never gave me a second chance.

2.? She spread the word around our social circle, and pretty much made it impossible for me to have any respect from any of the other girls I would hit on.

That being said?

While I don’t suffer premature ejaculation often? I’m don’t last as long as I’d like to.? I’ve got a friend Doug who always has like four or five girls he can FUCK ANYTIME? and I always wondered how.? Then one day we shared a hotel room, and I had sit and listen as he nailed this girl for like an hour and a half?making her squeal like a pig.

After that I realized that to keep a woman around, to keep her from looking for new dick, you’ve absolutely got to give her a good pounding? cause if not, a guy like Doug will come around and do you dirty.

Let’s give this Superman Stamina Review

The program breaks down into?3 parts:

The first part of the program is done seminar style.

==> Watch Superman Stamina video

1. ?Superman Stamina Seminar

This features porn stars Keni Styles and some chick (don’t remember her name) discussing superman stamina with the nerdy host, Bobby.
Keni Styles – the male porn star – does most of the presenting. He covers a bunch of topics such as masturbation, drugs like Viagra and Cialis, his background/story, techniques for lasting longer, penis size, etc. etc. etc.

The 2 parts of the ‘seminar’ are 86 minutes in total, and basically give a lot of information about sex and what women what.? This is really good if you’re a little inexperienced. ? The great thing about getting advice from a guy like Keni is that he’s been with enough girls to tell you what really works.

Most of the books you’ll find in Barnes and Noble are written by some aging hippie who has spent his entire life banging the same chick.? Keni is talking from LOTS of experience.

The second part of the program is Superman Stamina in action, and this is where the program gets EPIC.

2. ?Superman Stamina in Action

– In this part, Keni bangs some chick while putting the techniques into practice, and giving commentary on what he’s doing, while he’s doing it, and how you can do it too.

For me, this was very helpful.

To hear it explained is one thing, to see it put into action really brings the concepts to life and enhances the learning.

Plus, it’s pretty much a dude nailing a hot chick, while giving informative commentary on it at the same time. ?That level of multitasking is just plain epic.

Yes, it is pornographic, but it’s also educational and informative. ?Plus, Keni is both Asian *AND* British, so, it’s classy as well.

But the best is….

==> Watch Superman Stamina video

3. ?The Training DVD.

This is the major reason I decided to this Superman Stamina review.

This has 2 parts. The first is a review of the techniques like being mindful of breathing, the ‘arousal ladder’, pace, tension, keeping your eyes open, etc.

In the second part, there’s a solo scene of a porn star masturbating and it’s designed for you to jack off to, BUT, it teaches you to be aware of your level of arousal, and is meant to train you to keep pace and last longer.

While the chick on screen is doing her thing, there’s a scale of 1-10 on the side (representing your target arousal level) that helps you keep pace while you do your thing. ?Plus, different tips (like, “watch your breathing!” or “Keep your eyes open!”) flash across the screen.

The goal is to train you to remain at a certain arousal level, yet delay ejaculation.

Doing so in this way, IMO, is a very effective approach.

Most guys form negative sexual tendencies while jacking off to porn. ?So, what better way is there to correct them than by training guys to do it right while jacking off to porn?

It’s a really genius idea, and I’m actually surprised no one’s taken this approach before.

Not to mention that this is some of the SEXIEST stuff I’ve ever seen. ?I am completely in love with the chick who’s doing the demonstration. ?So fucking sexy!

So. ?Overall, this is a GREAT program and worth the purchase.

The seminar is basic, but parts 2 and 3 are epic and make this a great program overall. ?I would rate this 4.5 stars.


I’ve been doing the exercise for the past couple weeks and have found that sex with my girlfriend has gotten LOTS BETTER… as I’m lasting longer, staying firm (unlike when I used to sort of get limp) and my girlfriend has asked me if I’ taking supplements.

I don’t think there’s anything else out there like this. ?I hoped you enjoyed this review of Superman Stamina by Keni Powers.

==> Watch Superman Stamina video
Updated 11/29/11

After a second viewing of this program (and more practice) I give Superman Stamina an even higher recommendation.? I have slowly been noticing an increase in how long I last (and without struggling not to blast).? I think that’s the main difference an why I decided to update this Superman Stamina review. Originally, I had to hold back from finishing… but now I’ve noticed that I can go longer without even feeling like I’m on the verge of blasting.

Two thumbs up for Superman Stamina.

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