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  • Sitcom Hot Chick Showdown: Married With Children

    (Mortal Kombat Voice) IT HAS BEGUN!!!! Let’s see how long this series lasts: For then next 12teen hot chick posts or so, I’m going to hunt down hot chicks from sitcoms (It’s a tough job but someone...

    • Posted April 6, 2009
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  • Tricia Helfer Makes My Nerd Parts Tingle

    Battlestar Galactica may be over, but Canadian actress and former model Tricia Helfer’s character Number Six will live on in my bathing suit area.  I’m going to be honest here… Screw the rest of you, getting it on...

    • Posted April 1, 2009
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  • Billie Piper from Secret Diary of a Call Girl

    Lately I’ve had this weird fascination with British chicks… I’m not sure if it’s BBC’s teen dramas with sex, drugs and full frontal nudity or sex in the city like drama about a prostitute, but there is...

    • Posted January 5, 2009
    • 2
  • Elizabeth Banks from Zack and Miri Make a Porno…

    From stills from the movie and the trailer, Elizabeth Banks looked kinda hot… just not the “Punch my mom in the face then eat a bowl of Count Chocula Cereal” hot that I expected. The images from...

    • Posted October 16, 2008
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