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Tao of Badass Review


By: Bobby Rio

My Review of Joshua Pellicer?s ?The Tao of Badass?

Coming out of a terrible breakup affects every level of your brain. When I was going through my most recent one, it shocked my levels of confidence down to almost nothing at all.

I felt less sure of myself, which made it nearly impossible to meet women. And not meeting women lead to even less confidence, which made it even harder to meet women. I went further and further down the spiral of self-loathing and uncertainty before I started to actually wonder, ?Am I ever going to meet a woman ever again??

Eventually, as with anything, it got better. After months of trying and few small successful attempts with talking to girls, the confidence levels went back up and I was able to start meeting more women.

Which is why I?m so upset I didn?t get a chance to check out Joshua Pellicer?s ?The Tao of Badass? program until now.

Here’s my Tao of Badass review.

==> Watch this video where Joshua explains the program

If I would have had it earlier, I would easily gotten through those months and months of feeling weepy and sorry for myself was earlier and been back out on the town in no time at all.

In the program ? which consists of the main book as well as four bonus books ? Joshua talks about how he went into the project with a ?nothing to lose mentality,? something that?s important for anyone to understand. You know that thought I had earlier about ?Am I ever going to meet a woman ever again?? That?s the worst that can happen if I didn?t do anything or try to meet any women at all. In which case, there really is nothing to lose.

Using this as his mindset, Joshua spent a long learning period, heading out to wherever women were (bars, coffee shops, etc.), working his way through every ?pick up tip? in the many, many books that are out there. He collected the bits of information that worked, and got rid of the ones that didn?t. As a result, this is kind of a ?best of? compilation of all the skills you?ll need to have in order to pick up girls.

In other, more forceful words: It is vital.

What you learn in Tao of Badass

In the program, Joshua teaches you the following:

The single sentence you need to say in order to sway those loud bar douchebags to be your friends instead of competition;

One little ?tweak? that will change your appearance to be more confident, and hence more attractive, to women;

How to spot a woman mentally putting you in the friend zone quickly, and how to stop her from doing that;

The trick to getting important one-on-one time with a girl without coming off as a creep;

The key to making yourself believe that you?re attractive and deserve a great woman, a move that will propel your self-confidence and make meeting women that much easier;

The cold hard facts about how much of your ?sensitive side? you should be showing to women ? too much and it completely ruins your chances with them;

The ability to read a woman?s eye movements, in order to find out exactly what she?s thinking (if she?s lying, emotional about what you?re talking about, etc.) and then how to use that new information to your advantage.

This is just a small percentage of the contents, mind you. There?s so much more that Joshua goes into detail with.

Tao of Badass Bonuses

The program also comes with those four bonus books I mentioned before. They are:

(1) ?Monogamy vs. Polyamory,? where he goes into detail about how to date multiple women the right way;

(2) ?Never Get Cheated On,? which is pretty self-explanatory; ?(3) ?Escaping the Friend Zone,? to avoid that nasty little place of horror; and ?(4) ?Guide to Breaking Up,? which goes through how to get rid of that relationship once you know it?s not working anymore.

That?s what they call a good ol? fashioned bargain, folks.

Like I said before, this is vital stuff. So if you?re new to the dating world (either recently after a bad breakup like myself, or just young and inexperienced) or an old pro who needs to re-hone some of your skills, ?The Tao of Badass? belongs on your bookshelf immediately.? I hope you enjoyed this Tao of Badass review and found it helpful.

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