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Truth About Abs Review

A Secret Method for Six Pack Abs Revealed

I gave in and finally bought a copy of The Truth About Abs.? So nearly two months later I thought I?d finally post my Truth About Abs review.

Trying to get six pack abs can drive you freaken crazy.

I can?t count the number of times I wanted to throw in the towel.? Admit defeat.? And accept that I would always have a little extra ?baby fat? covering my abs.

It wasn?t like I was fat.? But I definitely was NOT getting the long looks from chicks on the beach.? And for some reason in pictures my stomach always looked even fatter.

Now I tried everything.

– Atkins diet
– Paleo diet
– Slow Carb diet
-Massive amounts of crunches
-Massive amounts of leg lifts
-Kettlebell workouts

And nothing provided those six pack abs I always imagined having.

So after seeing ads for Mike Geary?s Truth About Abs on just about every website I visited (is it just me or is Truth About Abs advertised everywhere?) I had to know he had anything original to say? and recommended anything I haven?t already tried.

So what?s in the ebook?

First off in breaks down exactly what types of exercises actually work towards getting you six pack abs.? And explains why certain things you might be doing are having no effect on your abs (and may actually be PREVENTING you from getting a six pack)

There are a few ?positioning? tricks that he explained that totally made sense once I read them.

He then provides a list of recommended exercises? and also explains that your ab workout should NOT take up more than 10 minutes of your daily workout.

He also provides pictures of the exact step by step way you should perform all of the exercises listed in Truth About Six Pack Abs.

He then provides you with a handful of effective training routines.

The Mind Blowing Stuff

The best material in Truth About Abs (and what I want to focus on is this review) is the section on diet.

For years we have been bombarded with a lot of information that is totally inaccurate when it comes to cutting fat.

For instance, the entire ?low fat? diet craze of the past couple decades has probably caused you to GAIN weight.

There are certain fats that help you lose fat.? Strange but true.

And more important that?.

There are a handful of common products added to food that make it nearly impossible to lose fat.

This is where I saw the biggest result.

I made a conscious effort to eliminate all the products on The Truth About? Abs list and I quicly saw a 5% reduction in my body fat.

Keep in mind that eliminating these products was not hard.

Neither was following the ?supplement? regimen that Mike recommends.? In fact, his recommendation for a guy my body weight for Calcium was way higher than I had been taking?

And I think upping my Calcium played a big part in the quick 5% body fat reduction.

Mike Geary also discusses something I was not familiar with which is the Thermic Effect of food.

?As well as the secret fat loss benefit of teas.

?Is the Truth About Abs Right For You?

Is this a good product for guys who want to finally get six pack abs?

On the one hand, its great because it gives you step by step directions on what kind of workout routine to follow, and what kind of diet to accelerate the abdominal fat loss.

There were so many concrete examples of small changes you can make to your workout to see much quicker results.

And like I said, simply following Mike Geary?s diet advice helped me shed about 5% body fat.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a miracle cure this is NOT it.? This requires work.? And does not involve popping a few pills to see the abs bulge out.

I do think that you?ll actually find yourself getting better results with less time in the gym simply because Mike will help you eliminate the exercises that are just wasting your time and not having any real effect on your body.

Overall, for a guy who has been struggling to get the six pack abs, and wants to hear a different (educated) point of view? this ebook delivers.

Even if you just took a few of the tips provided in the Truth About Six Pack Abs and put them to use, I would bet that your body fat percentage would see a quick reduction.

I hope you found this Truth About Abs Review helpful.


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