Avoiding and Overcoming Slumps

Here is a newsletter from Ross Jeffries. While some of Ross’s stuff is a little out there for me, I find that he has a lot of useful stuff to say about confidence and attitude. This newsletter deals with learning from mistakes to avoid slumps. I don’t know about you but I’ve been in some long painful slumps. And I’ve found that the more you think about the slump and how you can get out of it, the further in you go. Ross gives some practical advice on how to learn from mistakes and over come slumps.

In life, we all make mistakes.

When it comes to learning Speed Seduction, and indeed, the
entire subject of success with women, you can count on TWO

1. You WILL make mistakes. Mistakes in judgment. Mistakes in
execution. Mistakes in what you leave out. Mistakes in what you
put in. Expect it.

2. No matter HOW prepared you think you are, women will test you
and women WILL surprise you. Just when you THINK you have a girl
“all wrapped up” she will pull something out of her hat(or ass).
So, like I have said in my original book and have repeated over
and over, when you start really liking a girl, just remember:
you never know where you stand with a girl until you make that
first, serious physical move. Until then, it’s all talk, talk,
and sometimes just play-acting. Sad but true.

In any event, I have learned that, too often, guys hold onto
their “failures” and dwell on them. It’s like obsessively
chewing on the same wad of gum for year after year, as it
collects more gunk, bacteria, mouth goo, etc. etc. etc. You
wouldn’t do that, would you? But so many guys dwell on their
“failures”. Or on how some girl screwed them over(instead of
screwing them!) back when they were still “nice guys”.

Look, the problem with dwelling on all this is, what you dwell
on, you are actually just rehearsing and retraining your mind to
do the next time around!

That is the problem with “slumps”. The more you dwell on how
awful you are doing, the more you carry those emotions into your
efforts and it is like putting a 100 lb lead weight around each
leg and then trying to jump out a 30 foot hole!

And again, what you mentally dwell on with strong emotion is
what you communicate to your subconscious mind that you want it
to do!

Despite all your positive programming, which I believe in and
teach(see my Fear Into Charisma DVD,
http://www.seduction.com/feartocharisma.asp and my Beyond
Confidence Videos http://www.seduction.com/products/RJ166.asp )
your NEGATIVE programming thru dwelling on mistakes will
probably more likely influence how you think, act and respond,

Remember this: the unconscious is most impressed by anything
that includes strong emotion, repetition, and strong belief. It
does what is most familiar, not what you necessarily most
consciously may want.

So avoiding this negative loop requires better attitudes toward
learning. It requires the discipline and awareness to notice
when you are beating on yourself and to stop it. And it requires
acceptance of mistakes.

If you find yourself dwelling on the past or getting mad that
you are not making fast enough progress, I suggest you do the

Get yourself in a nice, meditative state. Do some of the deep
breathing exercises that I demonstrate for free on the website.
No purchase required. Just go to:
http://www.seduction.com/resources.asp. Scroll down to the near
bottom of the page and you’ll see me demonstrating a breathing
exercise to ground you.

Or, if you like, try this one‚ lay down in a comfortable
position. Inhale just a short bit-not a full inhale. Pause for a
second. Then, only after the brief pause, inhale deep, deep,
deeply into the center of your chest. Imagine you are inhaling
deep into your heart, filling it. It is this second part of the
inhale that really counts.

As soon as you are done with the inhale, immediately release it
by totally relaxing your body on the exhale, releasing all

Now, before you take the next inhales, PAUSE for a moment or two
of silence after the exhale is finished.

Do 10 of these special breaths.

Then, to yourself, silently, repeat the following(you can write
it out on a 3×5 index card if you like):

“I made mistakes as part of my learning. I HAD to make
those mistakes to see where I can move to next. There is no way
I could NOT have made them. Those mistakes are the
foundation of new power just as soon as I forgive and release
them. Since
more mistakes will always be unavoidable, I will embrace them
MORE quickly,
forgive MORE easily, so I can most and more quickly move into
Forgiving others, and letting them go is good training for
forgiving myself.
So even if they don’t “deserve” it I will do it for my own sake.
I will
either get what I want or learn what I need to. Mistakes are
marking out where I can step into new freedom, choice, power and
growth. I
may wish I had been born more evolved or perfect, but THIS is my
path and I
embrace it. I may not always like it, I may slip and grumble,
PATH. I will let my learnings pull me forward. I will never stop
til I draw my last breath and in that last breath I will learn
what THAT is
like as I embrace the Source of All Learning..right now, today.

Once you are done with this, you can allow an image of yourself
carrying this new attitude and new learning into your future
seductions. And even imagine that image going off into your
past, adding it’s energy into your past as well. Come up to the
present with this image inside you.

Close all of this with three more of the special breaths.

Please understand, SS is NOT just about getting women. It’s
about self-awareness and personal transformation. And please,
follow my instructions. Without the deep breathing and the
relaxed state, these belief statements will have little or no
actual effect. And without the positive direction of how you
want to be added in at the end, you aren’t telling your
unconscious mind how you DO want it to respond. You have to
train the monkey or the monkey will run wild. But first you
have to calm the monkey down.

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