Cold Reading

Cold Reading ?for Picking Up Women

Yes it’s true… we’ve all had it happen…

You’re talkin’ to a woman and her attention starts to drift. She’s not paying attention to you.

Let’s face it…

In that moment her mind was elsewhere… on something more interesting or entertaining or valuable than you.

“What to do?” I used to think to myself. I even considered slipping a mega dose of Ritalin into a woman’s cocktail, hoping it would remedy her dismal case of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Problem is…

Slithering strange pills into a woman’s drink could land a man time in the slammer where Bubba’s pickle will stretch his nether regions like silly putty.

Luckily I’ve found another solution that’s totally legal.

Not only that…

But it also keeps women on the edge of their seat, emotionally bonds them to you, compels them to perceive you as a Prize they want to possess… and a slew of other great stuff I’m gonna tell you about in a minute.

Years ago I was at a chic lounge with a buddy of mine. I struck up conversation with a group of very intelligent women, one of whom spoke four languages.

Ten minutes later my buddy slinked into the conversation almost without me noticing. But then he
changed the subject from politics and philosophy to astrology by asking each girl: “What’s your sign?”

I went into a seizure of disgust and fretted: “How in the world is he gonna make any headway by using
astrology on smart, educated women? They know astrology is fake, right?”

To my surprise, though, astrology sucked these women into my friend’s reality, focusing all of their attention like a laser beam on him.

I couldn’t compete. For that moment in time my friend had more PRIZABILITY than me.

In other words, paying attention to him had more value, was more interesting and entertaining, to the
girls than paying attention to me.

This experience taught me two important lessons…

The first is that if you don’t have PRIZABILITY with a woman – if you don’t have enough value in
her eyes to directionalize her attention toward you – your chances of attracting her are slim to none.

And the second lesson…

The driving force behind Astrology is one of the quickest and most efficient ways of generating PRIZABILITY with a woman… not to mention, it can also be used to generate attraction and emotional connections and defuse obstacles and barriers women put up.

This driving force is known as “Cold Reading.”

What is Cold Reading? And How to Use it to Meet Women

Cold reading is telling a woman about herself without having ANY prior knowledge about her.

But there’s a problem with cold reading I should warn you about…

When I first started learning about Cold Reading I read every book on the subject I could find.

I discovered that most of these books were written for psychics and magicians; not men aspiring to a-ttract women.

Take the advice in these books and the only thing women will be rubbin’ is your crystal ball.

Though frustrated with the bad results I got from these books, I was wholeheartedly convinced Cold Reading was an untapped reservoir of power for a-ttracting women.

So I picked my astrology buddy’s brain, milking every last smidgen of cold reading knowledge he had packed away in his noggin.

Next… I took a flying leap into the single scene trenches and experimented with as many women as I could find.

After more hours than I care to admit, I figured out a largely unknown way of Cold Reading that builds heaps of attraction and rapport.

Do you have to be endowed with psychic powers to successfully use this method? Heck no!

As you probably know if you’ve used my Cold Reading method before…

A person could be as intuitive as a doorknob and still successfully compel women to hang onto their every word.

I’m gonna give away a generous piece of my Cold Reading method in this letter. And what I’m about to tell you is extremely simple. Yet it’s almost scary how effective it is.

If you’re already using it, congratulations: you’re ahead of 97 % of men.

The trick is to state something to a woman that’s true about her, something she’s doing, or the situation the two of you are in…

…and then follow up with something that “could”be true about her.

…and if she agrees with your cold read, follow it up with something else that “could” be true about

Let’s look at an example…

An Example of Cold Reading

If I’ve just met a woman whose arms are crossed and she’s leaning back, I might comment, “Your arms are crossed and you’re leaning back. I bet you’re a people watcher. You’re always watching and analyzing what people around you are doing.”

Key point: I’m not asking if this is true about her, I’m stating this as true about her.

If she agrees with my reading, and 98% of the time they do, I’ll say…

“But I bet… you can truly have the best time when you stop analyzing, stop being an observer, and let go, allowing yourself to be in the momentcompletely. And I know this because I’m the exact same way.”

Let’s break down what just happened…

I made obvious statements about her body language, so obvious it would be absurd for her to disagree with my observations.

Once she agreed, I made further statements that “could” be true about her based on my original observations she agreed with… and so on.

“What to do if she says that my cold reading isn’t true about her?” you might be wondering.

This rarely happens but when it does, tell her…

“You’re a polarity responder. You think the opposite is true about whatever a person says about you.”

She’ll either agree, in which case, congrats, you succeeded at Cold Reading her.


She’ll say, “You’re wrong. I don’t think I’m the opposite of how people perceive me as being.”

Respond with, “Thanks for proving my point. You’re being a polarity responder right now.”

Inevitably she’ll start laughing, letting you know you’ve succeeded.

So it’s win-win. Whether she agrees or disagrees with you, you’ll succeed in Cold Reading her.\

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