Confidence Building With Enthusiasm
by Peter Murphy

You have the power to enthusiastically undertake a program
of personal confidence building. Does this statement
surprise you?

It shouldn’t, because you were born with the power to
observe, make reasonable assumptions and decisions.

How you develop your power depends upon your personality as
well as the environment you grew up in. As youngsters (and
adults as well) you may have been told that you are stupid,
dumb, no good, etc.

Don’t you believe it!

If you are one of these unfortunate ones who grew up under
such circumstances, or if you have not developed a high
confidence level, now’s the time to learn confidence
building techniques that can change your life.

You can go from failure to success in every aspect of your
life when you develop confidence building skills that may
make you seem like a different person who is focused,
balanced, energetic, enthusiastic and confident.

It’s easy when you are armed with the proper knowledge to
guide you through the confidence building process.

1. Associate with people whom you admire for their
self-confident attitude. The old phrase, “you are known by
the company you keep” may not be just an empty phrase.

By associating with confident people, your own level of
confidence is sure to improve.

2. Don’t give up – keep going and trying out your
confidence building techniques even when it seems hopeless.

Hardships and adversity are a necessary part of life that
can help strengthen you and prepare you for future
hard-earned successes.

3. It may seem difficult, but a warm, genuine personality
is a must when building confidence. If you are a fake,
others will be aware and may reject you.

By the way, don’t take rejection as permanent – keep
practicing your confidence building skills. Remember,
you’ve got to crawl before you can walk.

4. You must develop the power within you to be successful
at confidence building. This means to accept reality that
you are not self-confident at the moment, but that you
desire to be so and then make it happen.

Draw from your inner strength that has been there all your
life and develop it into a positive personality trait.

5. Be enthusiastic and take on new challenges with a smile.
If you want to become self confident you must work at it

Go to that party that you’d rather skip and let others know
you are there and have a lot to contribute. They will
recognize you as a most desirable person to get to know

6. You must desperately want to improve your lot in life,
and you must want to do it now. If you are tired of being
alone with no friends, you should remember that you must be
a friend to have a friend.

Instead of hanging back and waiting for someone else to
make the first move toward friendship, initiate a
conversation yourself. You may find the best friend you
ever had.

There are many self-help books that are available to help
you with actual techniques and case scenarios that will
enable you to go through the confidence building process.

Keep in mind that to succeed you must want something badly
enough to work hard to make it happen. Don’t hesitate or
give a halfhearted effort in finding a way to increase your
confidence building skills. You can change your life and
now is the time to start.

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