Be honest with yourself

Hey guys,

For the last couple of weeks I have had the
pleasure of teaching my step-by-step system
for ATTRACTING women to a few select guys.
With every one of these guys there was the
same thing missing. This one thing, however,
is something that every guy who is incredible
with women has. Being privy to this one
secret can distinguish the magnetic Casanova
from the floundering Waldo.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of “What
this secret is?” I’m going to review some

As those of you who have read my book know,
ATTRACTION is not what a woman prefers. Women
prefer model-esque looking men on the wake
of manhood, who are lumbered with bank
accounts analogous to Bill Gate’s, elephant
sized penises, and tongues that have the
stamina of world class boxers. If this is
what attraction was, most of the male
population would not be getting laid. The
collective male sex drive would be so
deprived that the world’s petroleum source
would be exhausted within the next year.

ATTRACTION, however, is what you do to a
woman’s mind and body. The “body” part is
creating the emotion inside her of wanting
and reaching for more of you. The “mind” part
is you defining the underlying meaning of the
interaction between the both of you as
you being the one who is the PRIZE.

Often times ATTRACTION starts on the periphery
of consciousness. At first the person feeling
ATTRACTION towards another is barely even
aware of it. Unknowingly, the person begins
to reach and want for more of the person they
are attracted to.

A caveat: I am not talking about judging a
person as ATTRACTIVE – for example, thinking,
“Wow…that girl is really hot!” This is not
ATTRACTION. ATTRACTION is when a person –
psychically or physically or both – begins to
reach and want for more of another person.
Some examples of this would be: leaning into
another person who is leaning away from you,
or trying to impress someone to get their

Am I saying that you should never be attracted
to a woman? No! – that would make you gayer
than my flaming gay hairdresser who – “even
he!” – is occasionally attracted to women.
Being attracted to others is a normal part of
our biological hardwiring. Letting a woman,
however, become attracted to you first and
letting her always be a little bit more
attracted to you than you are to her, allows
you to be the PRIZE in the interaction. As
those of you who have read my book know,
always defining the underlying meaning of
your interactions with a woman as you being
the PRIZE creates a space for her to
continuously become more and more ATTRACTED
to you.

Okay, so now for the big secret that
distinguishes guys who get more women than
rock stars from guys who only have one woman
in their life – good old Rosy Palm!

Do you want to know the secret? If your answer
was “yes,” that’s really gross because it means
you’re ATTRACTED to me.

Okay okay already! – I’ll tell you the secret
so you’ll stop being so attracted to me.

Guys who are really good with women are acutely
aware of when a woman creates the emotion in
them of wanting and reaching for more of her.
Because they are aware of this, they can
consciously stop themselves from wanting and
reaching for a woman (Remember: if you are not
conscious of it, then you do not have the
control to stop yourself from doing it).

Being aware of this, furthermore, opens guys
up to noticing what women do to trigger men
to feel the emotion of wanting and reaching
for more of them. Women are naturally
seductive, men are not. Guys who are awesome
at attracting women learned how to do this
by paying close attention to how women
triggered attraction in them, and then
started using these very strategies back on
women. All of my strategies for generating
attraction in women, for example, are based
on the strategies women used to trigger me
to feel ATTRACTION towards them.

Most men, however, let their ego and pride cloud
them from objectively seeing when a woman is
generating attraction in them. Most men have a
hard time admitting when they are, for example,
acting needy towards a woman or trying to win
her approval or letting her disrespect them or
only listening to her blab on about something
that does not interest them in hopes that she
will sleep with them…or whatever.

Learn to be RADICALLY HONEST with yourself when
a woman triggers the emotion in you of wanting
and reaching for more of her. This will enable
you to develop at a rapid pace and start becoming
aware of elements of human psychology that most
people are oblivious to.

I am going to share another secret with you that
will enable you to generate a special form of
ATTRACTION with every woman you encounter for
the rest of your life.

A few weeks ago, I saw “Mean Girls,” a movie
about high school cliques, popularity, and mind
games girls play. In the movie one of the girls
demonstrates RADICAL HONESTY when she says,
“Just because you hate someone doesn’t mean you
don’t want them to like you.” These words really
hit home for me. If I am really honest with
myself, I can think of a few times when there
were women I consciously couldn’t stand, yet
did all sorts of subtle things to try and get
them to like me. And trying to get a woman to
like you is a manifestation of having the
emotion of wanting and reaching for more of her.
So, unknowingly, I was actually ATTRACTED to
some of these women who consciously repulsed me.

So what is the lesson to be learned?

DON’T do things to try and win over women who
have personalities that rhyme with witch.

Furthermore, just because a girl tells you
that she can’t stand you, doesn’t mean that
she doesn’t want you to like her. And her
trying to get you to like her is a
manifestation of her wanting and reaching for
more of you. Put in other words, she’s

The interesting thing is this: Most women want
you to like them. And because of this, most
women, on some level, already are ATTRACTED to
you. Most women stop being attracted to a guy
because he lets her know too early in the
interaction that he likes her. By not being so
apt to let her know that you like her, she’ll
try and get you to like her – she’ll reach for
and want you to like her. And this, my
friends, is a form of ATTRACTION. In my book I
go into depth on how to recognize when women
do things to get us to like them, and how to
use this to generate MASSIVE ATTRACTION in
women. So, if you are ready to learn these
secrets and start having incredible success
with women by using my massively field tested
step-by-step system for ATTRACTING women, pick
up my book today. But only do so if you really
are ready to start succeeding with women. If
you aren’t, that’s fine. My book, however,
is strictly designed for people who are ready
to succeed. Don’t start reading my book if
you’re not ready to start living your dream
life with women. If, however, you are
ready – and I don’t care what level you’re
at! – start using my down to earth system
and you will make progress – guaranteed!

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