“The Venusian Arts Handbook” Review

This Book has Since been Updated

The new bible of pickup is Magic Bullets. It is a book created by Love Systems (formerly The Mystery Method) with the intention of both updating and improving the original book.

The Bobby Rio Rating ****

The only E-book out there to get a four star Bobby Rio rating. Out of the thirty or so books I’ve read on the subject, the one that I feel will give you most amount of useful information in one book is Mystery’s book. This book covers it all. And even more impressive is it does it in great detail. What I like most about this book is it mixes theory with example perfectly. The book gives you the theory behind why certain things work, but also gives real life examples you can go out and practice immediately. Some of the highlights include the insights on: Demonstrating higher value, creating routines, neg theory, wing man rules, openers If you came to me at any stage in your seduction career and asked me to recommend one book. This would surely be it.

The Michael Stoute Review ****

I have to agree with Bobby on this one, what an awesome how-to step-by-step guide on picking up women. They diagram everything out for you, from situations with all girls, girls and guys ([[[mixed sets]]]), to one-on-one. Not only telling you what to say, but why you are saying it so that you can work your own material in the future. If you want to be a [[[PUA]]] or just get a better understanding of [[[The game]]] in general, this is the best place to start. Then of course, The Game by Neil Strauss.


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Posted By: Raging Clown on 01-04-2006 17:26

I just read Mystery’s method and was very surprised. I found it to be excellent. The ideas were great. He does set brilliant system for a seduction step by step. I can see where, when perfected, which means making
it look natural, this would be deadly.

After reading Neil Strauss “The Game” I thought it was all a tease from these guys to sell more stuff. But this guy, Mystery, has some extremely solid advice in his book. Probably most of you guys know it already since I have seen references on him on the posts in this forum but I was surprised.
I did not expect it to be so solid.

I have to definitely recommend this book to everybody.

Now I need to get a hold of Franco’s book.

Posted By: Waxlrose on 28-04-2006 06:53

When God created woman, he didn’t give us an operator’s manual…so Mystery wrote one. Now, what if you were to imagine a time in your future, and it was filled with the Mystery and a student pictureattention of the opposite sex? That would be a good thing, right? I know there’s alot of material out there, most is great and has it’s place within Mystery Method. Why? Because alot of what is out there was originated by Mystery, then little bits became systems, but not as complete. Tyler is good, as is Swinggcat, as is Style, as is…name whoever. They all freely admit it was Mystery who changed their game, or gave them some to begin with.

The beauty of the handbook is the breakdown of the M3 model…a sequential mode of the phases of seduction. Yes, it is sequential, now you know. By sticking to the model, you know what to do and when to do it. So, there’s very little guessing as to where you are in the seduction. Do I neg her, do I kiss her, do I take her home? These nagging questions become obsolete when you become able to feel where you are in the interaction, because you have been controlling everything from the beginning, because you have the handbook.

To be good at anything, you have to start with the best foundation, then build on top of that. The VAH IS the foundation AND the house, it’s up to you to put in some furniture. If you want, you can flesh it all out with tactics from other gurus, but it’s not really necessary. You will see a difference when you buy it, now you will have to study a bit, but you can start applying different principles immediately and notice the difference in the reactions of females. I truly believe in this stuff. Peace.

Posted By: theDA on 28-04-2006 07:12

Downloaded the VAH about three or four weeks ago. Here is what I thought about it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First off, the bad.

Downloading this thing, for me, was a major pain in the ass. I have a 56k modem, and did not have the latest and greatest version of Adobe, so it literally took me three or four hours over the course of three days before I was able to view the VAH. I certainly understand the need for security, and the Lock Lizard program, but I hope in the future the minds at MM can come up with a simpler method of delivering this. That being said, the MM website FAQ is outstanding regarding the VAH and any problems you may run into, and the process of downloading is not hard, just overly complicated.

Another small gripe I have is that the first twenty or thirty pages seemed to me to be filled with fluff. Testimonials, Mystery’s personal background, a bunch of quotes, some weird picture of a girl with making a bizarre frowning face. I guess some of this is important for the complete newbie, but I could really do without the testimonials and sales pitches. I’ve bought the damn thing already, you don’t need to sell me on it.

Okay, now the ugly

That picture of Bea Arthur is really unflattering.

The good

This is hands down the most concise explanation of the game I have seen. Every single chapter regarding the M3 model smacked me upside the head with a valuable concept. I have perused scores of mASF and MM forum posts, read countless newsletters, scoured Mystery’s ASF archive, and downloaded some other E-books, but the VAH lays out the whole concept in very linear, to the point, easy to understand fashion. From what little I know of other types of methods, it seems like the base theories of attraction laid out in the VAH are fairly universal, and could be applied to other methods as well. For that matter, even if you don’t use ANY type of method per se, I feel that this will still give you a valuable insight on how attraction works for women.

To me, though, the most valuable part of the VAH was the section on negs.

Eric Von Markovic (Mystery)I don’t know how many times I’ve read some bozo on one of the forums make a post something along the lines of SUBJECT – GREAT NEW NEG! – Hey bitch, you’re pussy stinks!or similar, and it’s clear that people just do not understand the concept at all. Well, the VAH explains the concept in a way that is clear, and then gives you pretty much every neg that you will ever need. There are so many great general, and situational negs in the VAH that you literally can pretty much go the rest of your natural born life using only those contained in the VAH, and never run out of negs, or resort to using one in a way that sounds contrived.

My over-all assessment of the VAH is that it is well worth the money. If you are a complete newbie, or someone looking for a magic bullet, then this is may not be for you. However, if, like myself, you have read more information than your brain can absorb, and are looking for something to put all that information into clear terms, then the VAH is a great resource to have.


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