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Every part of the pickup is designed to simply anticipate and disarm objections- at least, when we are talking about solid game.

The opener, for example, is casual. It is not perceived as a pickup attempt. You are just being a friendly stranger when you walk up and ask her and her friends, “My neighbor just bought two dogs, and she wants to name them after an eighties or nineties pop duo. Do you have any idea?”

When you start talking to a group of people, their first concern is, “Are we going to be stuck with this guy all night? How do we get rid of him?”

So you give yourself a time constraint. “I can only stay for a minute,” you tell them as you join their group, “because I need to get back to my friends.”

As you interact, you pay attention to the people who seem most likely to shut you out- the jealous men, the overprotective friends. You make them feel good about themselves as you challenge, tease, and neg the target. If she interrupts you, for example, say, “Wow. Is she always like that? How do you deal with her?” If she looks shocked, you reel Neil Strauss Before and After Photoher back in with a light compliment. This is what I call push-pull- keeping her guessing by pushing her away and then quickly pulling her closer.

After they’ve finished giving opinions on names for the dogs, then you demonstrate value. You give the girls the best friends test or teach them something about their body language or analyze their handwriting. Then you pretend like you have to get back to your friends.

Now they don’t want you to leave. You are in. You’ve shown them that you are the most interesting, fun person in the room. This is the hook point:
You can now relax and enjoy their company. You can listen to them, find out about their lives, and make a real connection.

In a best case scenario, you can take the group or your target on an instant date to another bar, club, café, or party. Now you’re part of their group.
You may relax, tease, enjoy, and bond with your target, who is becoming attracted to Read the Book you, after the negging and the leading of the group. When it is time to leave, tell the group you lost your friends and need a ride home.
This will give the woman the opportunity to be alone with you without letting her friends know she plans on sleeping with you. (If the logistics are too difficult get her number a make a plan to hang out later in the

When she pulls up to your house, invite her in to show her that thing you were talking about (a website, a song, a book, a movie clip, a shirt, a bowling ball, whatever.) But first give her another false time constraint:
Tell her you have to get to sleep early because you have a lot of work tomorrow. Say, “You can only come in for fifteen minutes, and then I’m going to have to kick you out.” By this point, you both may know you are going to have sex, but you still have to play solid game so she can tell herself later that it just happened.

Show her around the house. Get her a drink. Tell her you’re dying to play her a really funny five minute video clip. Unfortunately, the TV in your living room is broken, but there’s one in your bedroom.

Of course, there are no chairs in your bedroom, only a bed. When she sits on the bed, position yourself as far away from her as possible. Allow her to feel comfortable, perhaps even confused that you’re not hitting on her.
If you touch her, pull back afterward. Continue using a combination of time constraints and push-pull to amp up her attraction. Keep telling her she has to leave soon.

Then, at your leisure, tell her she smells nice. Sniff her slowly, from the bottom of her neck to just below the ear. This when you use the evolution phase-shift routine: smell her, bite her, bite her arm, let her bite your neck, bite her neck, and then kiss. Unless she attacks you with lust, as you physically escalates continue talking to keep her mind occupied and pulling back just before she starts to get comfortable. You should always be the first one to object. This is called stealing her frame. The goal now is simply to arouse her without making her feel pressured, used, or uneasy.

You make out, you remove her shirt, she removes your shirt, you start to remove her bra. What’s this? She’s stopping you from going farther? The PUAs have a name for this- last minute resistance, or LMR. Back up one or two steps, then continue. Its not real. Its just anti slut defense. She doesn’t want you to think she’s easy. So you cuddle, you talk. She asks dumb questions like how many siblings do you have; you answer honestly and make her feel comfortable again. Then you start from the top: You make out, then remove her bra. She lets you this time. You suck her breasts.
She arches her back. She is aroused now. She gets on top of you and starts grinding. You are hard. You are excited. You want her.

You lift her off and begin to unbutton her pants. She pulls your hand away.
“You’re right, this is so bad,” you agree, breathing heavily into her ear.
“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

You make out more. You reach for the pants again. But she still stops you.
So you blow out the candles, turn on the light, turn off the music, and ruin the atmosphere. Then you grab your laptop computer and you check your email while she lies there confused. This is called a freeze-out. She was feeling good a minute ago, enjoying your attention, your touch, and the intimacy of the room; now you’re taking it all away.

She rolls over and starts kissing your chest; trying to reel you back in.
You put down your computer, turn off the light, and return her affection.
You reach for her pants. She stops you. She says you just met. You tell her that you understand. You turn the lights on again. She asks what you’re doing. You tell her that a woman says no, you respect that, but it just pushes a button in you that turns everything off. You are not upset.
You tell her this in a matter of fact voice. She rolls on top of you and whines, playfully, “No.”

She wants to have sex. All she wants to know is that you’re going to call her afterward,Read so that she feels good about what she did-even if she doesn’t actually want to see you again. You let her know that.

You tell her, “Take off your pants.”

She does. You enjoy yourselves and give each other many orgasms over the course of the night, the morning, and perhaps even for years afterward.

One morning, she asks you how many women you have been with.

This is the only time you’re allowed to lie.

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