The Dirty Little Secret

"Using a dirty little secret to peak interest and desire”

People love surprises. People love being swerved when they least expect it. There is nothing in life that kills interest more then predictability. And there is nothing in life that peaks interest more then a swerve just when we thought we had something or someone all figured out.

The most interesting characters in movies, television, or books are those who possess depth. The three dimensional ones. The ones that intrigue us most don’t come off as stereotypes or clichés. They slowly reveal things about themselves that keep us wondering what we will find out next. A great seducer does the same thing.

He does this by leading his target in one direction, letting the target feel like they have him all figured out, and then the seducer blind sides the target with an action, story, or fact about themselves that is completely contradictory to the image they have put forward thus far.

This means the nice guy admits he got rough with his last girlfriend. The innocent girl had sex with a stranger. The dedicated business man had a thousand dollar a week coke habit. The responsible teacher has fucked a hooker. The alpha male fucked a guy. These are all contradictions of character. And they fascinate us. They make us want to know more. To understand more. They make us feel as if we’ve missed something all along. And that feeling is invigorating. It is a completely refreshing change of pace.

By nature we want what we are not supposed to have. How many of our fantasies involve our teachers, friend’s girlfriends, single moms, prostitutes, lesbians, cousins, and minors? These people are taboo. They are dangerous. They are frowned upon. But danger is seductive. It makes us feel alive. By introducing danger to your target you will make them feel alive. And they will surrender to you for it.

I had a friend back in college. He was one of the most laid back, easy going guys, you could ever meet. He also happened to have a fuse that would occasionally go off, where he would lose his temper completely. Not many people knew this side of him. His ex girlfriend learned it a year into the relationship. They got into a fight and he hit her just once. But it was enough to bruise her eye, and have her end the relationship. She proceeded to tell everyone in arm’s length about what happened. My friend thought is social life was over on campus. Little did he know; it had just begun. He literally had girls throwing themselves at him.

He was now taboo. He was socially unacceptable. He was dangerous. But the girls didn’t care. The fact that they shouldn’t do it only made them want to do it more. Sure when they talked about him to their friends they acted as if they disapproved of him. But in their mind they were captivated by him. And in the end desire always wins out over reason.

I am not saying to go out and hit your girlfriend, or fuck a minor, or do anything other socially unacceptable behavior. What I am saying though is don’t hide what is there. I’m sure if you did deep enough into your past you can find something you’ve done that is a little taboo. Now at the right moment you have to disclose this information.

You have to build rapport with your target. You have to allow them to see all of your positive, virtuous characteristics. And you wait until that point where you sense they feel they have you figured out, and then you drop the bomb. My friend didn’t have to do all of this because all of these girls new him previously. They had known him for years as a nice, laid back guy. So by the time the story had come out, they all though they had him figured out. But suddenly he was a little more complex. My friend, although not proud of the indecent, continues years later to tell the story of that relationship to girls he meets. He says of all the girls he told not one stopped seeing him.

I had a job in a restaurant once. I was friendly with many of the girls there and talked open and honestly about my sexual experiences. I told them about my love of Asian massage parlors and my trips to Brazil to sport fuck prostitutes. Did it stop me from fucking half the waitresses there? Hell no. And not one of them ever even made me where a condom. I have a friend with a sexual assault charge on his record. Although the charge was bullshit-a girl scared to admit to her boyfriend she cheated on him- my friend still found it morally necessary to tell every girl he was with afterwards about the charge right before he would sleep with them for the first time. How many stopped him. You guessed it; none.

The dirty little secret is a great way to make you more desirable to a girl. This is especially true if you are a naturally nice wholesome guy. Creating a little bit of an edge for yourself will work wonders for your sex appeal.

This article is one of many from a book I am in the process of writing called The Seduction Bible. While the book is not complete I giving out free samples of its text on my web site (

This article was written by Cat Byron. It is my belief that every man should play on equal fields when hunting pussy. I hope that my articles can elevate each and everyone of you so that you can have the satisfaction of sleeping with the women you desire and not just the woman you settle for.

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