Friends into Lovers Pattern 2

Falling in Love/Friends Into Lovers #2:


This pattern is based on the old “negative take away” so?frequently used by car salesman. What happens is, as the?contract is about to be signed, the salesman will look at the?customer, take the contract in his two hands, and say something?like, “You know, maybe this isn’t the car. For you. Let’s just?forget this deal.” And then he starts to tear the corner of the?contract.

Of course, this triggers the opposite response in the customer,?who then does his best to convince the salesman that, yes, he,?the customer, really does want to buy the car!!!

Thus, by taking over the customer’s resistance, and playing it?out first, the salesman gets the customer to take on the?salesman’s’ role!!!

This pattern, therefore, basically works by telling the girl?that you MISTAKENLY thought you were in love with her, but now?realize it was a silly idea. You can use it as a booster to the?”Do You Think I’m A Character Pattern!”. Just do the “Character”?pattern first, and this one an hour or so later! Here goes:


Can I make a confession? There was a time when?I thought I was in love with you. I mean, I realize now,?looking back on it, that I wasn’t. It was just at that?time I could IMAGINE US HAVING SO MUCH FUN, IN SO MANY?DIFFERENT SITUATIONS, and just GROWING CLOSER IN OUR?MUTUAL RESPECT AND SUPPORTING AND HELPING EACH OTHER?DOWN THROUGH THE YEARS. I guess I was stupid to ever?THINK THAT THINGS COULD BE LIKE THAT.

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