The Best Foreplay Massage

The Ultimate Foreplay Make Her Horny Massage

Everyone it seem, just love that penetrating 🙂 tantalizing touch…that warm, relaxing and soothing feeling that massage brings to the senses.

Women just love massages. So suggesting that you give her a massage might make her bright eye light up with fond memories and anticipation of how good it can feel all over. You can bring up the subject by simply asking if she ever had a massage, or you can ask her questions like, “How do you pamper yourself” or “Seem like you work really hard, i hope you take time out to pamper yourself”.

Then take her there mentally, meaning ( see patterns) you start to describe “the aroma of the room, the soothing feelings you feel, the relaxing music in the background that just massages your mind, the beautiful landscape that seem so peaceful…as you begin to feel more and more relaxed, at ease, and peaceful….making you feel so comfortable as if youre somewhere quiet and relaxing and peaceful….and it just feel unbelievably good the way the oil just caress your body…” etc etc.

Pre-Massage Prep: Once you both decide on the massage, you need to take the time to prepare the venue. Never do it at her place. Always suggest her to come over to your place. Reason being, you have all the time in the world to do your Pre-Massage Prep.

Taking the time to create a sensual and appealing environment for your erotic massage shows that you care about her (even if you don’t) and value her pleasure and interests. Start by turning off the phones, putting on some specially put together music. For example Bobby Valentine, R. Kelly, Joe, Maxwell, DA’ngello, etc…depending on who your guest is.

Illuminate the room with either candles or soft indirect lamps, burn some really sensual incense, select something that is lightly scented and neutral and turn up the heat to where one would be comfortable lying down naked.

Now, be professional, make sure your finger nails are clipped, go out and get yourself a massage oil warmer, keep your lubricants and oils within easy reach, and cover the massage table with a blanket and place a clean sheet over this blanket. Guys, I do this all the time. No need for the table if you dont have one….spread that sheet (that you use for this purpose) on the bed, she will have no problem lying on it……and ofcourse you want her on the bed….:) Make sure to give her a towel to cover her backside, remember, you want to be professional…at least until you get her dripping wet 🙂 ….which you will. Read on.
By the way, you can use pieces of (even fake) fur or feather for additional sensual tantalization, and an eye pillow or blindfold can be helpful in blocking out any unwanted light but this is not necessary.

Sensual Strokes:

Now for the action. For those who dont know any massage techniques you can go to and pick one up. If you look to the right, I have included some short video clips for your viewing pleasure.

Lay her nude (or semi-nude) body down on the bed and make sure she’s in a comfortable position, this is important. Smooth the oil over her entire back in wide, smooth strokes with the flat part of your palm. Don’t knead her body as yet. Just let the oil penetrate her skin as she gets used to your hands all over her :).

Rub her slowly and deeply: remember to be continuously sensual, but professional (for now) 🙂 Take your time and rub her in a way that makes her feel like you’re willing to devote all the time in the world to her. And depending on the music, its more romantic and penetrating, mentally to massage her to the pace of the music. Keep your hands on her body at all times, occasionally getting feedback as to how she likes it.

Work your way down from the back of her neck to her shoulders. Don’t squeeze her neck because you may end up causing an unwanted choking sensation. If you’re working the shoulders, be careful not to squeeze her collarbones with the muscle because it’s an agonizing sensation.

Stretch out her arms and massage her biceps lightly with your fingertips. Work the back on either side of the spinal cord, but never push deeply on the spine itself. Use upward strokes laterally along the spine until you reach her tailbone. Feel free to tease the area around the base of the spine because it contains many sensitive nerve endings.

Give her a little TLC: After you’ve done your duty on her back and arms, work your way down to her legs, especially her inner thighs because they are incredibly sensitive. Her legs should be given special care. You don’t have to be as cautious as with her back, but still remain gentle.

Rub her legs one section at a time, starting at her thighs, moving to her calves and finally ending at her feet. Now if you want to relax her some more, spend some time on her feet before saying, done.

After massaging her back, legs, and feet, have her turn over. Massage the chest, arms, and hands. Then glide down to the legs. It can feel good to brush the genitals when going down to the legs. After finishing the fronts of the legs and feet, glide back up and slowly brush over the genitals, teasing them. This “unintentional” teasing can be drawn out by brushing the inner thighs near the genitals, very lightly touching the pubic region, etc.

At this point her erotic energy is building and you will notice that shes all wet when you brush against the cochie. At this point you can gently kiss her stomach slowly working your way up to her breasts. Make sure you keep it in “massage mode” for a few, so as to get her more and more sexually aroused. Never get hasty with your moves but massage her body with your tongue and your kisses…..see cunnilingus.
At this point its over…she’s gonna want you inside of her so bad, she wont even remember she was getting a massage. And you know what…she will never forget you 🙂 A mater of fact she will be thinking about the experience so much that she will beg to come over next time.

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