5 Keys to a Great First Email

Here is one of Dave M’s articles on internet dating. If you don’t own Insider Internet Dating, I highly suggest you check it out.

5 Steps to a Great First Email 

Online dating really is the wave of the future. And you really should check it out if you don’t already have a dating profile up.


Well, you’re in luck because today I’m going to show you exactly how its done. I’m going to give you a simple 5 step formula to create a killer 1st email that will get you more responses than ever.

Guys, what we know so far is that the 1st step in dating these women
is the 1st email. If they don’t respond then we can’t get a phone number.

Sooo, the question becomes how do you get a woman interested
enough to respond to you?

Remember she’s getting hit with a lot of emails daily and from what
we know most of the emails are horrible.

Step 1.

Make sure you’re email is NOTHING like the ones you’ve gotten if
you set up a fake profile.

Knowing what most guys are writing will help you avoid the most
common pitfalls. Remember its all about the recon.

Step 2.

you need to create a ‘template’

As you know I’ve got this stuff down pat, and in the course I actually
show you step by step exactly how I craft these. I’ve got over 8 of
them for all types of situations and now I’m going to let you in on a
big secret and show you how I do them right here, right now in this

So without making you wait any longer….

Heres the way I’d do it:

1. Introduction

You want to make her seem like she might not be ‘average’ I mean
lets face it, what girl wants to be AVERAGE?

Hey, my name is ____ I read your profile, thought you seemed like
more interesting than the average girl, I hope I’m right….

2. Mention something funny about all the emails she’s getting
(if you set up the fake profile, use the emails as the jokes.)

This is why I wanted you to set up the fake profile as well. See there
IS a method to the madness!

3. Mention something about her profile that you found interesting

This is where you’re going to customize the template each time
for each girl… this way she assumes its an email just for her.

4. Ask her a question about something.

Like: favorite type of food, favorite outdoor activity, favorite music….
anything to get her involved and to answer.

5. Tell her something like:

She seems cool and interesting and you’d like to get together
for a drink sometime.

Thats it.

Thats a simple 5 step process you can use right now, to get more
responses than ever.

Again, you’re going to want to phrase this the way you speak because
if not there’s a ‘disconnection’ from the emails to the person and when
she finally meets you, she’s expecting someone else.

THAT is the reason why me giving you something specific won’t work.

TRUST me, when I did that from David d’s emails I got a response but
guess what happened?

When I met these girls they were expecting someone else NOT me!

I used to hear the girls say: ‘I was expecting you to be different…’

Guess what? I blew it with each and every one of them, until I realized
that I had to take the material and make it my own.

Thats what I want you to do, take what I teach you and make it your own.
Turn it into your own personality, add your own words and add your own
flair to it.

THEN you will enjoy a massive amount of success.

To really master the art of online dating, check out Internet Dating Insider here.

Dave really has gotten online dating down to a science, and his stuff is definately worth
checking out.


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