A Couple Tips for Approaching Women

Here are a couple tips when dealing with the idea of picking up girls in a social environment as well as genereal tips for being more charasmatic. Remember the more charisma you have the easier it is to seduce women.

Approaching Women Tips that Work

THROW-IN ONE: The Power of the Pause

If you speak slowly and pause whenever you don’t know what to say,
your speach will seem genuine and unrehearsed.

When you sound rehearsed, you’re in trouble.

But it’s funny that even if you are rehearsed, slow speaking can
cover the difference.

Listen to charismatic people, whether it be a politician like Bill
Clinton or a comedian like Chris Rock.

They’re never going a mile-a-minute. They speak slowly.

When they don’t know what to say, they pause and collect their thoughts.

I speak probably too fast and too much, but by slowing it down just a little
bit – and PAUSING – people listen to what I have to say.

And when you pause, it’s like something very powerful is about to be said.

THROW-IN TWO: Get in motion A.S.A.P

In any kind of social gathering place, you want to be getting into
conversations A.S.A.P.

As Soon As Possible.

A lot of times when a guy goes out to a bar or nightclub, he walks around
the whole venue once, has one drink, walks around the venue again, then
goes and starts talking to a girl.

By that time he’s given off a ‘prowling vibe’.

Instead start talking to someone as soon as you get in the door of any
social gathering place you go.

Let me give you a tip from an amazing ‘natural’ I know.

What he does when he goes out to a nightclub or bar alone to meet women
is walk up to the first group of wallflower guys and start chatting with

He told me the reasoning.

“If I come in and start talking to a group of guys, everybody in the bar
assumes they’re my friends.

“When they keep standing on the wall looking boring and I move on, people
assume that I’m the leader of the group.

“Women take notice”

That last line,

“Women take notice”

That sums it up. You don’t want to give off the prowler vibe. Instead by
jumping into the first group of guys you see and socializing a bit, you
dispel that and look like a leader.

From there, you can approach women at your leisure.

If you are having trouble thinking of things to say when approaching

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