Neil Strauss’s Annihilation Report

The Annihilation Report -Behind The Scenes Of Neil Strauss’s Super Elite Pick-Up Seminar

Reported By
Joseph Mathews


In December of 2005, New York Times Best-Selling Author Neil Strauss put on a super-elite seminar to teach all of his amazing "pick-up women skills” before he left the player lifestyle for good.

This is the full coverage of Neil’s 3-Day Seminar on the Annihilation Method, which is where Neil was going to reveal every single last little dirty trick he knows about seduction.

There were close to 300 applicants from all over the world who were desperate to attend this special event.

Neil hand-picked only 5.

These five were going to be special. They were meant to be passed the torch and carry

on Neil’s teachings. They all arrived at the seminar as complete Average Frustrated Chumps.

They left as Pick-Up Artists.

Never before have I seen a group of workshops students have such a dramatic improvement so fast. Thus is the power of the knowledge Neil had to share.

What follows is my personal account of what happened. I’m trying to include everything, warts and all, but for the most part, there weren’t a lot of warts in this seminar. But some amazing stuff is revealed.

And I was able to get Neil’s permission to share it all with you. Enjoy this special insider’s look into this one-of-a-kind event.

There will never be another one like it.

The Annihilation Method Day 1

It was a rainy day in the Hollywood Hills the morning of December 2nd when I arrived and Neil’s house.

The normally hip-pad had already been converted into "seminar mode” by the time I had gotten there. Two plush white couches were set up on the tiered stone floor, with a seat in the middle of the living room for Neil to run the seminar, backed by a fireplace and a collection of his best-selling books.

The thing that struck me right away was that this was not going to be your typical seminar. The setting was in Neil’s actual home, so it felt very warm and intimate, as opposed to other workshops or seminars where everything seems cold, distant, and business-like.

It kind-of reminded me of the set-up the ancient Greek philosophers had when teaching their students via a dialogue. I don’t know if this was Neil’s intention or not, but that was definitely the vibe I was getting.

The night before, all five of the seminar attendees had been flown in. Neil had arranged

for limousines to pick them up from the airport and drive them to the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, where their rooms had already been reserved.

That night, the five met Neil (and each other) for the first time, and their flagship outing was to have dinner at Miyagi’s, a trendy Asian-themed club/sushi restaurant on the Sunset Strip. The first surprise Neil had in store for his new apprentices was a special dinner guest…

Ross Jeffries.

Now, I was not present at this dinner, so I can only report on what I was told later. The five attendees told me Ross came off exactly like he did in Neil’s book, with lots of bashing of Mystery Method, and the touting of Speed Seduction as the one true religion of choice.

To Ross’s credit, he apparently was in top form. The guy’s reported he number closed two women that night. I guess he’s been practicing. (Just kidding Ross, you know I love)

Anyway, I was very eager to meet the "Final Five,” as I’d come to call them since their selection in October. After all, these were the men who were going to be "passed the torch” from the most powerful of the Jedi (and arguably one of the greatest pick up artists alive). So right away, they had a big standard to live up to.

When they first walked in to Neil’s home (chauffeured by limo from their hotel), I was under-whelmed to say the least. It seemed a motley crew, made up of guys from all walks of life.

There was the good-looking, young hot-shot doctor from Pittsburgh, who instantly displayed the most "alpha” qualities of the bunch. At 27, he was the youngest of the bunch, and still in med school. This was "Wiseguy.” There was the aging professional gambler, ranking in at over 6’2, but despite his height, had a quiet and gentle way about him. He was mostly quiet and shy, and kept to himself for the most part. This was "Outback.” There was the Hispanic real estate developer from Chicago. Somewhat short and rotund, he looked like a college frat boy who’d been enjoying the party life-style a bit too much.

This was "Rourke.” There was the professional journalist, with his thinning widow’s peak of jet-black hair, and voice so quiet and meek you could barely hear him when he spoke. This was "Zone.” And finally, there was the software engineer from Buffalo, who struck me as the most anti-social of the bunch. He was a fairly good-looking guy, with an unassuming New York accent. Turns out he is a recovering "weight-aholic” who used to weigh over 300 lbs, though you’d never know it to look at the guy, who was pretty decent looking now.

This was "Indiana.”

It was at that point that I started to wonder what Neil had gotten himself into. Surely there were more deserving guys than that? After all, Neil went through over 300 applications and had hand-picked these guys himself. As I greeted them and started trying to engage them, I found the Final Five fairly stand- offish and distant. I could feel their energy was low. Perhaps it was from staying out late for dinner the night before, perhaps it was a bit of jet lag, or perhaps they just had no charisma to begin with. I didn’t know.

But when Neil came downstairs to greet the guys (wearing a quite spiffy manga t-shirt over a pink dress shirt), the guys seemed to perk up. Neil’s personal energy seemed to light a spark that kindled a small flame in the eyes of his students.

At that point, I had a small glimpse of what was to come throughout the day.

As the Final Five took their seats, Neil began by telling them a bit about himself, and about his experiences in the seduction community.

He talked about how he spent two years hanging out with pick-up artists, and say some improve rapidly, and others flounder and go nowhere. He talked about the biggest mistakes guys make when trying to learn seduction. He pointed out that the two biggest mistakes are:

Just be yourself

And…Be confident.

He explained that you shouldn’t just "be yourself,” you should be your best self. He elaborated that who we are is often a poor representation of who we really are or who we want to be.

He also said that just "being confident” is impossible without success. Success breeds confidence, and he wants to teach how to have success so his students can gain REAL confidence.

Thus, the Annihilation Method was introduced.

Neil described the Annihilation Method as a workout program for every single muscle that makes you up. It’s a means of training yourself to fire on every cylinder. This means when you meet a woman, as when you are going in for a job interview, a family reunion, or trying to get upgraded to fist class on an airline – everything counts.

The Annihilation Method is broken down into three elements:

1. Who you are
2. What you do
3. When and how you do it

This is the foundation upon which Neil has built his method. He calls it the

"Annihilation Method” because he sees it as a way to annihilate all fear, doubt, failure, and competition from your life.

Neil then went through the process of how the Final Five should go about learning what he had to teach. He quoted Arnold Schwarzenegger about his method to being successful in the learning process that will make you a champion. The quote went:

"This last two or three or four repetitions, that’s what makes the muscles grow. That’s what divides one from a champion and one from not being a champion. If you can go through the pain period, you make it to be a champion. If you can’t go through it, forget it. And that’s what most people lack: having the guts – the guts to go in and just say…

"I don’t care what happens.” I have no fear of fainting in the gym… I threw up many times when I was working out. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s all worth it.”

That’s basically Neil’s philosophy on becoming a master pick up artist. Dealing with challenges when they arise, working out problems in real life first, then in your head (not the other way around). And when things get painful, you push through it and learn from it.

At this point, Neil had each of the Final Five introduce themselves. Then he asked them why they were at the seminar.

Everyone had a different reason for wanting to be there. Some wanted more choice and power with women. Some wanted to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs. Some didn’t want to just "settle” for a woman like their friends were doing. And each guy had a different sticking point he wanted to conquer. That’s when Neil unleashed his "Las Vegas” system, which is the first phase of the Annihilation Method. I’m sworn to secrecy about this system, but Neil had all five guys participate in it, and it gave them an entirely new perspective on who they were, and what they needed to improve.

The stage had been set, and the groundwork for Annihilation had been laid.

This alone was something that really amazed me. One of the biggest problem guys have

is not having a clear picture of what they need to improve. They just get hung up on what they feel is wrong with them (like being fat, bald, ugly, etc.), but not at what REALLY is keeping them back.

The Las Vegas system changed that, and now the Final Five had a clear picture of where they needed to go next.

Neil then unveiled the Annihilation Method’s 4-step model of attraction. It is:

1. Open
2. Demonstrate Value
3. Create An Emotional Connection
4. Create A Physical Connection

Simple enough, right?

But when Neil actually started breaking down what made up each phase, things got more in-depth than even I could imagine.

The rest of the first day of seminar material was spent entirely on how to open. You could really see Neil light up as he started talking about this subject, and his enthusiasm for the material was infectious. I could literally start to see the student’s eyes widen at the knowledge they were getting.

Seriously, light bulbs were going off over their heads as Neil explained the intricacies of opening women.

The coolest thing he talked about was his method of "calibration.” This is about reading the dynamic of the group or the women you’re approaching, and knowing what you have to do next – even if it’s something you’ve never done before.

Now I realize why Neil is so good. It’s his calibration skills. It’s his ability to size up a situation, figure out where the girl is mentally and emotionally, and then adjust his game to that specific girl in order to get her.

And the cool thing is: HE TAUGHT EXACTLY HOW TO DO THIS! Step-by-step. He broke it down by telling you the three responses to look for in a woman that will tell you how to adjust your game, and the tactics you can use to seduce her.

He also talked about how to figure out who the woman is and what she’s about, quickly, so you can adjust your game accordingly.

By teaching this set of calibration skills, Neil was giving the Final Five the exact method they needed to seduce ANY WOMAN they want – consistently and effectively.

I was in awe.

I had never seen seduction or pick up taught like this before, and neither had the Final

Five, who were as busy scribbling notes as I was.

Mystery Method Venusian Arts Handbook

And the really cool thing is, Neil shared his secret on how to get feedback from the women you pick-up so you know what you did that works and what doesn’t! Through this learning method, anyone could become phenomenal in the field. Neil then went in depth on different types of openers, how to deliver them, and 16 general principles of opening. A lot of this stuff I already knew, but Neil actually took the time to train his students on how to properly do an opener (which is different from other workshops, who just throw you right out into the field from the start). Each guy was nervous as he demonstrated his opener for Neil, and a few fumbled with it. But Neil gave them feedback that got them back on track and made them comfortable with their delivery.

He then went over these concepts:

Am6_11. What to do after the opener

2. Wingman rules
3. Role-playing
4. Push-pull
5. Pebbles

Now for those of you wondering what the hell "Pebbles” are, it’s an awesome new concept Neil has that’s a big part of the Annihilation Method. They’re similar to "NEGs” in a way, but they’re used to amp up fun, excitement, and interest in your pick-up.

Basically, the concept is that when things start dragging during a set (or when you want to amp things up), you toss these "pebbles” to hit your target in the head and get their attention. It’s a strategy that’s brilliant in it’s simplicity, and highly effective.

The seminar portion ended with Neil and the Final Five going over 22 different Pebbles

Neil had invented.

After the seminar ended, the group prepared for the workshop portion of the day. Neil’s girlfriend Lisa took Zone and did a quick make-over with him. His long black hair with the thinning widow’s peak made him look greasy and old. She gave him a quick haircut so he had a nice, short, trimmed head of hair, and the difference was remarkable. The guy looked 10 times better than he had before, all with a simple hair cut.

Then the Final Five were whisked back to the Standard to change for a night of clubbing.

The first stop was a trendy nightclub in the Highlands complex on Hollywood Boulevard called "Lucky Strike,” which claim to fame wthe fact that in addition to being a cool restaurant/bar, it was also a freakin’ BOWLING ALLEY. (Seriously, Hollywood has this weird thing about turning strange businesses into nightclubs. There’s a beauty salon and shoe store that moonlight as nightclubs too.) This is where the Final Five got their first taste of cold approaching Annihilation Method-style. I was along on the ride as a co-instructor for the workshop. One of the reasons there were only five people allowed in the seminar is because Neil wanted to give all the guys a lot of personal attention. But he asked me to help out since this is one of my areas of expertise.

At Lucky Strike, I started pushing guys into sets. Basically, I’d ask them what their opener was, pick a set for them, send them in, then give them feedback on how to improve.

My first "victim” was Indiana. He had three false-starts before he had the courage to open his first set. Lucky for him, Neil came by to wing for him. I did the same for Rourke, Outback, Zone, and Wiseguy (though Wiseguy seemed to be more of a natural than the others).

Neil had started a bet on the limo ride to the club that the first guy to get a number would win $100. So as the guys got more into approaching, the competition started heating up.

Lucky Strike was pretty dead for a Friday night, though. So there weren’t that many good sets available. Most guys ended up opening sets some other student had opened earlier.

But the response of the Final Five was remarkable.

Shy old Outback was approaching some great sets, and he even pulled off probably the hardest opener of the night by opening a two-set of girls who were eating, and then joining them at their table! Rourke and Zone were also getting in the groove of things, and each approached three sets. Indiana was the most remarkable change. He was grinning ear-to-ear and walked with a new-found confidence. I joked with him about his sudden change, and he burst out "I never knew it was so easy to meet women!” But the best was yet to come.

The next stop was at a place called Spider Club, which is a club above another club called

Avalon, which is on Vine Street. This is one of the hippest clubs in LA, and now I know why. The women here were GORGEOUS. Seriously, we’re talking L.A. quality 10s here.

Neil had arranged a VIP table at the club, along with bottle service. So even though we had a large group of guys around us, we had some super-high status going in (seriously, we just bypassed everyone waiting in line to get in. It was awesome).

Once we got situated at our table, all hell broke loose.

And I mean that in a good way!

The meek guys who I had met that morning had suddenly transformed into APPROACH MACHINES.

Something just seemed to click in all five guys. It was amazing. I had never seen anything like it happen in a workshop before could not talk to women or do a single cold approach were now using the Annihilation Method to meet some of the hottest women in LA.

Rourke opened a three-set of Latina girls who he brought to our table. Others went off to open some more sets, while a few took Rourke’s lead and started merging sets and bringing girls over.

Things started getting wild. The Final Five were having a blast, dancing, sarging, laughing. Neil and I were amazed at how fast everyone was coming along.

Before we knew it, these guys were isolating targets and pawning groups off of groups. Each guy approached 12-15 sets over the course of a night.

The final count at the end of the night was:

• Rourke – 1 phone number (he won the $100 because he was the first to get one), had a girl grinding on his lap most of the night.

• Indiana – 1 phone number

• Zone – 15 sets opened, and was dirty dancing most of the night (turns out he didn’t get a number because he wasn’t sure on how to ask for one, but he could have gotten many if he knew to ask)

• Outback – 2 numbers

• Wiseguy – An in-club make-out, also got 2 phone numbers

Every single one of them were beaming with a newfound confidence that can only come with success. Neil had achieved his goal. Each guy had tasted success with women for the first time, and their confidence had grown.

Neil and I were impressed. I’d never been to a workshop that had that much success in one night. All my fears about these guys had vanished, and I knew Neil had picked the right ones to pass his knowledge onto.

The funny thing was, Neil had only revealed a FRACTION of his Annihilation Method that day. If these guys were able to take that and have this kind of success in one night, I couldn’t imagine what they’d do with the WHOLE system. But I was soon to find out…

The Annihilation Method, Day 2

On Day 2, things started a little late, which is understandable considering that all of the students and instructors were up pretty much until 3:00 am.

As the Final Five wandered into Neil’s house at the crack of 11:36 am, they all brought their club clothes with them as they were instructed to last night. Today, Neil had a surprise for them…

Namely, girls. Once, way back in the good ol’ days of Project Hollywood, Neil had done something really cool during the Pick-Up Artist Summit of 2004. During his presentation at Project

Hollywood, he actually had a number of girls he was dating come in, pair off with some of the guys, report their first impressions, and then give fashion critiques. Neil also went on to demonstrate different techniques on the women.

It was probably the single coolest thing I’d ever seen up to that point, and I knew Neil had something similar planned today.

But the Seminar started off by doing a run-down of the night before. Neil went through each guy and covered what he had done, how much he improved, what results he had, and how he could to better that night.

As things turned out, everyone in the group had a new energy about them as they started recalling the previous night’s successes. Everyone had shown they were up to the challenge of being Neil’s "successors.”

Neil then went on to cover a little more of the Annihilation Method. Basically, the day before was all about how to chase women. Now it was time for the guys to learn how to get women to chase them.

Neil went through his methods for getting women to pursue you. It breaks down into 8 different categories. They are:

1. Pebbles
2. Negs
3. LAS VEGAS Attitude
4. DHVs
5. Challenges
6. Hardcore Push-Pull
7. Disqualification
8. Cat String Theory

You combine all these to make the woman feel like she is winning YOU over. But once

you get attraction and rapport with a woman, you can drop most of this.

Then, came the girls.

On day 1, Neil had gotten the phone numbers of 4 girls we had met in the club and convinced them to come over to his place to help do fashion consultations for the guys. As the girls began to show up, Neil had the guys change into their club clothes.

With the exception of one girl, the women were all very attractive and had a good energy about them. Not only that, but they were game for what Neil had in mind.

Day23The first thing Neil did was pair off each of the Final

Five with a girl, and just had them talk to each other alone in different parts of the house. Afterwards, everyone re-convened in the seminar room, with the girls taking center stage.

Neil then asked them the question: "What was your first impression of the guy you talked to?”

Then, one by one, all the girls started to share their first take on each of the Final Five (the good, and the bad). This was some amazing insight for the guys on how women perceive them, and gave them a good idea on what their real strengths were and what they still had to work on in terms of the image and attitude they were projecting.

Then the real craziness happened.

Each guy got up before the firing squad and had the girls start critiquing the way he dressed. The girls all got into it and started really giving the guys good advice on how to better dress themselves to suit their type and look cool.

Neil really emphasized the concept of creating a character that you can live up to when going out, and dressing to suit that character.

Out of all the guys, Outback got critiqued the hardest by women. It might have had something to do with the fact that his club clothes were all peacocking, consisting of faux alligator pleather pants, a vintage t-shirt, and a furry rainbow colored jacket. Poor Outback was so proud of his brazen outfit at first, but as the women started to rip into him, he was quickly making excuses for how he was dressed. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy (especially since I’d seen MUCH worse peacocking work pretty well, despite what the girls were saying).

Day24The fashion breakdowns all consisted of:

1. Style
2. Fashion
3. Clothing
4. Accessories
5. Hair
6. Grooming
7. Optional Male Makeup

Each point was hit on with each guy. Eventually, one of Neil’s friends, who’s a fashion expert, and his girlfriend Lisa jumped in and started giving their opinions too.

After the Fashion Breakdown, it was time to get back to the Annihilation Method. Neil had the girls hang around by the pool while he pulled them in one at a time to start demonstrating DHVs on them.

This was extremely cool. It’s one thing to read about DHVs. It’s another to have someone lecture you on them. But it’s something totally special when you get all that, PLUS a demonstration on an actual girl who has no idea what’s going on.

The first demonstration was Neil’s "Five Questions” routine, where you basically play a "lying game” and bust on the girl’s ego or naiveté (depending on the girl). Neil demonstrated this one on his fashion expert friend Mya, who fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Her reaction to it was great, and it really showed the power of what Neil was teaching.

Day22Next he called in another girl and did Style’s patented Value Elicitation (a.k.a. Style’s EV) and showed how that worked. The basics of tis that you can find out exactly what is important to a woman and what she’s about by asking three simple question. There’s some hard-core NLP at work in this one, and the reaction from the girl was very cool. Neil was able to strike right at the core of who she was, and she really responded to it.

Next up, Neil demonstrated his version of The Cube on another girl. Now, I’ve been using the Cube for what seems like forever, but Neil’s version is actually much better than the traditional model, and the reaction from the girl was excellent. Neil also took the opportunity to play around a bit and make her a member of the "Pen 15” club by writing "Pen 15” on her hand.

Of course, when you look at it, it looks like she’s got the word "Penis” written on her hand. It’s a great way to tool any girl (or guy) and demonstrate higher value while entertaining others. The girl jumped up and yelled "I have to go wash PENIS off my hand!”

Definitely one of the highlights of the seminar.The last bit of demonstration came when Neil did eye accessing cues with the women.

This is really cool, since he basically taught us how to catch anyone in a lie, but also have fun doing it. He’s got two lying games, one called "Eye-Accessing Cues” and one called "Interrogation.” I won’t go into them here since they’re a bit detailed, but they were very fun and had all the girls laughing.

But as an added benefit to learning this little game, you can tell exactly when a woman is lying to you about wanting to get together or whatever. Very powerful stuff. After his willing female subjects left, Neil covered a variety of DHVs in detail, including:

1. Best Friend Test
2. "C”s vs. "U”s
3. Name Mnemonics
4. Cigarette Vanish
5. Various other playful games

Then Neil got into what he calls his "Black Mirror Technique,” which is basically a form of cold reading that really lets you stand out from any other man your target is likely to ever meet.

The first step of it is to do a really cool psychic trick where you’re able to guess the woman’s birthday. The second part of the Black Mirror is to do some hard-core cold reading to demonstrate an understanding of her reality and pull her into your world. It was really cool stuff that I’m not allowed to go fully into detail about (sorry, that’s the price of admission to the seminar!).

By the way, I found out that Neil calls it his "Black Mirror” technique because when you use this method of cold reading, it’s like getting a window into someone’s soul and reflecting it back to them so they can see it (though the technique involves pointing out problems they’re having in life, hence the "black” part of the mirror).

Neil then touched a little bit on qualifying girls and establishing an emotional connection with them. He offered up a few cool routines and how to use open loops to keep women interested.

Finally, Neil ended by talking about (appropriately) Closes. This was probably one of the most eye-opening parts of the course. Sure, a lot of guys can open women. Maybe they can even get comfort and attraction going. But when it comes time to seal the deal and actually get physical, most guys FAIL!

Neil knows this, and he started to share some awesome tips to make sure that when the time comes, you’re able to smoothly transition into kissing, then make-out, then sex.

Neil spent some time on teaching how to read a woman’s Indicators of Interest (IOIs).

He pointed out that you never want to show you’re interested in a woman until she shows she’s interested in YOU.

Then, you escalate the kino (ie: touching). He showed a cool little trick on how to do this called "Right Hand/Left Hand.”
Then he shared his patented Evolution Phase Shift Kiss Routine. This is Style’s own tried and true method of getting a kiss and make-out EVERY SINGLE TIME he was with a girl. I think he said it only didn’t work once out of all the times he used it, and that was because he telegraphed too much interest before hand.

Neil also went through about three more kissing routines, then shared Juggler’s Girlfriend

Test (which was killer), and then started talking about "instant dates.”

Instant Dates is a time distortion tactic that makes the girl feel like she’s known you longer than she really has. It consists of taking the girl to different places the same night you meet her.

For instance, you meet her at the bar, then move her out to the patio to talk. This is the equivalent of 2 dates, because the surroundings change, so subconsciously, it feels like a different venue. And because of that, the woman feels like she knows you longer and is more comfortable around you.

Then, Neil’s girlfriend Lisa took the stage and gave the guys some tips on "Make Up.”

Now, when Neil had originally told me he was going to have Lisa teach the guys how to use make up, I was a bit skeptical. I always looked at that as metrosexual bullcrap.

Boy, was I wrong.

Lisa developed a special "Male Make Up” baggie for each of the Final Five. It consisted of some powder, some eyeshadow, some mascara, and a hair stick. She got Zone to come up in front of the group and started demonstrating the use of this make-up on him.

The first was the powder. She showed how you can use powder to even out your skin tone and look healthier. Then we all watched in amazement and Zone went from a pasty white guy to a guy who looked like he had a nice bronze tan in the matter of a minute.

Then she used the eyeshadow to bring out his eyes. It was flesh-colored, but gave the area around the eyes a little darker tone, so his eyes popped. Then she used the mascara to move his eyelashes away so you could really see his eyes well.

Then the cool thing was that she used the eyeshadow to darken the grey spots in Zone’s facial hair and the back of his head. He didn’t have to dye his hair or anything, with just a few quick strokes, he had some nice, even hair color.

Then she showed how you can use the same technique to darken your scalp under balding areas. Usually, when guys are losing their hair, the scalp gets really pasty white. But then you use this make-up and it makes the scalp underneath the hair look even with the tone of your face.

Finally, she used the hair stick to give his hair a cool little spike to it. I had always wondered how so many people got their hair to look "messed up but cool,” and with this little trick, Lisa showed us all how to do it.

Neil was very big on teaching the guys that you have to show your best self and take some effort with your appearance, and with Lisa’s make-up kit, all the guys were set to look killer tonight.

After the Make Up demonstration, the Final Five went back to the hotel to get ready for the seminar’s second club outing. Tonight, we were going to a club called "RokBar” off of Hollywood Boulevard.

Day27Neil was good friends with the owner of the club, so we were treated like royalty. When the Final Five road up in the limousine, they by-passed the line and went right in. The club had reserved an entire second tier balcony for us to hang out in.

As I walked in the club, I was a little worried because there were definitely more guys than girls around. But the club was hopping none the less. The DJ for the night was playing some truly excellent music, and the club was bathed in blue, red, and purple lights.

Girls would get on top of the booths people were sitting in and start pole dancing, while on the ceiling above us, the movie Boondock Saints was projected onto the wall, giving a cool "cinema” vibe to the whole rock-and-roll atmosphere.

Once the club started to pick up, the Final Five started doing their thing. The guys were on fire, particularly Zone and Indiana.

Zone was a machine, going up to woman after woman, dancing with them, bringing them up to the VIP area, the whole nine yards. I couldn’t believe that this mild-mannered journalist, who the day before you couldn’t hear in a quiet room because he talked so softly with a voice that completely lacked confidence, was now walking up to women in a loud club and getting them interested in him.

The real cool thing was Indiana getting his first "club make-out.” That was definitely the highlight of the night. He had picked up this really hot Asian girl and isolated her in our VIP balcony while Outback and I occupied her friend. Before the friend ended up dragging the Asian girl away, Indiana had not only gotten a phone number, but he’d also gotten a major tongue-down too!

Day25Not all was going well for the Final Five, though. Rourke ended up leaving early because he wasn’t feeling well.

Outback was doing really well approaching women, but he was losing them in the attract phase. Wiseguy was having a slow night as well.

Then, Mystery arrives.

Mystery and his new girlfriend had driven in from Las Vegas and gone right to the club, so he wasn’t peacocked out at all. But regardless, there’s always a certain energy when Mystery walks into a room, and tonight wasn’t any different. It was as though his presence gave the other guys the energy they needed to start having a wild time.

As the night wore on, things started to get more and more crazy. More girls were brought up to our area and the party started to get wilder. In addition to them dancing on our tables, some were even making out with each other right in front of everyone! Mystery started doing his magic tricks and creating a real party vibe.

Eventually, two off-duty strippers came up from the dance floor and started dirty-dancing on our balcony. That’s when Wiseguy grabbed one and started grinding on her, doing a half-assed version of Neil’s Evolution Phase Shift (which was a small mistake, because this girl was ready to go!).

By the time the club closed, the guys dragged the two strippers back to Neil’s house. I pussed out and went home after the club closed because I was dog-tired, but I heard the next day that Wiseguy had ended up making out with one of the girls back at Neil’s place, and probably could have closed the deal if her friend hadn’t dragged her away.

So the breakdown of the night was:

Rourke: 6 approaches (went home early)
Zone: 2 numbers (as opposed to the night before, where he got 0)
Outback: 1 number
Wiseguy: Make-Out/Kiss close

Indiana: Make-Out/Kiss Close and two numbers

Overall the guys were really improving. As opposed to the night before where they were just opening sets, now they were actually using the Annihilation method to build attraction with women quickly and effectively!

Day26All of them could have gotten a make out had they been a little more practiced at using the Annihilation Method’s means of creating an Emotional Connection and a Physical Connection, but for their second night out, the Final Five really did an amazing job.

Both Neil and I talked at the end of the night about how amazed we were at the student’s progression. Neil had taught at a number of workshops over the past two years, and I’ve been to my fair share of them too, and neither of us had ever seen such a remarkable improvement with workshop attendees.

But the best was yet to come…

Neil had some surprises for the guys the next day that they didn’t know about, and it was going to radically change each of their lives…



The Annihilation Method, Day 3

Day 3 of Neil’s amazing Annihilation method Workshop got started a little late, due to the fact that everyone (but me) was up until 4:30 am partying with some of the girls from the club and Neil’s home.

When I arrived, the cleaning lady was there busily trying to get everything cleaned and smelling nice before the seminar. Apparently the girls had really trashed the place the night before.

When the Final Five arrived, they had a glow about them. They were all tired, for sure, but it seemed like a "happy tired,” (you know, like the kind of tired you feel after a great night).

The first thing Neil covered was the breakdowns from the club the night before.

Everyone recapped their experiences and Neil gave his critiques.

Zone got $100 for being the "most improved” of the bunch. But the real VIP was Indiana, who boasted his first club make-out from a cold approach. The change in Indiana was something to behold. He walked with greater confidence and even sat down like he was a champion.

Neil pointed out how each of the guys had experienced some major success over the last two days, and that success was breeding real confidence (and it was showing!).

By the time the breakdown was through, Neil’s special surprise was ready to be unveiled. He had invited two very special guest speakers to work with the Final Five…

Steve Piccus and Hypnotica!

Now for those of you who read The Game, you may recognize them as Steve P. and

Rasputin. Steve Piccus was famous for hypnotizing women and having them PAY him for the priveledge of giving him blowjobs. Hypnotica (aka Rasputin) is Steve P.’s partner b in the San Diego area.

Day32_1seduction community. It’s the concepts he pioneered that laid the groundwork for a great deal of material out there, including SpeedSeduction and Double Your Dating (both Steve P. and Hypnotica are regular speakers at David DeAngelo seminars). The famous Rick H learned everything he knows about bedding bisexual women from Steve Piccus.

That’s what they were there to talk about the final day.

Mastery. One of the coolest exercises they did was teach the guys how to have amaself-confidence.

It was a small anchoring exercise where Hypnotica had Rourke imagine a line running from behind him to in front of him. On the line behind him, was pain. On the line in front of him was supreme confidence.

Steve Piccus also talked about some really cool things, which I’m not going to go into in this report because they simply have to be seen to be believed, and if you just simply read about them you’d think I’m making them up. But needless to say, there was some hard-core change work going on.

By this time, Neil’s second surprise showed up, namely Mystery. Neil told the guys about how Mystery was his teacher and really helped him to achieve mastery in many areas of his life.

Then Mystery took the stage and started his lecture. When this happened, Mystery started from the beginning.

And when I say the beginning, I mean THE BEGINNING.

As in "man climbed out of the primordial ooze looking for sex.”

(Well, maybe Mystery didn’t say that in so many words, but it was close =)

Mystery talked about how on an evolutionary scale, humans are meant to do two things, and they are: Survive and Replicate.

Men are driven to replicate because they have the survival part down. They’re strong enough to live, and therefore seek out women to propagate their genes.

Women, however, are driven to survive, because they’re the weaker of the species. So they look for men who can protect them to replicate with.

Much of this harkened back to Neil’s theory on how women are attracted to men who are part of "Tribes” and have a certain kind of status.

Mystery covered a lot of great stuff during his presentation that I won’t get into in this report, but I will cover two things that struck me as cool…

The first was Mystery’s definition of mastery in the venutian arts. Basically, the martial arts are the art of war (based off the Greek God Mars), while the venutian arts is the art of love (based off the Greek God Venus).

There are only two levels anyone will ever be at in this artform. The first is AFC (average frustrated chump), and the second is Master Seducer. To Mystery there is no in- between. That means no "recovering” AFC or simple "pick up artist.” Just beginner and master.

His metaphor was to look at beginner and master as islands, with nothing but water in-between them. On the islands, you’re safe. It’s when you’re in the water you can drown.

For instance, Mystery knows just enough about self defense to step up in a fight, but get himself seriously hurt. That was his example of being between "beginner” and "master.” The same is true for pick-up. If you’re more than a beginner but less than a master, you’re going to have to brave the perils of the water you’re in.

So what does it mean to be a master seducer? Mystery laid out the "Five for Five” rule that separates a true master seducer from everyone else. It’s this:

Day34For every five women you approach, you get five girlfriends out of the interaction.

This means that out of five approaches, you are able to create attraction, comfort, and connection to a woman, and escalate the physical attraction to the point where it becomes a romantic relationship with every single one of your targets.

If you can do that, then you’ve achieved mastery.

This gave the Final Five a goal to reach for. If they ever get to the point where they can open 5 sets and get five girlfriends out of it, then they’ve gone as far as they need to.

The second coolest thing that Mystery talked about were his tactics for Last Minute Resistance (LMR). This is where you run into trouble with a woman in the final phases of a seduction.

Mystery related all pick-ups as a nine-level video game with no save feature. So if you can open a girl, you’re playing level one. But if you lose her in creating attraction, it’s game over, and you have to start over again with the next girl at level one.

So you can get all the way up to level 9, but mess up and have to start all over again.

His LMR tactics were designed to keep that from happening.

Now, I know you all probably want to hear these LMR tactics (and if you don’t, trust me, you DO!). But I won’t get into them here. This would be like giving away Rolexes to blind people. They just wouldn’t know what to do with them. If you really want to know more, check out Mystery’s website and take one of his seminars.

Mystery finished up his session by having Style join him on stage. It was really fun to get to see Mystery and Style riff together. Their friendship really came out and you got to see how much respect they have for each other and the fun they have together.

After Mystery was done, Steve Piccus and Hypnotica took the stage again. This is where things got really awesome.

First, Steve Piccus demonstrated an exercise that got rid of your "negative voice.”

Basically, everyone has a "negative voice” in their head that criticizes them for doing something wrong. With this exercise, he showed us how to change that voice so that it was no longer negative, and with that, we took away our ability to re-enforce bad beliefs.

This was really cool stuff.

Then it got even cooler when Steve and Hypnotica started talking about their "Menage” tactics, which is basically how you can consistently get threesomes. Steve Piccus introduced his concept of the "Hermetic Circle” which allows you to have a harem of women at your beck-and-call for sex.

As Steve was explaining this, the Final Five were furiously scribbling down notes as their eyes lit up with amazement.

I have to admit, I’m a bit jaded on seduction stuff because I get so exposed to it all the time, but even I was amazed at the level of techniques Steve was sharing.

Then Neil joined them on stage and told the guys how to perform a "Dual Induction Massage,” which is a 100% proven and field tested tfor getting a threesome whenever you want. They told the guys how to set it up and how to carry out. And I guarantee you, some of these guys are going to be getting threesomes very soon, baseon the way they were soaking up this knowledge.

Day35and Neil wrapped up the seminar with a graduation ceremony necklace that commemorates their journey from AFC to master (or chump to champ) ththey can wear out and help them to remain focused on their goals.

Koi, LA’s hippest Japanese restaurant. There, everyone was laughing, joking, and reflecting about their experiences over the past three days and I had to agree with them. Even I felt like I learned so much out of this experience never doing this again. I guess we’ll just have to rely on these final five to carry on with his work and become the Masters they’re destined to be, so they can eventually teach what they learned.

As Leonardo Da Vinci himself said, it’s a poor student who doesn’t surpass his teacher.

And I expect that great things will come from these Final Five.

Please feel free to email Neil directly and beg him to allow these teachings to go out to everyone. I’ve been trying to convince him for months, but I think he feels that not many people really want to learn this stuff.

I think he’s wrong.

Between you and me, I think that if you guys bug him enough, maybe he’ll release all his knowledge so everyone can benefit from it. Email him at:

Show him how important his teachings are to you and maybe he’ll come around.

Until then, I’m sworn to secrecy about what I learned, as are the Final Five.

Good luck,
Joseph Matthews

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