How to Make a Woman Trust Your Completely

How To Make A Woman Trust You Completely

By John Alexander

I’m about to reveal a little-known secret of human
persuasion that can induce the woman to feel complete
trust for you, and have sex with you… even if it’s
the very first date.

You see, for a woman to have sex with a guy, she must
not only be attracted to him, but she must also trust
him. Look at it like this:

1. Trust Without Attraction He’s a great friend and I love him to death! (Translation: We’ll NEVER have

2. Attraction Without Trust I’m not a loose woman. He’ll have to wait before he gets any!

However, if the woman has both attraction AND trust
for the guy, she’ll be literally begging you to take
her home with you that night.

Let’s take a typical scenario. Say it’s coming up on
11 PM, and you’ve been with a woman since 6 that
afternoon. As long as you’ve had good rapport with her
and you’ve kept pushing the interaction forward, you
can assume she’s attracted to you.

And by the way, with a woman, you should always assume
attraction until proven otherwise. Because the bottom
line is that as long as you’ve got good body language,
you’ve got a lot going on in your life, and you’re
witty and interesting, she WILL be attracted to you.

Now you need to build trust. By the time you finish
this article, you’ll know an easy, efficient way to do

And by the way, this is a one of the best-kept secrets
of human persuasion. The most successful advertisers
and salesmen to make billions use it, and now you’ll
be able to use it with women.

Have you ever noticed how ads will sometimes mention
minor defects in the products? A famous example of
this was the wildly success Volkswagen Beetle ads from
30 years ago that had the huge headline: Lemon.

The point of the ad was that not all of their cars
were perfect. VW took its quality inspections so
seriously that it took note of even small weaknesses
in the builds of its cars.

You see, if a person tells you something that’s
against his self-interest, you tend to trust him more.
We all do. It’s a fundamental trait of human

So when it comes to women, you should point out your
minor flaws. Examples could be:
I have an ugly mole on my neck. Sometimes I feel
self-conscious about it.
I had to give a speech last week and felt so
– I don’t always floss my teeth even though I

Even if they’re fake flaws, it doesn’t necessarily
matter. By pointing them out, you create a perception
of honesty within the woman.

Because she believes the minor imperfections about
you, she’ll believe the MAJOR PERFECTIONS about you as

This means that, having both attraction for AND trust
in you, later that night she could be breathlessly
panting, I’ve never done it with a guy this soon

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