A Sex Lesson: Female Porn

The One-Hour Lesson That Will Change Your Life

A picture is worth a thousand words. A moving picture is worth a thousand still pictures. Men, do
your math. The hour-long experience I’m about to suggest will be worth a million words to you.

The human brain can quickly forget what it reads, but a moving picture, a video, takes a much longer
time to slip out of your memory bank. If the film is hot enough, the images may blaze in your brain
forever. Gentlemen, if you want to become a better lover, you have a unique advantage over your
grandfathers, fathers, and even your older brothers. There is a new strain of womankind out there,
and she is making her own moving pictures.

If books haven’t educated you, female porn will sock it to you! Fem-porn shows the world what’s
what in female erotica. Unlike male porn, women’s films show you how a woman likes to be kissed
and how she likes to be caressed, talked to, and made love to.

What are the films like? You might call most of them romantic soft-X porn, but they’re not soft
because of censorship. There are no oppressive laws, no uptight prudishness, no interior repression.
The female directors hold nothing back. Romantic soft-X is the way a woman likes it, in her movies,
and from you.

Some of the films are good. Some are mediocre. Some are downright dumb. But they all contain
elements women can relate to. Women’s sex movies, in contrast to men’s, are more complicated. In
place of raw sex, there is steamy sensuality. The films show an emotional connection between the
partners, and affection. Closeups on faces reflect the partners’ feelings. (Take notes, gentlemen: You
can turn a woman on during sex by your facial expressions.) Importantly, you can see where to
touch a woman and how she likes to be caressed. What you’ll view is a far cry from the
misinformation you get from men’s pornography.

Recently, in reviewing some male porn for this book, I had to laugh. A male porn star, obviously
smug about the pleasure he thought he was giving his partner, was vigorously grinding the poor girl’s
clitoris back into her body with his middle knuckle. Luckily, for her, he was missing his mark by a
quarter of an inch, or her pain would have been excruciating. Gentlemen, the benefits of viewing women’s porn don’t stop at geography. You’ll pick up other practical
hints, like suave ways to slip on your condom.

Ask for work by directors such as Candida Royalle, Gloria Leonard, and Deborah Shames, to
mention only a few of the prominent women filmmakers. Here’s a preview of coming distractions. In
Candida Royalle’s films, you’ll master techniques on how to touch and caress a woman. In Gloria
Leonard’s, you’ll find that humor and sex mingle. In Deborah Shames’s films, you’ll learn more about
creating just the right atmosphere to make your Quarry fall in love with you.

From all of these women’s films you’ll learn that humor, romance, a buildup of tension, and strong,
slow hands are what work with women. You’ll learn how your Quarry really likes you to give it to
her between the sheets or on the dining room table, or in the elevator, or on the beach.

In one vignette, for example, you’ll see a woman emerging from a bubble bath with a bored
expression on her face because she must attend a gala charity ball. She reaches into her lingerie
drawer to pull out a white lace teddy. Just as she is tying the tiny satin bow, protective arms encircle
her from the rear. She feels a tender kiss pressing on the back of her neck. Sure hands delicately
untie the little pink ribbon, her teddy drops to the floor, and the silent stranger lovingly traces a
pattern around her nipple with his strong, sensitive pinkie.

At this point, gentlemen, you may be tempted to fast forward to the “good part.” Don’t, because the
beginning of the film which establishes the locale, the story line, and the character
development much of this is the good part for women.

Many women tie sex tightly to love, and they become fully aroused only when they feel deep
affection or respect for their partner. That, too, is clear in many of the female sex films. My male
buddies sometimes complain, “Why can’t women forget this romance thing during sex and get down
to the nitty-gritty?” Well, gentlemen, the nitty-gritty for her is love, or at least a relationship. Loving you makes her hotter. Your loving her makes her hotter still.

All the studies prove that women do indeed like more romance. In a typical study, a psychologist at
Louisiana State University read men and women the same erotic story. Afterward the subjects were
questioned. Men remembered the hot action part where the woman “clawed at her partner’s back
and wrapped her legs around him,” whereas women remembered as the hot parts of the story
scenes in which “they looked deeply into one another’s eyes.”

In men’s porn, everyone’s stacked, everyone’s eager, and everyone comes. In fem-porn, everyone is
loving, everyone is sensitive, and everyone is passionate. By watching sex films directed by women,
you’ll finally get it. You’ll see with your own eyes how to make love to a woman the way she likes it.

Hunters, if the written word has failed if just reading make it last has not driven the point
home try fem-porn. Watching the extended cinematic buildup to the sex might just do the trick. It
will slow down your foreplay and build up your technique.



Hunters, there’s a new breed of woman out there, and
she’s letting the world know what’s hot and what’s
not for her between the sheets.

To drive your Quarry wild in bed, trash your men’s
triple-X movies. You won’t learn anything from those but
misinformation you already have. Pop some films by
female artistes in your VCR.
Then take copious notes.

Gentlemen, if your good buddy runs the video store and you think he’d laugh if you asked for sissy
titles like Christine’s Secret or A Taste of Ambrosia, the next best thing to do is order by mail. Several “Better Sex Videos” are very well done more clinical but also present material
through a soft female lens.

To learn more about becoming a legendary lover click here.


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