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Now we continue our look at particular strategies for particular girls places and situations.

More types and places…

Church Girl Pick-Up

There’s this mistaken belief that church girls are frigid and not worth shooting for. Uh… wrong.

Now, they DO tend to be looking for longer more serious relationships, so if you’re not prepared to enter into that sort of thing, then you’d best avoid them unless you’re comfortable being a bastard.

The thing is, getting in good with church girls is actually pretty easy. It’s similar to political girls: let her preach to you. Let her take you under her wing. The more devious guys will sometimes fake a "conversion” but if that leaves you with a bad taste there’s no need for it.

All you need is to show her some interest, let her try and convince you of the way, and when there’s a break in the action, put your knowledge to work.

One thing: go gently, and let her flower. Church girls think about sex as much as anyone else, if not more (ah, forbidden fruit). You can take the topic that direction slowly and innocently – don’t press hard, but when she’s blushing and smiling and turning her eyes to the ground, you’ll know she’s excited and flushed and yearning for that forbidden fruit. Good place to be.

Psychic Intuition Pick-Up

This is a fun, easy, pick-up. Go up to a girl and say, in a very serious way, "I have a psychic intuition about you.” She’ll probably respond "What?” – to which you answer something comedically generic. Like "You… like chocolate.” Or "You… take… showers!”

She’ll laugh, and then you’re in. From there, you can just use your skills and run with it. And, if she somehow doesn’t fit your generic statement, that’s fine too… you can get her laughing just as easily with "You don’t shower? Well, that explains the odor in this part of the city then.” Fun any way it goes.

College Party Pick-Up

This doesn’t work when you’re 40, but even after you’ve graduated you have a few years to take advantage of the plethora of hot young women that college affords.

When I first graduated, instead of renting my own place – both to save money and to enjoy the scene – I moved in to a student co-op. Made plenty of friends, and found out about all the parties.

When I’d go, lots of conversations would quickly go to "What’s your major?”

Now, if you just say "Oh, I was an English major, but I graduated two years ago.” well, you’ll sound like a loser.

But if you say "I already graduated, but I’m here now studying how to have good communication and great sex.” That always got the conversation headed in the right direction – and the "loser stuck in the past” archetype is replaced by the "sophisticated lover who can show me new things and new feelings.” Very nice.

Shoe Store Pick-Up

This is a simple one – and one you can take two ways.

Go to a shoe store – make sure the clerk is an attractive lady – and ask HER opinion about men’s shoes. Ask her what would look good on YOU.

Now, the two directions this can go – either you value her opinion and she’ll feel and appreciate that – or you go the other way, and mock her. "Yeah, of course you’d say THAT” and then you go with a completely different pair.

Remember, the second option has to be done playfully, or you’ll just come off like a dick. But if you do it right, it should lead to plenty of fun conversation and future meetings. ("When do you get off work?” always is usable after you’ve established good communication and attraction.)

Airplane Pick-Up

This is great, because everything is set up for you. It’s a little harder in the age of the ipod and in-flight entertainment, but few people spend an entire trip plugged in to electronics.

The beauty is, if you’ve got a beautiful woman sitting next to you, odds are she’s bored out of her skull – and you’re the only option around. Find something to comment about – like a nice tan – and ask a question. Let the conversation progress naturally from there.

A corollary option is the stewardess. With them, asking for recommendations is a great in – and asking them about how they got into the business, where they’ve been, what kind of time they spend in their stops and what they do with that time.

Odds are very good she’ll know at least one or two nice spots – and if you play your cards right, she just might show you around.

Conversely, if you’re headed home, you can make the same offer to her. You’ve got to be quite slick about this – stewardesses get hit on every flight – but if you’ve got genuine interest in what they’re saying, you can have some fun every two months when she comes to town.

Dance Pick-Up

Sometimes, you’re in a place where you can’t talk. No problem.

When on the dance floor, "accidentally” brush up against a girl. Notice her. Start dancing with her – hold her hands, work your fingers up her arms, down her sides to her waist, and back up again.

She should get VERY turned on by this.

Bring her closer. Put your arm around her waist – if it’s going well, hold her ass.

Lean in close to her ear and say something like "So, are you a good kisser?”

If she reacts in any way other than utter horror, go in for that kiss. You can go from contact to kiss with, even, no words. Few things feel better than that.

If you want to learn more about how to calibrate to different social situations and women intelligently, check out my latest ebook, The Blueprint: A Linear Breakdown Of Seduction. It lays out, from start to finish, the entire process of seduction… from meeting a woman all the way to what you have to do to get her to your bedroom.


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