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Carlos Xuma:

Practical vs. Classical

There’s this ongoing debate in the community over the use of ‘strategies’ or ‘techniques’ with women. One corner holds that to do anything INTENTIONAL (i.e. display higher value, neg-hit, C&F, whatever) means that you’re just not doing it right. They feel you need to come from high self-esteem right off the starting blocks. To use techniques means that you’re manipulating and coming from the wrong frame.

But if the “natural” does these things (DHV, neg-hits, teasing, C&F) then it’s okay, after all, he’s just doing it … uh… naturally. Hmm. In the other corner is the belief that we must HAVE the techniques to learn. We gotta have all the cool openers, and cold reading skills, and cube games, and kino gambits. The more techniques we use, the more we can get the women we want. I’ll fake it ’til I make it, the Eager Learner says. But we also know that without that grounding of self-confidence and self-image, these techniques lose their effectiveness, their sizzle. In the Martial Arts, there’s the principle of “Classical” vs. “Practical.” Allow me to explain: In “Classical,” you do the forms, the Katas, and all your techniques by-the-book. Very little consideration is given for “real world” or “Street fighting.” You simply do the techniques precisely, even if they don’t make much practical sense. (This is one of the problems Bruce Lee had reconciling all the various arts and what sent him looking for his Tao of Jeet Kune Do.)

And, on the other side, “Practical,” where you throw formality to the wind and do whatever works. You modify the technique to fit the situation You use whatever makes sense for that situation, even if it defies the rules of the Martial Arts.

I practice an art that balances these two mindsets. You learn the ‘classical’ so that you have good form and technique. Then you learn the practical (sparring) to apply it. BOTH are necessary.

I had all kinds of ego-boys come into my studio and tell me that forms and Katas are useless because they aren’t “real” fighting. They are missing the point that without basics and disciplined principles, you’re just going to fall back on poorly developed responses.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, whether we’re talking about Classical vs. Practical, or Inner Game vs. Outer Game, or Techniques vs. Natural, we need BOTH.

Walk up to any newbie in this field who’s just trying to hold on by his fingertips, and tell him “Sorry, you shouldn’t be doing this until your self-esteem is higher. When you’re in that mindset, you’ll be more successful.” Yeah. Right. Thanks, dude.

The Eager Learner needs techniques to bridge the gap from wherever he is to wherever he’s going. From X self-confidence to X+20 self-confidence. It’s easy for some of us to just look down from above and proclaim, “When you have OUR frame, you’ll feel the inner game, too! Until then, you are a Bad Man for trying to come from where we do.” (Imagine that spoken with lots of echo and a deep voice like James Earl Jones…)

As Cliff said so well, that’s a great concept, but it doesn’t do anyone ANY good because there’s nothing to USE. Great essay, but useless in practice. Instead, start talking more about how to ACHIEVE this state, and now we’ve got something applicable.

Otherwise, we’ve got a chicken-and-the-egg situation. I need to use the techniques to build my confidence, but I can’t use the techniques right until I GET the confidence.

Ugh. Me Brain Hurrrrrrt.

Throw a bunch of tools at the feet of some would-be carpenter and he’ll be making crappy wood projects for quite some time. Make him read a dozen books on the subject and “imagine” the belief system of a master wood worker and he’ll STILL be making crappy wood projects for quite some time.

Give him those same tools AND some knowledge and understanding of what each is for and why it works (yes, the same tools the master carpenters use), and now he has a roadmap AND a compass to get where he wants to go. (Excuse my mixed metaphor.) Pretty soon, those wood projects he’s made aren’t going to suck as bad.

He practices, he gets better, his confidence rises. He starts becoming “natural.”

Let’s not fall into thinking in black & whites, absolutes. The mature mind thinks in grays, just like the gray matter that conceived the thoughts. Balance in all things. Learn to live in the uncomfortable world of “no absolutes.” Human interaction is an organic entity, unpredictable. You need places to steady your boat.

One of the theories I teach is called “Pendulum theory.” Simply stated, it means that all behaviors must go through extreme fluctuations before settling into equilibrium.

Pickup and at-traction is no different. On one side is “fake it”; on the other is arrogance. In between is relaxed confidence.

On one side is all technique; on the other is “be yourself”. In between is your (eventual) natural style. A guy’s gotta learn what the technique is, what it does, and how it works.

He uses it and gets a little success, and his confidence goes up. Now, all of a sudden, he FEELS the difference. Maybe he uses a hundred different little techniques. Great. Eventually, he will get the confidence that removes his dependency from having to DHV, neg-hit, or any other of our useful techniques for getting the right mindset and Frame.

The harsh reality is that confidence CANNOT be obtained in a vacuum. It is not a state of BEING as much as it is a state of DOING. Confidence is demonstrated through ACTION. And it is also BUILT through ACTION.

As long as the Eager Learner or would-be Don Juan comes from a place of Alpha Man Power – Honor, Strength, Courage, Values – then I say he can use all the damn techniques he likes.

Party on, Wayne. But remember that the pendulum will – MUST – come to rest somewhere in the gray area of balance and equilibrium.

Without balance, there is no ‘Game,’ and no lasting success. It’s one of the unwritten universal laws.


Interview: The Asian Playboy:

(Reposted from Lifestyle Lair)

Let’s start with the basic question… How did you ever get into the game?

Asian Playboy: I moved to Los Angeles. Had an LTR in college. Most of my hook-ups were through social circles. So when I moved to LA, one of the most hardcore PU places, I realized that I was pretty unprepared for the brutal dating scene. Then I read the article Neil Strauss did on Mystery and became interested. That was, um, almost 4 years ago? I actually lived in LA for around 4 to 5 years. Before I took the plunge and signed up for a Mystery class.

I suppose that was way back, when Mystery was just starting to teach?

Asian Playboy: Yeah. When bootcamps were still $600. I met Style and that was where I met RyanStone, he was taking the first class with me.

And he became your main wingman in LA for the time that followed?

Asian Playboy: Yeah. Him, OCwaterboy, and Geoff. I met OC through Protocol, who was interning at the time with RSD. So there were usually 2 to 5 of us, though Protocol was usually busy interning. Geoff was a wing then he got hired by RSD and got really busy.

Are there any other ‘big names’ that you’ve sarged with?

Asian Playboy: NaturalJ, he dated Britney Spears for a short time. He wasn’t a PUA, but he knew about the community. They invited him to stay at Project Hollywood, because he was a male model who probably fucked more girls than anyone in the house. They wanted to see how his Game was and so forth. And I went surfing with Style. Etc.

The game you discuss on your blog seems to have a big influence from the game that Mystery teaches. Do you have any other influences?

Asian Playboy: BadBoy/Shark. RSD I guess, though theirs also came from Mystery. Met BadBoy in Croatia. Didn’t meet Shark, but OC did. All cool guys.

Did you ever follow workshops from other so-called “guru’s”? With that I mean PU teachers like Stephane, David D, Badboy, The_one, Juggler, PlayboyLA, etc.

Asian Playboy: Read David D’s first ebook. Met The One and PlayboyLA. Didn’t learn from them, per se, but if they posted on masf, I usually read it.

Okay, lets move from the names to some content. Do you have a main philosophy behind your game?

Asian Playboy: Obviously I have an Asian perspective on things and know how difficult it can be and how difficult some Asian guys make it extra harder on themselves. My own style is a reflection of Mystery’s indirect with BadBoy/Shark direct. I typically open with a situational opener that I came up with on the spot, usually good energy and humour, followed with very direct body language and going direct when I see the time is right and my attraction radar is pinging away.

Is the game you practice the same as the game you teach?

Asian Playboy: It’s definitely similar. It also depends on the guy. As I put forth in my Syllabus, which I was just talking to Formhandle about, it’s tailored and depends on the student’s level. If a guy can’t hold a genuine conversation then we go with baby steps. Maybe a pre-canned story from his life; I don’t encourage using other people’s canned stuff. More advanced guys, of course, can be more genuine and situational.

But there is a basic format that I teach that I call the ABCs of Attraction.

A Approach

B – Buying Temperature

C Comfort

D – Direct Interest

E – Escalate & Extract

F – Fuck/Fun!

That’s a clear format. Can you tell me more about your syllabus?

Asian Playboy:

Formhandle was telling me, there isn’t really anything like it. Juggler has something similar, but not to that great detail. I thought it was a good way to put transparency and accountability into the industry. We don’t have any regulating body like the movie industry does or like the video game industry. So you have a lot of variance in what’s taught and what’s expected. I’m not going to name names, but I spoke with a client who was coming off a different bootcamp as well as a lairmate, and apparently one guru doesn’t even sarge at night… he just sends in his student instructors. After the lecture, that guru went back to the hotel.

Just to have clarity about it, your workshops are not specifically aimed at Asians but for all people and as your syllabus indicates, you have a special inner game part of the workshop for minorities. Do you think your workshops offer more value for (Asian) minorities than other workshops out there?

Asian Playboy: In a word, yeah. I think a lot of Asian men have difficulty with it. Not all men, obviously, but there is a significant proportion. Some of it is due to simply Inner Game, dealing with prejudice and racism growing up. Some of it is external, like getting physically assaulted by racists. I empathize with that and my clients know this. So I’ve been told that the reason they come to me is because I offer more understanding and camaraderie than the other camps. It’s hard for some minorities to emulate, let’s say, a six foot tall, good looking white man.

True. And there might be (as Shark and Badboy put it) society-programmed excuses in their head that tells them that they cannot be like a six foot tall, white guy.. ?

Asian Playboy: That too. Though in fairness, how does a 6″ tall, good looking white guy understand and socially deprogram someone who’s dealt with racism his entire life, when he himself benefits from that system and never once had to deal with either racist AMOGs/HBs?

Well, I know there are guys out there who have trouble approaching ethnic minorities. I myself actually had inner game problems regarding black and Arabic girls. Is there a word of advice you offer to anyone scared to approach someone because of their race?

Asian Playboy: Realize that there will be some differences. I mean, attraction is attraction no matter the race, but some ethnic minorities tend to range in how they’re used to being approached ranging from the “Holler Holler!” direct approach of African Americans to the more subtle, indirect social circle approach favoured by Asian American girls. And of course, the bigger the set, the more likely they are to conform to their sub-culture and the expectations placed on them (i.e. sticking to their own race).

I was out sarging with an Asian guy, nicknamed Omni, a while ago. He commented that Asian girls are usually more quiet/shy than Dutch girls (white girls) and approaching them in their own language is a huge advantage. Would you agree to this (in the broad sense, there are always exceptions, of course)?

Asian Playboy: Yeah. Depends though. It’s hard to explain, but as an Asian guy always out in the field… I can typically tell when an Asian female (AF) wants only white males (WM) or when an AF likes Asian males (AM). Call it a vibe thing or attraction radar… each girl sort of puts out a vibe of who she’d like to approach them. And knowing anyone’s language is a huge plus. I know a few phrases in Ethiopian, German, French, etc. that I picked up while travelling. I like to ask girl what their nationality is and then talk about that culture: white, black, whatever. Knowing the language, even a phrase or two, is a good DHV.

Did learning about PU change your view on life in other words; your life philosophy? And did this change further when you started to actively teach PU?

Asian Playboy: Definitely changed my life. It gave me insight into the social code, the matrix if you will, that underlines male/female interaction. It was like breaking into that hidden mindset of why only certain guys get the girl. From a teacher’s perspective, it’s like reverse engineering, you have to remember what it was like being a student, but also delve into the student’s mindset. While they usually have similar sticking points, some guys have certain areas that they really excel in while other areas are huge obstacles that come from either their inner game or lack of technique. As a teacher, you have to be REALLY aware of not only yourself, the girl, but also the student and how things are working for him and what you can do to improve his learning experience. Teaching and PU are two distinct skill sets and it’s been an interesting, fun, and challenging experience so far.

Something that has become more and more prominent in the community is ‘lifestyle’. What do you think about this and why do you think that the prominence has increased so much lately?

Asian Playboy: I think it’s the natural evolution of the community. As the guys who practiced and teach get better and better, achieving the goals they set for themselves, they than go on to next level. For example, there’s been a marked increase in interest in direct style as well as natural/genuine style. That, to me, is a direct representation of the growth of various PUAs as they shed their old ways and embark on new, perhaps better, methods of pick up. I don’t think it’s a fad, I think it’s the seduction community growing up.

How does PU fit into your lifestyle?

Asian Playboy: I’m a business man, traveller, etc. Nowadays, I don’t go out expressly to pick up. I mean, I go out quite a bit, but it’s typically either to have fun, meet people, and help some of my Dallas wingmen. It’s no longer quite that “I must sarge tonight to improve my skillset.” It’s who I am now… someone who enjoys going out, meeting friends at the bar/club, occasionally meeting a girl, and helping out a bro or two.

Sounds like a healthy way to practice PU. What do you think is the most important lesson you have ever learnt (concerning PU)?

Asian Playboy: Have fun. Seriously. I winged with dozens upon dozens of other newbies in LA. Fresh from taking some bootcamp. They’d have a honeymoon period and then basically burnout, because they took it like a job. This is SUPPOSED to be fun. It’s a hard skillset and lifestyle to achieve, sure, but women are supposed to be enjoyable. Flirting is a fun thing to do. Don’t treat it like a job and you’ll last longer and not burnout like all the other wannabe PUAs.

The other second lesson I learned is that as an Asian man, I can succeed. And do damn well. I learned that when I was in Europe and got laid my first night. All my buddies spent the entire trip catching up to me. Ever since then, I haven’t had those limiting beliefs that some Asian men suffer.

Yeah, actually, I was just speaking to LittlePUA (who took your first 1on1 bootcamp) and he said that the most important things he learnt from you are “just do, and your past shouldn’t screw what you’re doing now and your future”.

Asian Playboy: Yeah, I did a 1o1 with him in Toronto. I had done some informal teaching, but that was my first official one.

With the knowledge you have now, would you do the same things if you could re-live the last four years; walk the same path?

Asian Playboy: Well, shit, I’d try and get laid the first day I hit puberty, LOL.

So you’re saying getting laid is really not as hard as most guys think it is?

Asian Playboy: One common element amongst most naturals, including NaturalJ, was the ease of their sexuality. It wasn’t something that they had to “turn on” or learn. They acquired their skill and attitude early in life… by getting laid earlier than most guys. It acclimated them to women, how women behave, and sex. Men & women have been screwing for time immemorial. IT’s NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Now it CAN be hard for those guys who weren’t socially acclimated at an early age. Or guys coming from another country, like some of my FOB students.


Asian Playboy: Fresh Off the Boat. Asian guys direct from China, Korea, etc. who don’t understand how the American dating scene works.

That must be really interesting to work with.

Asian Playboy: Yeah, had a couple of those. Tough, but interestingly, those are the guys who REALLY push themselves to succeed. They aren’t AFRAID of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Because they’re ALREADY outside of their comfort zone moving to America. So they’re willing to learn. It’s those Asian American guys who “know” that they can’t succeed because they were born here, experienced prejudice, see all the things around, and basically trapped in the societal Matrix and limited beliefs. Those are tougher, even if they were born in America, because they “know” that they can’t succeed with women. FOBs don’t. They come to America for the “American dream”… even if sane minds tell them it’s a quixotic quest, they still come over to succeed and have a better life. They didn’t come over here to fail.

Cool. That’s beautiful. Hey, I’m going to ask some final questions to round this off. Do you have a favourite routine?

Asian Playboy: Cube. Dance. Flex for me. Probably my most common.

Do you have a particular twist to the cube? Or do you just use the cube and then go with it depending on the situation?

Asian Playboy: I just go with it. Been using Strawberry Fields more, too. Whatever they say, is still the same answer. Very sexual. Learned that from Captain Jack, a PUA wing of mine out here.

Magnus from told me he uses it on groups to determine who’s the best target for him. Do you or CaptainJack use it in that way?

Asian Playboy: Not really. I use it in isolation to switch from the C in Comfort to the D in Direct Interest. It’s creating a sexual frame so it becomes easier to go direct because now she’s thinking of sex and kissing you, etc.

And would you describe your own game as a mix between Mystery Method and Direct Game (like Badboy’s); or would you prefer to describe it differently?

Asian Playboy: Natural Indirect followed with Direct, with influences from MM and BB/Shark. I don’t run canned routines like MM does. And I don’t use the super direct “You’re beautiful” line like Shark (unless she’s a lone wolf).

Hmm, I’ve read some CaptainJack field reports.. As far as I read, he’s got a pretty sexual approach to his game (ala Gunwitch maybe?).. Would you say this is true?

Asian Playboy: Jack is a Mystery student as well. Though he’s been experimenting with more Natural game ever since I moved to Dallas.

So what’s in the future of Asian Playboy?

Asian Playboy: I’m thinking of putting out seduction e-courses with missions as part of my new newsletter. Still contemplating it. I have bootcamps coming up for Canada, California, with reservations in New York, Houston, Dallas, and elsewhere. I’m being profiled in D Magazine, which has something like 700K in circulation, this summer.

D Magazine is a local Dallas mag?

Asian Playboy: Yeah. When it comes out, I’ll scan it and put in on my blog, but it won’t be for another month or two. If anyone who wants a personalized bootcamp, they can go to my website, fill out an online form, and we can do a free phone consultation. No plans to go outside of the continental America. Though I’ve got one guy in Australia who wants to see if he can round up some dudes and fly me out there. That would be cool, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia.

So PU is making your dreams come true on more levels than you originally thought it would?

Asian Playboy: LOL. It’s a side business. I’m not doing this full time like the other bigwig gurus. Heck, I’m not even making a lot of money, especially when I chip in for my own flight for 2on1s. I enjoy the experience of helping out my bros, travelling, and the occasional hook-up. But yeah, PU has definitely enriched my life with good friends, women, and an investment in a skillset that will never go away.

Good. Two final questions to round it off. Is there a Miss APB?

Asian Playboy: LOL, no, I’ve done a 5 year LTR before. I’m not in relationship territory. I prefer to keep it strictly fuck buddy / hook up only. Rotating between 2 to 4, varies with the week and by day. I don’t work on it enough and sometimes won’t call for weeks on end and then I’ll get like a booty call.

Finally, a word of advice to all the guys who have the desire to become a ladies man?

Asian Playboy: Well, like I posted once, you can do this, learn PU without ever paying for a single product:

Bootcamps, DVDs, ebooks, mean NOTHING without field experience. And if you want to succeed with women you have to be PROACTIVE, take charge, and take action. But above all, HAVE FUN.

And anything specifically regarding Asians?

Asian Playboy: I always use the analogy that it’s like gravity. For white guys, it’s 9.81 m/s^2. For minorities like Asians, it’s 9.9 m/s^2. It’s a small difference, but it is there no matter what anyone says. But whereas some guys treat it like a 50 pound weight, in actuality it’s probably more like 5 to 10 pounds. It’s not as big as some AMs like to make out of it. Some of it is real, but a lot is just in their head. Game is the only equalizer. Whether the AMOG is rich, has power, is good looking, tall, and/or white, game lets you step up and compete successfully with everyone else. So don’t let negative thinking and societal programming limit you, what you believe you can do, and what you actually do. You never know until you push yourself beyond the boundaries.

Thank you Asian Playboy for being the first interviewee of the monthly Lifestyle Lair newsletters!

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Rion Williams ‘the sage’ (

When a woman sees you for the first time, you are communicating to her nonverbally before you even speak a word. She is judging you on every detail she can find and if she’s not interested in you in the first place you’re going to have to talk her into it.

And it ALL comes down to her level of attraction for you.

Having to ‘talk’ a woman into being interested in you is such a challenge and often backfires even though it’s the default method that men use.

If the animal kingdom had to ‘learn’ or ‘be taught’ how to attract and mate with their own species, there wouldn’t be anything but amoebas in existence today (if that). So dealing with reality today…

When ‘the game’ is played on a (desirable) woman’s turf of social power, the favor is already against a man unless he meets her social desires and expectations (which can include riches, good looks, high social status, etc).

She will be judging him on these things because he is playing the game out on the social level. Most men don’t have that level of status and for those who do (ie. Jay Z), they wonder if the women are with him just for the money or for him.

Most of us just don’t have that much money, etc. however by default most PUA’s AND nice guys are playing the social game too. In fact about 99.8% of men in our modern societies are. They’re using words and operating on her turf and acting as if she’s the prize (and indeed she IS socially).

It’s just something to be aware of. Trying to deny that she is beautiful and has power is near impossible to do.

If you could see another reality that is coexistent in which YOU have the favor and her interest your effectiveness and abilities would already start to increase just from the knowledge alone.

Trying to defeat her force field on her turf is an extremely tough game that must be learned down to a science especially to account for all the unlimited variables that can go wrong on the hit and run mission.

When an ‘average guy’ approaches and communicates with a woman, she will be judging and interpreting his independent and social character (because he hasn’t got much in what matters the most to HER; his natural character).

And she will make the decision to sleep with him or not depending on how she, her mind and her body feels about him. In fact, she will often make up her mind before he even speaks a word.

Most guys fail because they’re playing the wrong game entirely. They’re trying to figure out how to bring down her powerful social persona’s defense shields and trigger her interest in them.

They’re not aware of (or playing) the natural mating dance of sexual attraction instead which is actually just as or more effective now than ever.

This reality exists in men and women beneath the social exterior and she will gauge each man on this level primarily and if he doesn’t qualify she’s not that interested so then he has to try to ‘win’ her over.

Women have developed so much socially but they just can’t ‘tell’ men to ‘be men’. After all, she is the RESPONSE and not the stimulus. She’ll just WAIT for the right guy to come along if ever.

Guys are just communicating to her on the level where they don’t have the power (socially). They try to show her some of their own independent personality but she’s not really that interested either.

They’re trying to be the stimulus and she will be the response but the whole metaframe is that he’s STILL operating out of the reality where SHE is the stimulus (prize/goal) and HE is the response just trying to make it work. That’s why it goes awry so often.

If man could realize that he actually DOES have the power naturally with women, his entire reality would change and he wouldn’t have to align himself to dealing with women on her social level where he’s weakest and ends up blaming himself.

Society has covered up nature SO good that countless millions of men and women may never see it or experience a true natural connection anymore. Men are confused and nature’s purity has been diluted.

The reason many men will score inconsistently is because he will trigger the ‘ok i’ll sleep with him’ attraction response in the female (which may be lowered because she’s so desperate) because their entire sexual communication wasn’t that strong and it was quite variable but effective enough.

Men have just lost awareness of their natural power because of society. He is the one who is supposed to be aware of this power as the stimulus to which women will respond to and then he can naturally lead the relationship to where he wants because she’s attracted and indeed WILL want to go through sex when he gets in touch with

his natural ability to take her through the process.

There’s nothing wrong with a man’s loss of this awareness and he SHOULDN’T blame himself (or feel he has to realign himself to her reality), but he does have to take accountability for his own success and lifestyle.

Up until now, men have found response mechanisms and developed systems to deal with this new social reality because we have lost sight of the pure nature within us.

The main reason I cracked the code of our 100% pervasive social reality (in which relationship experts are divorced themselves) is because of cultural differentiation. That’s another story but, it’s important to understand that a woman will be her socially developed self yet will always have this part of her that is yearning for a real man. And this is VERY real as well.

Her running off with another man instead of you is very real and her response to him was different than it was to you and that was very REAL (if that’s ever happened to you).

There are different levels of reality that coexist so if you want to have massive success with women, it would help to be aware of what’s REALLY going on between you and her, man and woman. It’s more than your inner game, it’s the great social AND biological/universal game that’s going on.

J.Lo herself knows that ‘love don’t cost a thing’.

And I believe her. That’s the natural part of her; her biology speaking. All species of animals instinctively know that there is no price tag on the actual mating process.

Now the social side of her is something completely different.

She will also speak out of that side too. Little does she know she would be a completely different person if she grew up in another culture.

This level of social development is UNIQUELY human. Only we could develop something on top of nature like we have and animals would be laughing at us if they could. (But now there are tremendous opportunities for all men to develop themselves into a real alpha male).

You don’t have to get with a J.Lo (who because of her extreme high social status will continue to choose high social status men) when there are countless women that are even ‘hotter’ than her in the clubs any given weekend.

We should be grateful as men that women aren’t judging us on our looks alone as we primarily do for them.

But all of these countless women you could potentially get with, have a natural and a social part of them that will RESPOND to men based on his own (what I call) ‘character’. Deal with the natural and sexual being within a woman.

Connect with that part of her and fearlessly see through the superficial social reality and she will go crazy for you because you’re not afraid of her and she found a real man. She’s been waiting to throw her vibrator to the side for awhile.

Hey, if you’re not the best looking guy or have an average personality, get in touch with your natural character very strongly because you have to have SOMETHING to bring to the table if you want to score with women who are desirable or as some would say ‘out of your league’.

Develop at least in one of the three areas; your natural (most important), independent (personality and uniqueness), or your social (verbal, status) character and be able to communicate that to her.

But you’re going to get the fastest (and guaranteed most consistent) results by developing an awareness of your natural character as a man.

Why? Because it’s already there, just repressed. You don’t have to become someone you’re not. Just become more of YOURSELF and see through the muck and mire so that you’re unashamed and comfortable in this confusing world.

You were BORN as the stimulus for women to respond to; it’s how nature intended. Women will let you know that they’re interested nonverbally or verbally (and you’ll actually be able to pick up the signals finally when you’re aware of your gift).

But if you act as if the woman is the stimulus and you are the response, basically you’re going to fail. That defies the nature within her and the choices she makes are pivotal there (sex or no sex buddy).

However, if you can operate out of a natural (or even seduction) reality where YOU are the stimulus and she is the response, all of your actions will come forth to be a LOT more effective in what you do.

It’s the lifeline of attraction itself. Become more of the man that women want and let her respond to you FAVORABLY because she is going to respond one way or another.

You will have ‘the power’. That means women will be interested and attracted to you. It’s not rocket science…if it was, we wouldn’t all be here today. It’s only recently that this ‘forced reality’ developed ON TOP OF true nature and spurring the development of counter-attack systems. What about nice guys?

Nice guys are OBVIOUSLY being the response to her as the stimulus and women can see right through it all. It’s hard to fool them, especially the hotter they are.

If you choose to operate on the social level (by default or not; you HAVE to take accountability here) where women have the power because you don’t think that there is any other way, you’re not aware of where your true power lies and you’re missing out on a level of success that you have only dreamt of.

The leverage for women to find men like this is VERY strong. There are a lot more hot women out there than men of character in our forced reality societies. These many beautiful women are competing for the man you can actually BE by the characteristics you represent (primarily of being truly your empowered self).

That’s a great opportunity for you to be the answer to hot women everywhere you go! Having them approach you because they’re already interested is easier than fighting

against nature. Also, when you do want to connect it might be detrimental to use pick-up lines. Instead just be natural and gauge her response to you. Then it’s easy to get her number and take it from there.

I recommend to put aside your independent (personality) and your social character for a while with it’s dependency on the words to say and become aware of your natural power. This is where you have the favor with women and it’s much greater than trying to impress her with your unique personality or social gifts no matter how much time you spent devoting to and developing them.

Focus on what matters most in the reality and matrix of attraction.

If you could just cut through and operate on the natural/sexual level with yourself and connect to that part of women, then all of your questions will be answered. You won’t even have to speak much at all or even know her language.

Does this work with the women YOU specifically want? Yes. She has inherited the biological response mechanism just by being a woman and you have inherited the stimulus function as a man.

Your looks or lower social status may not matter to her…why? Because it’s ALL about how interested she is in you and she will be blinded by her attraction for you when you really are the man who you should be. Don’t let society repress you anymore.

Man’s power in this age of rapid development has transferred over to women and it has weakened his energy. You can reclaim it for yourself by being aware of the coexistent realities.

The natural flow and leverage is strong and a single woman will sleep with men who operate on this natural level and communicate that to her by BEING that man. I just recommend to respect this power and add value to each woman’s life instead of trying to ‘take’ or dupe her.

She will in part choose you because she can trust you by your body language alone (and being comfortable in your own skin) so don’t prove her wrong and she’ll never forget you.

Become and be the man that she desires, naturally. They KNOW that it’s more important than what society has taught them to want as beautiful women.

You can finally actually BE yourself and yet have the most success ever. I encourage you to seek the truth and see the big picture. In fact I’ve found that the less I show my social or independent character, the more (FAST) success I have just by operating on the natural/universal/sexual level with women.

Consistent and uber-player success with all types of women stems from YOUR natural reality and the words to say become child’s play and almost irrelevant.

You can then connect with this part of countless women because it’s all in there, waiting. Women were born to recognize and respond to men of this character when they meet them. They just may not be able to pass up the opportunity of making sure you connect with them and the whole game becomes fluid.

Therein lies your route to consistent and interdependent success with beautiful women.

Become the man that you were supposed to be and understand how society has repressed you more than you can imagine by clicking here now.

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