How to Save a Dying Conversation

This short article is by Michael Cross, and it deals with the dreaded moment during a conversation where you run out of things to say. It happens to everyone but here are some ways to overcome it. If you want to have sex with more girls, you best not bore them….

How to save a hopeless conversation

Ever been talking with a woman, the conversation is rolling along, you are both laughing, enjoying yourselves and then out of nowhere, the conversation begins sinking faster than the Titanic!?

It begins as a numb feeling in the pit of your stomach which works its way up your head.

Everything you think to say seems “wrong” as self-doubt and panic has now taken over.

You start to fluster and begin a series of rapid fire, meaningless questions to see if you can turn around this ever increasingly bad situation.

You: So where did you get that bag?
Her: Huh? Oh? Fendi (as her eyes dart around the room trying to locate her friends)
You: Ummm? so where did you say you were from again?

If you don’t stop this downward spiral quickly, it’s going to be over soon.

And inevitably, the conversation has taken a detour to the point of no return.

This situation usually concludes with an awkward silence, and her unforgettable words?

“Well, I guess I better get back to my friends.”

“What the hell just happened?!?”; you ask yourself.

Reality has now hit like an atomic bomb. You definitely blew it.

Truthfully, this disaster might not have been your fault. You might have been saying and doing all the right things. It could be that she suddenly: got tired, needed to go to the bathroom, remembered that she left the stove on, or that final ill-fated beer made it to her head – hard to say my friend.

What we like to focus on and teach in our programs and products is HAVING A PLAN FOR ALL CONTINGENCIES.

When a guy has a plan, he has a road map for driving the conversation towards the goal of getting a phone number, date, etc?

With a solid plan in place, chances are you can steer clear of any predictable problems. But at no point can you risk allowing the conversation to turn negative or boring. Be aware of when things start to turn sour and then get the interaction back to your plan FAST.

The following is a plan of action that can get any hopeless conversation back on track instantly.

The formula here is to stop the current thread of conversation and quickly say or do something which lets you make the save and continue on as if nothing happened.

Here are some examples that have been tested and proven to work literally hundreds of times in the trenches. Use these when you start to sense the conversation going nowhere or if the current topic is boring her. You can even use these to recover from a topic that brings up emotionally negative feelings (for example, politics).

1. Say out of nowhere: “Oh! That reminds me of (recent movie) (anything)”

Even if the topic at hand doesn’t remind you of (recent movie) it doesn’t matter, just lead into a different topic.

2. Make a general observation of your surroundings: “Hey, this song reminds me of my old high school dances. Remember the funny outfits people used to wear?”

Don’t acknowledge the previous topic, but move the conversation quickly to something else where you are likely to share something in common.

3. My friend Neil likes to use: “It just hit me, do you know who you look like?”

What better topic to continue with than to talk about her.

4. Change locations: “I love the view from the windows here – ever seen it? You gotta see the rooftops in this neighborhood – incredible.”

Gesture for her to follow you, and lead her to the windows – just be sure you know what you are talking about! This line won’t work in the middle of the country.

If you find yourself in the situation of “the sinking conversation”, you are now armed with three surefire ways to buy yourself more time. Remember these and use them. I assure you they have saved me many times in the past. Enjoy!

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