The Two Minute Field Approach

Pick-up Artist Approaches

Alright, today we’re going to answer a very important question:


It all starts here guys. Your ability to start conversations is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you to
have the success with women you want, and everything that means to you.

Now, you certainly need to be able to do MORE than just start conversations, but if you can’t do
this then you will fail before you ever get started.

It’s like having the most amazing car imaginable …

But if there’s no gas in it, you ain’t goin’ no where fast, dude.

Know what I mean?

So, I’m going to share with you a simple approach that works very, very well …

In fact, you can use it ANYWHERE, with ANY WOMAN.

I call it:


(yes, the whole process often takes about 2 minutes, from saying “hi” to walking away with her number)

The way I discovered this was back in college:

There were so many pretty women all around campus, but I usually could NOT get myself to talk to

Because I didn’t know WHAT I WOULD SAY.

And if there was a situation where a conversation just naturally happened, it was always just a
“friendly” conversation. I would never let them know I was interested.

And I certainly would NEVER ask out one of these”random” woman.

After banging my head against this same problem over and over again, I finally discovered a

I decided what I needed to do was to keep things SIMPLE. I knew a complex approach just wouldn’t
suit my style.

I decided I wanted to be HONEST because I’m not into lying or trying to “manipulate” people. (I
hate it when I feel someone is trying to manipulate ME).

And I knew it must be an EFFECTIVE approach. I didn’t want just friendly conversations any more.
I wanted DATES.

So I asked myself:

“What would be the most SIMPLE, most HONEST and most EFFECTIVE way for me to approach a woman I’m attracted to?”

This is what I thought:

If my approach was HONEST & DIRECT, I would let her know I was attracted. Because this was the

If my approach was SIMPLE, I’d have to keep the conversation short (I found that when I first met
a woman, if we started talking about anything in too much detail I really wasn’t paying attention
because I was so FRICKIN’ NERVOUS anyway).

And if my approach was EFFECTIVE, I would have to go for the close (ask her out) before we parted
ways. This would need to happen with EVERY conversation I had with women I liked. (Because I
quickly discovered that 0% of the women I spoke with would ask ME out. I knew this was MY role.)

What I created is “The 2 Minute Approach,” and it has 3 steps.

Today you’ll get just a little bit of…

Step 1: OPEN

So how do you start a conversation with a pretty woman you see somewhere?

You need some sort of opener, some sort of “in” that gets things rolling.

I’ll mention 3 openers (my favorite is the third I’ll mention):


Here you see something in the environment and start a conversation about that.

For example, this morning I was at the grocery store buying some eggs. The woman behind me was
attractive, and I noticed see had REALLY curly hair.

So I looked her in the eye and said, “You have curly hair,” in a tone of voice that made it
funny, like I was pointing out the RIDICULOUSLY obvious.

As it turned out, this woman was friendly. She started talking about her hair, about how it used
to be straighter but then she had kids and ever since then it’s becoming more and more curly.

So I teased her with a question. I said,

“You know what they say about women with curly hair like that?”

And then I pointed a finger to the side of my own head and made a circular motion (the universal
sign for crazy, loco, insane).

And so she started to crack up.

Sometimes there’s something obvious in the environment (like this woman’s super curly hair)
that you can comment on and start a conversation with.

But sometimes there’s not. This brings us to…


Props are any PHYSICAL THING that help you start a conversation with a woman.

One of the most effective props is a dog. You walk your dog or a friend’s dog anywhere with chicks,
and I *guarantee* you women will be coming up and starting conversations with you about your dog.

Bam! The conversation has “opened.”

Maybe you don’t have a dog.

Do you play guitar?

Guitars are great. Take it to a popular park on the weekend. Play it, and I bet women walking by
will pause to listen for a bit. They are dying to ask you about your playing, because THEY ARE
GETTING TURNED ON! Women love guitar players.

So when they come by, stop you’re playing, say “hi,” and they’ll begin to comment on your

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a dog, and you don’t play guitar …

So what do you do?

Use your imagination!

For example, last weekend I used a FOOTBALL at a day time concert. I’d pick out a woman I wanted
to meet, make eye contact, and then just throw the ball to them. This was BEFORE SAYING A WORD to her.

Instantly we were “playing” and they were smiling. Then I’d tease them about how badly they sucked at
throwing a football, or if they were with a friend I’d tease them THROUGH HER FRIEND. I’d say to her friend, “Are you sure you want to hang out with her? It looks like she has some coordination
issues.” I’d say it with a bit of a sly smile so they could get the joke.

I met more than 10 women that way in the course of about an HOUR.

A camera is also a great prop. Stop every attractive woman you see and ask them to take your
picture next to something. Although this works best when traveling, play around with it wherever
you are.

There are countless other props. Think of one that you’d have fun with.


Now, there’s a bit of a debate in this field about compliments, whether you should open with one,

Here are just a couple of the things I love about sincere compliments:

1) It makes it very clear that you are not interested in just having a “friendly” conversation, RIGHT FROM THE START.

2) If you don’t establish your intentions as more than friendship at the very beginning, it may be
easy for you to wuss out and “self-eject” from the conversation without ever expressing your interest.
(Come on, be honest, you’ve done this more than once.)

3) Some of the time it totally makes the day of the woman. So even if she turns out to be taken,
you can feel great that you had such a positive effect on a complete stranger (who also happens
to be hot!).

4) It makes it easier for you to go for the CLOSE later in the conversation, because you know that
she knows this isn’t just a friendly conversation. You have already “crossed the line” at the very

So, the idea here is the compliment MUST BE SINCERE. So whatever you notice about the woman
this is attractive to you (besides her butt or breasts) is exactly what you will compliment on:

“Hi, excuse me, I saw you walking by and I have to tell you you have absolutely beautiful brown

“Pardon me, I saw you standing here and I have to tell you you have absolutely beautiful skin.”

“Excuse me, I know this is completely random, but you have a beautiful smile.”

And if nothing specific some to mind, you always have THIS fall back:

“Hi, excuse me, I saw you walking by and I have to tell you you are absolutely beautiful/pretty

The great thing about this general compliment is it applies to ANY woman who you like. If you
can’t think of anything, just give this one.

Two nuggets of wisdom:

The down side of compliments is that if you give them with the mind set of “Oh, you’re so beautiful,
and you’re so out of my league, I would never have a chance with you, but I had to tell you you’re
beautiful,” then she will indeed see you asa wuss.

She’ll see that you have MUCH LOWER STATUS than her, and unless she has very low self esteem she will have ZERO attraction to you.

So avoid this weak, lower status mind set at all costs. Be mature about it, and see her as just
another adult just like you.

Eye contact is critical. It may be obvious, but when guys are nervous they tend to forget the
obvious and shy away from making and holding eye contact.

If you’re NOT making eye contact when you compliment, your words are going to land on deaf
ears. You simply won’t make any impact at all.

Obviously there certainly is PLENTY MORE to learn about giving compliments in a way to really make
an impact on a woman and make it likely for her to give you her number. In fact I go into detail all
about this in my ebook

But this should give you at least a start.


For the next 48 hours, with each attractive woman you see I want you to THINK IN YOUR HEAD what compliment you could give them if you really wanted to.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you also make and hold eye contact and say “hi” to at least 3 of
these women a day …

If 3 is easy for you, then make it 7, or 10, or whatever. The more women you speak to in the next
48 hours, the quicker you’ll become “Desensitized” to interactions with random women.

And if you’re ready to give some compliments, then by all means go ahead.

As always, if you have interesting stories to share leave them as a comment below:

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