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Lots of guys who are new to the seduction community ask me the same question; how to become a pickup-artist/expert at laying women. They also often ask me what line to use to open, which specific sentence to say, how to make a good game-plan etc

My answer is this: the more you depend on various methods and systems based on what you have to say to lay women, the less success youre going to have.


1. Women have incredible radars for shit. If your ‘technique’ isn’t perfect, you’re not going to get the girl because, from their perspective, if you need to sell a story to get laid, then you are worth shit. They want attractive guys, and attractive guys don’t need to perform in order to get chicks.

2. Depending on complicated techniques fucks you up internally. It projects or maintains a strong belief in you that you are not worthy, that you have no right to get a hot chick. And women feel this insecurity in men. They are repulsed by timid, confused and insecure men who don know what they want. The best opener, pattern or cocky and funny line wont help you take a beautiful chick to bed.

3. Every man who wishes to become a good seducer should end up as a natural seducer. A natural seducer is a guy who became one with his stuff. He doesn’t have to think about what he says. He is calm and more comfortable in company of good looking women than alone. He doesn’t carry a burden of routines to perform and unchangeable plans to fulfill. He doesn’t think he’s obliged to do anything to attract women, yet women are attracted to him wherever he goes.

Routines are a ladder to be thrown away when you get to the top of your game. Once you are there, you can say whatever you want and still get a chick. That should be the objective of all seducers. The more complicated his game, the less success is going to follow. It’s easy to get lost in the process. Instead think on this: People have mated since the beginning of time – there is nothing more natural than getting laid.

Brothers, if you want a real game plan, two steps are enough:

A) Find an attractive chick
B) Fuck her

So simple.


There are few small elements in a pick-up that will make the difference between whether you get laid or not. A crucial thing is how the girl FEELS when you approach and talk to her. You have control over all things that surround you, including her feelings. She is going to feel the way you MAKE her FEEL. If you make her feel scared, or insecure, she is going to be scared and INSECURE, and she is going to run away and dance with her friends.

The skill that I have, as well some other great PUAs (Pick-up artists), is that we are able to control a girls feelings. We can push their feelings in the direction we like and get them into bed. To get a girl into bed, its entirely about how you make them feel. All the things people use: Push-pull, DHV, Alpha body language, routines, etc., are designed to make them feel specific things.

The direct (where you tell a girl what you want very early in the interaction) and indirect approaches (where you start a conversation and then transition to sexual interest) are both designed to make them feel something. With indirect approach, girls will be more relaxed talking to you, as you just want to ask them something casual. With direct approach, they may feel sometimes shocked, or uncomfortable So you must use your emotional intelligence to calibrate your approach.

Here is list of emotional states that a girl must go through during a pick-up:

The first emotional state you must push her into is: BEING RELAXED AND COMFORTABLE while talking to you. That state must be achieved in the first second to 1 minute max. If you don get the girl comfortable talking with you in first minute, she is going to disappear, because she doesnt like the feeling you are giving to her.

Being relaxed is the GROUNDWORK state to push her into the next feeling which is ATTRACTION. Once the girl is relaxed and calm talking with you, you need to convey some specific things, and you will get her ATTRACTED to you.

They are:
-That you are the MAN.
-That you are ABOVE her. (That you have more power than she has)
-That you are sexual. (Good in bed)
-That you have a sense of humor.
-That you are Interesting.
-That you are Adventurous.
-That you are Confident.
-That you dont give a shit about things around you.
-That you dont plan to use her for just a One Night Stand.

When you convey these things correctly, you will get attraction. How you convey these things is up to you. Be creative. Use some stories, your car, your body language, your dressing style. I discuss some specific tactics for generating attraction on my Badboy Style CD Set, but however you do it, if you want to get attraction you MUST convey these things. Girls are really smart creatures. They can tell what car you drive just by looking at your shoes.

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