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The Dating Game

Here is another article I got from BadBoy. I forgot about him for awhile and have just recently re-discovered him. He definately has some interesting things to say.? His new ebook is also getting great reviews!

The Dating Game

What to do on a first date is even more important than what happens in the initial encounter, as most kiss or f-closes don’t happen in the initial meeting for most people. So what I would like to give you in this segment is a short report of a fun night out and some basic ideas on how to behave on a first date after you have gotten the girls’ phone numbers and maybe even kissed them on the initial encounter.

On Saturday of last week, I set up a couple of first dates before I was supposed to see my primary girlfriend at night. Now, I am a pretty busy guy, so I do prefer to schedule a few consecutive dates in a row as it is simply a lot more time efficient than doing 1 date per evening only.

So, I either call or text message the girls the day before, tell them exactly when I will meet them, the specific place and tell them what they should wear. They appreciate being told what to do, as they don’t have to wonder “Will he take me to dinner in a nice restaurant, so maybe I should wear my nice dress, or…?” Hell no, it’s winter, so I meet them to go shopping, ice skating, or chilling at a lounge or whatever else I want to do at that moment. So, if I wanted to go ice skating, I tell them to dress somewhat sporty and warm, but if I want to go to like a Jazz concert I tell them to dress nice.

In the last issue, Badboy talked about the importance of leading. It's crucial to establish a dominant frame in the very beginning, because if you come off as a little pussy when you meet her she will not take you seriously and will probably flake out on you no matter what you say.

This particular Saturday I told a girl I had met the previous week to meet me at 5pm in front of a bookstore and to wear something comfortable, to be on time and that she should bring money along (that’s important, as some girls sometimes “forget” to bring cash and still want to eventually grab a coffee or something…) I told another girl who I met the previous week as well to meet me at 7pm at the exact same location, wear something dressy, be on time, and of course, to bring money along.

The next day, I show up 15 minutes early as usual. Shortly before 5:00pm the first girl calls me up and tells me she will be 15 minutes late because her train got delayed. Now, I don’t usually take such bullshit from girls, but she was really hot so I figured I’d let it slide…

So, I go to the bookstore to check out some books (Kama Sutra and sex books are always interesting to pass away some minutes) and start flipping through some of them. The bookstore was pretty full as it was a Saturday afternoon. A few meters next to me to the right was a real cute girl checking out an astrology book. I enjoy talking to people, so it is natural for me to approach the girl right there. So in a situation like this, as you all know, it is important to realize that doing ANYTHING IN THE WORLD is still better than doing NOTHING if you want to meet cute, sexy women.

I approach her with my “super”-line: “What are you reading?” She is excited about her book and tells me she will probably buy it. I get bored and take her to “my” section and ask her which book she would buy herself. So we do some light conversation as I figured I will leave in a few minutes anyway. So then my late girl calls and tells me the train got stopped and she will be there at 6:00pm for sure. I laugh it off and tell her that I understand the problem at hand but that it's unacceptable to me as I have also other plans that evening. She tells me that she will hurry up and that she is real sorry. Usually when a girl is late, she blew her chance to meet me as I despise tardiness to a great extent, but I figured I will meet my other girl at 7:00pm at this exact location, so I will stick around anyway, and still, I just met this cute girl I can spend some more time with. So I create wide & deep rapport with her in the bookstore talking about favourite sex positions, first time sex, how many 3-some she has had, and if she likes girls. So perhaps we did not connect on many topics, but I still figured she’s cool, and we exchange numbers (I will meet her next weekend by the way).

I go meet my tardy girl she looks gorgeous with her belly uncovered even though it was freezing outside, she says she’s so sorry, gives me a nice kiss (even though we have not kissed before) and we start walking. Now what's important is to ALWAYS know what you are going to do and where and at what time. So I wanted to go shopping, but now I was a little bit pissed and I needed to leave in 45 minutes anyway to get to my next date. We go to a lounge to get something to drink as I was thirsty, I kino and we make out some more. I tell her I have to leave to get to my other date. She gets a little angry, and I tell her to call me in a couple days and we’ll hang out, but if she is late again, she is gone.

I leave the lounge at 6:45pm, rush back to the bookstore to pick up my other girl. She is already waiting, dressed up in cute black pants and a suit with only her bra underneath, looking real hot. So, I take her hand and we start walking to the exact same lounge I just came from. I like it, they got good music there and comfortable seats which is exactly what I prefer. We enter the lounge, sit down and the barkeeper recognizes me from being there 30 minutes earlier, nods and smiles but doesn’t mention it. Unfortunately, my favourite seats were occupied and they only got shitty bar stools free, so I decide to go somewhere else. Now what is also important is not to ask the girl if she still would like to stay or something stupid like that, but to do what you want without asking for her permission. I grab her hand and tell her we are going somewhere better. We go to a music bar, chill out, get some drinks, go into wide & deep rapport with massive kino & kissing. I believe creating wide & deep rapport is the number one key to getting a girl into bed. No routines, no games, no nothing.

Wide & deep rapport is the secret that has got me laid tons in the last year. You can learn exactly how to create it on the Bad Boy Style CD Set. When you connect with girls on a deeper level, she will try to get you into bed to keep you around. That’s why there is NEVER any last minute resistance if you have established emotional rapport with a girl.

The other thing is to ALWAYS go for kino & at least a kiss. ALWAYS. Only good things can come of it. If she kisses you back, that’s best. But if she doesn’t kiss you back because she does not want to appear slutty or too easy, you still showed her that you are a man and no chicken shit pussy who is afraid to kiss a girl. Oh, and don’t ask her like “Would you like to kiss?” Just do it! Everything to win, nothing to lose. So, next time you wonder if it is a good moment to kiss, think of my answer: “Yes.”

Three hours and a few make-out sessions later, I take her home so I can meet up with my primary MLTR. When I finally kiss my date goodbye in the car at about 10:00pm, my cell phone rings and a girl I picked up in a subway station 4 days earlier calls me to set up a spontaneous meet. She tells me she is near the main train station, and the funny thing is, I am like 2 streets away from there dropping off my date and I did not get laid yet so why not. My girlfriend can wait a little longer. I know, I am bad. So I pick up my 3rd 1st-date this evening shortly thereafter, and we go meet up with her (not so cute) friend at a bar. After a short conversation, she tells me she likes movies, and I figured “That’s too easy.” I inquire what movies she has got at home, and she mentions like Dirty Dancing or something, and I am like “Oh really, awesome. Let’s go watch it.” So we all 3 went back to her place to start watching it. Within 2 minutes, I am making out with my girl, while the other shy girl just sits there staring at the TV screen. We go back to her bedroom, start undressing, I put a condom on (most important thing EVER!), and the rest is smooth sailing.

So, this has gotten a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but here are the pointers once more in a short list:

– Set your rules and wishes from the beginning and don’t just “imply” them, state them explicitly.
– Always take the lead and know what/when/where to do.
– Don’t ask for permission.
– Relax and enjoy yourself.
– Be Interesting (Wide & Deep Rapport is the fucking key!).
– Always go for the kiss and eventually sex.

– Don't make excuses.
– Always use a condom.



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