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Here is another Bad Boy article. I’ve been posting a bunch of his stuff lately and always find some good stuff he has to say.

Resistance with women?

If you're lucky, the girl you pick is going to be up for a good time and there should be a smooth progression from opening her to taking her home and having sex with her.

If you encounter resistance, especially when you start to become more physical, there are usually only two possible explanations. In the first case she simply does'nt feel anything for you, there is no sexual tension, and so you need to create more attraction. In the second case the resistance is logical. Objections like, I dont know you yet. You dont know me yet. I am not sure. It's too soon. I have a boyfriend, are all examples of this. Logical objections come from the analytical part of the brain and they are hard to deal with. More then 80% of the resistance you get will be logical brain resistance. Playing with the Logical brain can be hard, even more so if you dont know how to control it. So, I am going to teach you something really important.

The first and most important rule is not to wait until last minute resistance happens in the bedroom, and then deal with it. This takes a long time and is usually complicated and messy.

Instead, take care of it while you are seducing her, way before sex is going to happen. What I usually do is I create really good attraction, so the girl cannot say, I am not sure. She cannot say this because she feels a definite attraction towards me, she FEELS, and feeling is not logical. A general principle that is especially true for women, but also men to some extent, is that emotions win over logic. Now, as she feels attracted, half of her logical resistance naturally dies. Because she wants sex. She wants it, not just me.

If you are still not able to generate this kind of attraction on a regular basis yet, take my Live Workshop and we'll fix that once and for all. Once you've seen us do it and get our personalized advice on how to fix your game, you'll understand how easy this stuff really is.

Other forms of logical resistance like too soon, or I dont even know you, are caused more by a lack of rapport.

You should take care of all that before there is any question of sex, while you are building wide and deep rapport. I teach you how to do this on my Bad Boy Style CD Set in great detail. If you feel that some kind of resistance is likely to happen, then start taking care of it before it happens. It's much easier to prevent things that may happen, than to deal with them when they happen. Just like with money and health, with seduction it's good to think a few steps ahead.

If you know that the girl is searching for her soul-mate, and you know she will sleep only with her soul-mate, don't wait until you're trying to have sex with her for resistance to happen. Instead, work on your rapport and connection with her way before sex, become really good at connecting, and that kind of resistance will never occur.

One really good way to deal with any resistance coming from logical brain is to change the way a person feels. Whenever you face some kind of resistance, it's very useful to change the emotion a person has. Because remember that every decision a person makes comes from how they feel in that particular moment. So if you change the emotion they feel, it's likely that you will change the decision they made a few moments ago also.

Another thing that I really like to do is to control what they think and feel by the way I kiss them. I think kissing is the easiest way to control girls emotions, because you are totally connected, lip to lip. So what I do is, I kiss the girl really soon, within 30 minutes of meeting her. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes I kiss a girl immediately after meeting her. But after I kiss her, I am totally in control. Whenever she disagrees with something I am going to do, or her logic kicks in, I will kiss her to change her emotions a little bit, and continue with whatever I was doing.

Guys often look at sex very differently from girls. We tend to see sex, the lay, sleeping with the girl, as the ultimate goal and target, the successful outcome of a mission. Whereas girls see it as another, more significant, kind of rapport. If you think of rapport as being like a spectrum, talking and connecting on hobbies and passions is one kind of frequency, and the act of sex is another, higher frequency. But many girls cannot give you the higher frequency until you've connected across the whole spectrum. This is just a more detailed way of saying that you must really connect.

Girls use sex to tie down the guy they want. They use sex to get the guy into a relationship. While we guys have sex more because it feels good and for fun. Because of the fact that by nature sex is far more significant for women than men? because if a girl gets pregnant, that has huge consequences for her, whereas the man can leave and find another mate? girls are genetically programmed to test and really select a man that complements them well. Even for a one-night stand, girls are far more selective than men, and there are clear evolutionary reasons for this.

Because of this girls will tend to have sex with a guy who they want to keep for the future. So, if you want to have sex with her, you have to BE that guy to her

Keeping the Girl

When you become successful with women, there is going to come a time when a special girl comes along that you would like to keep. For many people, thats why they study seduction techniques; not so that they can sleep with a new hottie every day, but so they will be able to conquer the girl that has something which makes her unique or more valuable than the average. You should know, in as much detail as possible, what you are looking for in a girl; they can sense when you just want to get laid. And that may be fine for a ONS but not for building anything more durable. In the beginning, many seducers hunt just for looks, but as you get better you will have the luxury of having more options and be less tolerant of bad behaviour,even in hot girls.

When you find a girl that you especially like, close to your ideal, you should play a slightly different game than when you are just going for a one night-stand.

If you sleep with this girl immediately, she is going to suspect that you are looking more for adventure and excitement than for stability, trust, longer rapport and enjoying different experiences together.

And for some people, establishing a relationship after a one night-stand can be very hard. Why is this? Because if you slept together the first night you met, even if you do get into some kind of relationship, as soon as she goes out with her friends or you go out with your friends, the issue of trust is going to rear its ugly head.

How can she trust that you are not going to have a one-night stand with some other girl; how can you trust her that she wont do the same with some other guy? So trust is going to be very difficult to establish fully, and trust is a crucial thing in long term relationships. So Im going to give you some advice about this problem. When you meet a girl you want to keep, a girl that you want for a relationship, dont sleep with her that same night. Instead, just kiss her, or take her phone number after you have built wide and deep rapport with her and then meet her some other day.

In fact, it is still possible to build a relationship when you have sex the first night you meet. But the key is to make sure you dont let yourself go and shag her like an animal that knows he is going to die after coming Instead, be more attentive, more low-energy, have more love making than just pure crazy sex.

Cuddle her more, hold eye contact longer while having sex and also try to give her lots of orgasms. Let her gain immense pleasure from being with you. That will be some kind of guarantee that she will come back for more, and also subcommunicate that you like her, and that you care about her and how she feels.

One thing I did a few times that worked like a charm: I got the target into my bed the same night I met her, and then did absolutely everything except for actual penetration. That turned her on so much, that she came back a few days later and told me she never met anybody like me and that she feels that she must stay in my life. You can do this too, just use a little imagination.



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