The Lifestyle of Having Two Girlfriends

Here is an article I got from Badboy. It’s worth a read if you’re one of those guys who falls for every girl you date.

The Player Lifestyle by Badboy

It’s interesting how most guys these days dream of having just one girl. It’s something I see more and more. The girls just want to have fun and casual sex, while the guys are searching for one monogamous girlfriend. Something wrong is happening on this planet.

I think in life you must try and taste everything, because that is the only way to really understand what you truly like and what you want from your life. Being with one girlfriend for the long term, having two girlfriends at same time, having threesomes, dating 5-6 girls at once Those are all things to try. Don’t limit yourself on just one thing and decide, That’s what I love. Life is way too short to stick to a routine and just do one thing your whole life. That’s missing out on what life has to offer!

I noticed a mistake that I made several times when I was younger. I would stay with one girlfriend and be totally out of the Game and not be sarging while I was with her. And every time, after we broke up, I would go through a pain period for several weeks learning to get back in field again.

Now, no matter how much I love a girl I am dating, I still date some other girls as well. This way, whenever I break-up with a girlfriend, I have a back up girl (or girls) to be with. This makes the process of getting over an ex MUCH easier.

BTW, this is what every hot girl has in her life: at LEAST one back up for her current boyfriend who she could date or sleep with immediately. This is why hot girls get over break ups easily while AFCs obsess over losing girls for months, or years, afterwards. So, begin by modeling what hot girls do to you.

Also, I believe that I can love more than one girl at once. I even noticed that when I date only one girl for a while, I get bored of her. When I date several girls at once, it makes life so interesting that I hardly get bored of any of them because I always have enough variety to keep it fun. As a result it is more fun for her too.

Metaphysically, it’s good for your body as well. Every girl brings a different kind of energy to a relationship. So long as that energy is positive, it’s smart to keep her around. Often, after dating one girl for a long time, she starts sucking away your energy and develops a sense of entitlement. It becomes give, give, give from your side. But with two girls, you become one who receives, the center of attention, and they give. You are confident, un-needy and in a position of power. I personally find that for some reason I have much more energy when I see several girls than when I am with one for long period of time.

So, start changing your life. You are not far from having several girls in your life. Each one of you can have it if you dare to go for it. You just have to believe that it is possible and develop your skillset by learning and practicing pickup regularly. There are plenty of beautiful girls on this planet for all of us.

The key point is, when you get a girl, say to yourself, “I will keep searching for more, instead of ending up like most guys who settle into a monogamous LTR and they think they are happy without even considering all the exciting options that we all have.

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