True Secrets of Hypnotic Suggestion

Hypnotic Suggestion Secrets by Derek Vitalio

All of us would like to think we’ve got it all figured out, but the truth is almost no one does. This is ESPECIALLY bad when dealing with ladies  who are most attracted to confident, masculine men. If you want to get the women you long for, you’ve GOT to improve in this area, I don’t care who you are (Brad Pitt is REALLY gonna need this when Angelina is through with him). Luckily, there is a way.

Is this really biology?

Alright, time for another uncomfortable tough question.

How are your balls doing?

Take a moment to think about the question before you answer because MOST men would say their balls are fine. Huge glowing masses of life force and masculinity and toughness HOOAH!

But then again, I happen to have met a lot of men in my time on this earth, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that most men have NOT got big proud forward balls. Most guys have balls that, through one instance or another, have shriveled or weakened from what they should be.

I watch the way some guys act, and I wonder if they’ve got any balls at all.

So let me ask again: how are your balls? Are they everything you want them to be? Do they leave you with confidence to do and say anything anywhere? Or do you ever find yourself nervous, hesitant, or generally WEAKER than you want to be?


It’s ok, we’re not really talking about balls. We’re talking about guts, and VERY few people are where they want to be in that area. Which would be cool after all, not everyone can be a leader, and every leader needs followers (note the plural).

But one big problem: it won’t get you women. In fact, if you’re short on balls or guts or whatever you feel like calling healthy MASCULINITY, then you’ll have MAJOR problems getting anywhere with the women you want.

The why should be obvious: as the clitoris once said, Chicks dig confidence.And for what we’re talking about, confidence equals gonads that can bring down the room.

If you want to have the ability to get ANY girl you want or at least SOME of the women you’re attracted to you’ve GOT to up your masculinity and confidence to epic proportions. They’ve gotta be able to make movies out of you.

Not literally, of course. And let’s be clear here: masculinity does NOT equal Ahnold abs, Depp’s doo, not even the absence of flatulence.

Masculinity is all about confidence ESPECIALLY sexual confidence.

All well and good but how exactly do you GET this confidence? How do you even gauge where on the scale you are?

The Test

Well, telling how confident you are is easy  take your personal attraction scale, and observe how well you maintain composure with each level. If ones have no affect on you save perhaps revulsion congratulations, you’ve at least get a speck of self respect.

If fives are fine but you get jittery approaching sixes, then you’re a five. If you can approach ANY girl  up to the twelves  but you get nervous trying to get physical with a seven, sorry, you’re a seven.

In fact, if you have no problem with the approach BUT the same girl makes you nervous when things should be turning sexual, that’s great. We know EXACTLY where you need to work on your confidence in the physical realm.

On the other hand, if you can bed anyone once you know them without the slightest hesitation, but you can’t approach ANYONE, that’s fine. Now we know it’s the emotional and intellectual where you don’t trust yourself (and I’m referring just to working with women here no fair claiming you’re a professor, it’s your sexual PERSONALITY that you have no faith in).

And if the whole thing makes you want to puke with nerves, then you’ve gotta work on the WHOLE PACKAGE.

Once you’ve figured out what needs work (and you should approach women with this in mind it will both give you a better read AND makes for good practice UPPING your confidence) then you can do something about it.

How do I improve?

Of course, forcing yourself into situations and JUST DOING IT is the best way to improve quickly.

But it also can backfire  if you aren’t ready and you get some rejections to deal with, it can actually HURT your progress.

Plus, I know there are some guys out there who can’t even IMAGINE going up to woman cold and trying to interact with her and create attraction.

Did Suzy love you enough?

The problem is, we’ve got all this negative programming. Sooner or later, EVERYONE has rejection, failure, and disappointment in his life. The problem is, as a natural protective reaction, we tend to AVOID similar situations so we won’t have to deal with the awkwardness again.

Depending on your sensitivity, timing, and experience, it can take as little as ONE bad moment to sabotage you for good.

Well, not for good. But certainly until you do something about it.

That’s why I’ve developed the Masculinity Enhancement Program. Listen, every single one of us COULD be an absolute superman, but MOST people are working at a sub-optimum level. Little insecurities and pains grow bigger in your mind over time even if you think you’re past them.

Because it doesn’t have to be that little Suzy tore up your love letter in the fourth grade. It can simply be the EMOTIONAL responses  your trepidation and hopefulness followed by humiliation. You don’t care about little Suzy anymore, but that feeling of trepidation and hopefulness spurs on FEAR of subsequent humiliation.

In other words, we’ve gotta dig deep.

One of my favorite methods is self-hypnosis.

Outline of an Exercise

Here, I’ll give you a crib-note version of a balanced meditation that addresses your NEGATIVE thought cycles and replaces them with POSITIVE ones.

First, you get yourself into a very relaxed, safe, and comfortable state.

Next, you conjure up the negative feelings  either as just a ball of energy, or through a past situation  there are many ways to do this, which will be more or less beneficial to you, depending on whether you are visual, logical, etc.

After you’ve got a grip on the negative energies, you put them away for a bit.

Then you bring up POSITIVE energies either as pure energy, or reworking an event so it goes well, again there are many strategies.

Once you’ve got the positive energy, you put it aside for a moment.

Then you bring the negative and positive up TOGETHER and allow the positive to ENGULF the negative.

That last step may take awhile, but use all the time you need. It’s the crucial part.

Finally, after you’ve swallowed the negative inside the positive, you bring yourself back to your relaxed safe state, and then back to normal awareness and reality.

Sounds simple, and it is. The trick is to do it with CONVICTION and also PATIENCE. Your unconscious is very impressed by your effort. Why should it do anything if you’re not serious about change. So one sitting won’t have much affect, but if you practice for a month your unconscious will get the message that you mean business and you’ll be AMAZED at the results.

The Program

There are five 45 minute long structured hypnotic inductions in this 5 CD passive learning series. All you have to do is lay back, relax, and allow the CD to communicate with your unconscious. In fact, you don’t have to pay any conscious attention to the words at all. Just listen to the sound of the voice. That’s it. Let go, and then go out and meet some women.

Do each CD for 20 repetitions and notice how your feelings of worth, deservedness, and overall MASCULINITY continue to grow and expand.

If you want to be all the man you can be, take a look through my Masculinity Enhancement Program. You’ll be glad you did.

Have fun.

Your Friend,

Derek Vitalio

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