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7 Power Attitudes to Sky Rocket Your Success With Women

Here is an email I recieved from Ross Jeffries. While Ross’s Nlp stuff is a little far fetched for me, he has some good stuff to say about creating the right state when dealing with women.

7 Beliefs to Build Inner Game by Ross Jeffries

POWER ATTITUDES for ultimate success with women.

1. Being with me is the best possible choice any woman can

Now, can you prove that this is true? No, of course not. It
isn’t a factual statement about an objective truth; it’s a
position you choose to come from. Now, never verbalize this
attitude, for Christ sake. Dont get right in a woman’s face and
say, “being with me is the best choice you can make, baby. But
show it in how you act.

2. I consistently display the willingness to walk away.

This is one MOST “chumps” miss. You see, if a woman doesn’t
get, somewhere in her mind, that she could POSSIBLY do something
to lose you, she will never really feel deep passion for you.

If you are ALWAYS there for her, no matter what, then in
the back of her mind, she will de-value you, to a greater or
lesser degree. Somewhere, somehow, in the back of her mind (or
even the front) she must realize that she COULD one day lose

3. I give a woman a little bit of what she wants, and then
pull back and make her work for more.

As sad as it seems, if you are too giving to a woman, too
soon, you come off as hungry and needy and she just winds up
dumping you. You see, guys who are successful with women give a
free sample, but nice guy losers give away the store. You must,
no MUST learn to say “no”, make yourself a little scarce and
unavailable, and keep her a little bit in doubt.

4. I always come from the place of being determined to do
what works.

So many times I’ve had people whine to me, “Why can’t I just
be myself?” What that really means is, “I want to be lazy and do
what I’ve always done all along, even though it doesn’t work!”

Look, to really win big in life, you have to be consistent.
And that means applying these principles, all the time, even
when you don’t particularly feel like it, and especially if you
are in a slump.

5. I never attach excess meaning to winning or losing with

I can (and will) do a whole issue on this one, but basically
what I mean is to realize that if a woman accepts you, it
doesn’t mean that the next one will, so stay on your toes, and
don’t get lazy or sloppy. (See item #4 directly above)

And if she rejects you, it just means that the approach you
tried, at this particular time, with this particular woman,
hasn’t worked…yet. It might work at another time with her, or
you may just need another approach. Even if it doesn’t, as I
once told a friend of mine who only thought he saw me get
rejected… Dan, I never get rejected. I only discover if a
woman has good taste!!

6. I don’t need to win all the time; I size up a woman’s
potential and either go for it or move on and cut my losses

Sometimes the best choice is just to say, “adios” and move
on. When you realize that you don’t have to win all the time,
and then it takes the pressure off and you become much more
relaxed. Ironically, and paradoxically, this almost always leads
to your winning far more often than you ever imagined

7. I never know what physical type a woman will go for so I
always for it congruently and powerfully.

Listen: women are much more individualistic in what they
like, physically speaking. I once had a gorgeous young thing
tell me that if Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise asked her out, she’d
say, “no” because she only liked tall, thin black men!! You just
don’t know, so go for it anyway.

Aren’t those just great? Can you imagine how great you’ll do
with women when you have these attitudes down and are
manifesting them in your life?

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