Stop Your Solitary Escapades And Get Laid

This is something I got from Derek Vitalio, and I could not agree more!!!

How to Go and Get Laid by Derek Vitalio

When we’re young, playing video games, D&D, reading fantasy books, or playing sports are all forms of PLAY.

It’s natural to play games – we play them to learn and develop the skills necessary for our adult lives.

For anyone who has had a pet kitten, predatory play is undoubtedly familiar. Chasing a string or its own tail, wrestling with a ball of yarn, stalking its owner’s legs – these are all examples of a young cat training for a future of hunting.

Young animals from across the animal kingdom engage their peers in bouts of wrestling and other physical activities. Elephants slap and wrestle each other with their trunks. And giraffes use their long necks to spar with each other, necko-a-necko.

Likewise, as children we play make believe to practice social skills for future relationships.

We play sports to feel out our roles in groups as well as enact out themes of dominance and submission.

We play videogames and watch television to learn about the world, form our beliefs, and how to interact with society.

Play helps us learn skills like social intelligence and physical coordination we’ll need to attract women and be genetically successful later on in life.

But guess what.

Many of us never leave that childhood play behind.

As adults, we continue to spend our free time playing video games, watching sports, watching television, or reading fantasy books.

But by the time you’re an adult, many forms of play that were once useful as a child, hold you BACK – at least when it comes to women.

Remember, from an evolutionary point of view, the whole point of childhood play is to prepare you for adulthood in such a way as to land you the best women possible.

But sitting in front of the computer screen as an adult and playing Civilization, Starcraft, or Quake for the thousandth time does you little good in being genetically successful with women.

As an adult, watching another game on Sunday Night Football for the hundredth time will not help you get laid.

And you’ll learn little new about social interaction by spending another night with your friends playing Dungeons and Dragons… or spending hours alone in your bed reading Lord of the Rings again.

What were once USEFUL learning activities as a child, NOW HOLD YOU BACK.

Now “play” is a FANTASY.

Now “play” is an ESCAPE.

Games, music, television, movies, sports, reading – are largely SOLITARY ESCAPES for adults.

And success in the fantasy escape world does NOT translate into success in the real world.

In the real world, interacting with people, building social value and power, and having success with women gives you a natural HIGH.

However, many of us turn to these fantasies and escapes to experience this HIGH of building social value, power, and success through a virtual world that has nothing to do with reality.

By playing Halo 2 you can indeed become all-powerful and get the thrill of saving the entire world. By watching sports you can indeed vicariously experience the thrill of victory and camaraderie through your favorite team.

But these fantasies only mimic the same high you get from experience social success in real life. They’re not real.

They’re hyper-fantasies specifically engineered and marketed by profit-seeking corporations to mimic the highs that come with the rewards of success with women, power, money, and being genetically sucessful in real life.

It’s a FOOLING of the mind. And in reality these activities are a TOTAL WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

By escaping into these fantasy worlds that mimic the pleasure-reward highs of real life, you’re getting NO closer to having success in life or success with women. You’re NO farther ahead from the view of spreading your genes to the best females.

And in fact, your social intelligence declines. It becomes lazy.

When you spend too much time in escapes, your social calibration declines to the point where, when you interact with women, you’re so out of practice that you seem WEIRD to them.

Also, if you’re already in a relationship, too much "playing” just looks really lame to your woman.

Women don’t care about the football game. Women don’t care that you beat all the levels of Halo 2. Woman don’t care about what happened on the latest episode of American Chopper or WWE Smackdown.

Spend too much time in "play” and your life begins to look frivolous to women.

Imagine if YOUR girlfriend spent hours of her day watching soap operas.

Imagine how annoying THAT would be.

Yes, soap operas are learning tool for relationships. A woman can learn about how people may react to one another by watching soap operas.

But her social calibration will become distorted because the soap opera is FICTION and she’s simply a PASSIVE participant.

If your girlfriend watched two hours of soap operas every day, and you came across another woman who was the same in every respect except that she loved to actually LIVE LIFE to the fullest in the REAL world – you would probably leave your soap opera watching junkie of a girlfriend.

So if you’re spending more than an hour of your day in passive fantasy worlds of sports, games, television, or music… THEN STOP IT.

If you’re single, start talking with more women. Immerse yourself in Seduction Science and spend your time taking actions that will get you what’s really important in your life.

And if you’re already in a relationship, spend time with your woman and LIVE LIFE with her. Listen to Blissnosis and have a real adventure with her.

Consider this a wake up call. Now get out there and make your life what you know deep down it really should be.

Your Friend,

Derek Vitalio


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