How to Make Her Chase You

Here is another great article by Derek Vitalio. I am becoming more and more a fan of his each week. I’ve been getting his newsletters ever since I ordered Opening Magic a couple years back, and they NEVER disappoint, unlike a lot of the other gurus who just send commercials for their latest product.

How to Make Her Chase You by Derek Vitalio

Sometimes an extremely hot woman so lives in the frame that SHE is the chooser that, even if you do everything else RIGHT and have social proof from other girls, she still wont actively chase you.

Even if you touch her, have great conversations with her, and she sees you with other hot girls, in her mind YOU should always be chasing HER.

You need a way to get her off her butt and start chasing YOU.

The perfect technique for this is called SCREENING and almost no seduction is successful without it.

Screening simply refers to the idea of throwing tests at her that she has to pass in order for her to win your approval.

For example, you could say to her, You know I like you, but youre not a stalker are you? Youre not the type who checks her messages five times a day, will call me in the middle of the night are you? Will I be safe around you?

When screening a girl, you establish that YOU are the chooser and that SHE is the chaser. She must work for and win your approval and acceptance of her.

You can screen a woman on just about anything, but what often works best is screening her based on completely trivial qualities.

For example you could say to woman, I can just tell you would be so much trouble for me. I can see it in those eyes. You just look like a handful. How do I know you wont just drive me up the wall?

Or you could say, You look young for me. Hmm, what else do you have going for you that would make up for that?

The key is to sound playful and not too serious. Wear a smile on your face. If she already likes you somewhat, shell start trying to prove her value to you.

You can also screen a girl for qualities that youre seriously looking for. For example, perhaps you want a bi-sexual girl that will eventually have threesomes with you. You can tell a woman, I only date bi-sexual women.

Or tell her, I only date highly creative and intelligent women. Are you creative?

Or say, Do you work out? I like to be with women who take care of themselves.

The second step to screening is ACCEPTANCE.

You see, at some point after fighting for your approval, the girl has to feel that shes proven herself to you. Shell only feel worthy of you if you ACCEPT her for passing your tests.

So if you say, I only date bi-sexual women, and she starts telling you about how shes thought about being with a girl before, that shows she wants to win your approval. Thats good behavior on her part.

Reward her for her good behavior.

You: I only date bi-sexual women.

Her: Oh you know, Ive always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl.

You: Wow, so you dont listen to all the stupid rules society places on women. See, I knew you were cool. We can hang out then. (squeeze her hands)

RAPID ACCEPTANCE is when you reward a woman right away for her good answer. For example,

You: Whats your favorite show on television?

Her: Desperate Housewives

You: Wow, I *love* that show. Oh my god, I can just imagine us ten years from now fat as cows on the couch watching marathon reruns of it. (hug her)

You can also use DELAYED ACCEPTANCE.


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