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Tucker Max’s Guide to Taking a Girl From a Guy

Some more solid advice from Tucker Max, author of the hilarious book “I hope they serve beer in hell,” available at amazon or on his site Bobby Rio will give Tucker a cheap plug any day of the week.

How do you pick up a girl who is with another guy (guy thinks he is romancing the girl, while she looks at it as a “friend date”)?

A following example:

Girl in bar with some douchebag who thinks he’s gonna score with her, all the while not realizing she is drinking on his dime and would much rather partake in freakin’ the cucumber in her fridge at the end of the night than even entertain the thought of going back to his place.

How would you pick up the girl and in the process ward off any cockblock attempts from that clueless dipshit?

My answer:
Alright, there is not one way to do this because there are so many possible permutations to the above scenario, it is almost impossible to cover all of them with one general rule. Let me walk you through the situation:

You are out somewhere, you see a girl and a guy together, and you want to hit on the girl. The first thing you must do is determine the relationship between the girl and the guy. There are several levels:

1. None: The guy is just trying to hit on the girl
2. Friends: They are friends, but you don’t think they are fucking
3. Out on a date: They are not dating, but they are on a date
4. Dating: Leave this alone unless you have my game or better
5. Married: Oftentimes easier to penetrate than the dating relationship

Alright, 4 and 5 are for very advanced game only, so unless the girl hits on you, or you have game to match or surpass mine, or you just done give a fuck, I would leave it alone.

#3 is never a good idea to step into, because girls usually focused on the guy they are on the date with. Sometimes this is not the case–if so, it will be pretty obvious if and when to move in.

#2 is much easier to get into than most realize. When I am out with a female friend, I often act as her wingman. Its easy for a guy to get another guy to talk to an attractive girl. Shit, most of the time I just go up to the guy and say, “Have you met my friend Laura,” and if the guy is interested, he will start talking to her. Nonetheless, if they are just friends then either start talking to the guy first, or approach her in a way that is respectful of the other guy but still makes it clear you want to hit on her, and you should be fine.

#1 is the main problem. There are many ways this can break down. Let’s examine:

-The guy is hitting on the girl and failing. This is actually a great thing for you, because it gives you an automatic in with the girl. Just wait for him to leave and then go over and be like, “I was wondering how long it was going to take that guy to get the picture,” or something like that. Or you can try and take it to the next level and actually help her get away. I have done this several times, and it works great–IF you know how to do it.

First, you must be able to read the situation correctly, because if you don’t, you’ll fail miserably and look like an asshole. But if its obvious she wants him to get away and hes not leaving, there are several ways you can help her. Go up and pretend to be her boyfriend/friend and take her away from the conversation; draw him away from her on some pretense; be direct and tell him to go away. All of these have pluses and minuses that you have to consider, but if you can pull this off, it works awesome.

-The situation you describe: The girl is letting the guy fawn over her and buy her drinks, but you think she has no intention of fucking him. First off, do not assume you are reading the situation correctly. Just because the girl is acting aloof in the bar, does not mean she isn’t fucking him. Second, be careful you are not getting in between a lovers spat or something. That never turns out well.

Those things out of the way, lets assume you are correct and she is just letting him buy her drinks while she waits for the better guy. Well–be the better guy. There is no fucking secret to this man, just hit on her. If the girl looks bored, then go up and say something funny. 80% of the battle here is figuring out her relationship to him; if you are right and she is just tolerating him for the free drinks, then go talk to her.

There is one thing that I do that is better than just plain hitting on the girl, and gives the added bonus of helping you figure out what is going on with her and him. If I am unsure of the relationship or I want to see how she would react to getting hit on with another guy around her, then I’ll find a way to be close to her or whatever and just say one thing, something funny or witty or interesting, and then leave. The next time you get within sight of her, watch what she does. You should be able to figure out if she’s into you at all by how much she looks at you or other indicators like that.

For instance, one time I saw this super hot girl with this fucking dorky ass guy at a bar. So when he went to the bathroom, I walked over to their table and said, “You know, I had to come talk to you because I have that same dress at home. I almost wore it out tonight also. That would have been awkward,” laughed with her and then went back to my friends. Not even 15 minutes later she was at the bar “getting another round” telling me she was on a blind date her parents set her up on, and asked where I was going later because she wanted to hang out with me.

The line I used was very contextual; she had this bright colored thing on and she just seemed like the type of girl that would get the joke. The point is that I gave her a reason to come talk to me.

Now, in these situations, I would suggest against riding the guy as your intro. To start off making fun of the guy shows weakness and insecurity on your part, unless it is just OBVIOUS that the girl shares your sentime

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