The Vitamin V

This weekend reminded me of something that I have been leaving out of my blogs, and out of my responses to people’s questions. You can play all the games in the world, read all the books on seduction, and yet, there is still nothing you can do to make an impact on a girl more than fucking her the right way. I don’t mean just good, she came, she moaned alot, sex. I mean the kind of sex where her body is quivering for an hour afterward, you touch her upper thigh and she jumps, she doesn’t have the energy to speak… When you fuck a girl like that you have a power over her that even she will admit to.

Not every girl I fuck is a mind blowing experience. But Nancy was. We literaly fucked each others brains out every time. So when we decided that we were looking for different things we had to teter off the sex for awhile. It finally stopped about a month ago.

This weekend she invited me to come out with her and a bunch of her friends for one of their birthdays. Now I went partly because I hadn’t talked to her in a couple weeks and as we were ending it I promised we’d still be friends. And partly because I liked the idea of getting back inside her one more time.

So I was a little disapointed that she was there with a new boyfriend. Especially because only a couple weeks back she was still emailing me for sex. With her taken by her new man, I naturally turned my attention to one her friends. The friend jumped at it a little quicker than I would have imagined she was going to. Early into the conversation I knew it was on, because she kept saying, “Nancy is going to be so mad if she saw us talking.” Obviously her intentions weren’t innocent if she was already feeling guilty. So I sat back and waited as she talked herself into it.

Even with all of her other friends warning her as to how upset Nancy is going to be, she still managed to come back to my place afterward. The whole time I’m thinking, “this is just too damn easy.” I couldn’t figure it out. I wasn’t even running good game on her.

In the middle of a makeout session on my floor she says, “Nancy used to talk about you alot. Alot!!” She smiled ever so faintly as she said.
“What did she say?” I asked. But, by her expression when she said it, I knew exactly what Nancy told people about me. She told them I was the best damn fuck she ever had.

…What she didn’t tell them, because she didn’t know, was that the first time and the last time I fucked her, I had a little help from a friend. Vitamin V. Now, when it comes to prescription drugs I don’t condone, recommend, encourage, or anything else that may get me sued down the line. But if you are a normal, potent, virile young man, you pop half of viagra and you are a god damn jackhammer. Now Nancy was one of the girl’s I had natural sexual chemistry to begin with, but on the V, I had sex that would have made Dirk Digler proud.

And she told people. And because of that, one of her best friends, who I met this night for the first time, is willing to compromise that friendship to get a good old fashioned pounding from Bobby.

Did I give her the pounding? Nope. Why? Becuase the first time you fuck a girl is the time she remembers the clearest. It was about five in the morning before I finally got her naked, I had been drinking for about eight straight hours, and I wasn’t going to blow this wonderful reputation I just found out I had on a sloppy drunk lay. No way, a reputation like that is priceless!!

So as much as I like to preach games and shit like that… sometimes you just have to go back to the basics.


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