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Attract Women By Being Happy by Juggler

The singular thing that women find attractive (at least any woman
you would care to get to know) is happiness. Women are attracted
to happy men. If you can represent true happiness then you will
maximize your attractiveness. Think about it. The most
charismatic person in a group is the one who is smiling and
having fun. Who is sexier, Bill Clinton or Karl Marx? Clinton
almost always had a smile on his face and enjoyed life, while
Marx was a depressed revolutionary.

When I or one of the Charisma Arts instructors takes a client
into the field and have him approach women, we can tell how
successful he is going to be not by how much women seem to be
enjoying him, but rather by how much he is enjoying himself.

But this is not the case with most men who approach women. They
look like they are working. Their approach seems joyless. Women
are not attracted to men who have to work to get women.

Guy: “Hi there. What do you think of this bar?”

Girl: “I don’t know. Why do you care?”

Guy: “Uh, uh, I was just wondered is all. Sorry, I’ll go away

Our guy has been called out. He has painted himself into a
conversational corner by asking about something he does not care
about in the least. Forcing conversation in this way is a
telltale sign to a woman that a guy is working instead of
enjoying a conversation. It tells her that he has to work for
women. This is not attractive.

Bring up topics that you have something to say about. In “How to
Meet and Connect with Women,” I share with you some great ways to
make presumptions about people that you’d want to discuss.

You: “So what book are you reading these days?”

Her: “The House by Danielle Steel. Why do you ask?”

You: “Well, I like books. You can tell much about a person by
what they read. Mmmm, Danielle Steel, not sure what that means
but I have read a few romance novels before. Ahem, I mean just
out of curiosity of course. Actually I am reading Sunshine by
Chen Chen. It’s about art theives. Very inspiring. I might
pull off a caper. You can be the get-away driver.”

Her: “Okay, I have a lead foot.”

You: “Sounds good. So what is your book about and which
character would you be?”

Her: “Well…”

Notice what you’ve done here… you are discussing something you
enjoy, and bringing her into your world. This makes it easy for
her to begin to flirt with you, and now you have your

Equally important, don’t be too outcome dependent. Remember:
your job is not to seek approval. Your job is to give approval
after finding a woman’s unique, compelling qualities. If you are
not seeking approval you will not become angry or get startled or
caught by surprise by women’s reactions. Sometimes women do not
say what you want to hear.

Man: “Hello.”

Woman: “I don’t want to talk to a guy right now.”

Man: “Hey, I like your candor. I will be right over there if you
change your mind.”

This exchange actually happened to one of our instructor Matt’s
clients during our Charm School bootcamp. The client was in a
great mind frame where he wasn’t seeking a woman’s approval. He
didn’t need her to even be friendly. And the amazing thing is
that later she did come over to talk to him, she bought him a
drink and insisted that he take her number.

The more unattached you are to approval of women, the more free
you are to enjoy the moment and the more capable you are to react
in a light fun way.

by Juggler of Charisma Arts

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