More Common Pick Up Mistakes

Here is the 2nd part of BadBoy’s common pick up mistakes. We’ve all made these and there worth reading to help us from making them again.

Common Pickup Mistakes by Badboy

Mistake #6
Talking Too Fast

Problem: A lot of guys talk too fast because they want to hide their insecurities. When people talk too fast, or too much, it often means they are hiding something.

Explanation & Solution: Its not important to say as many things as possible in shortest period of time. Actually, the less you say, the more attractive and mysterious you are. First, cut the speed of all your movements down to half the current speed. Then do the same with your words. Say more with less. And talk like that all day, not just with girls.

The point is to be cool, relaxed and confident all day and in your whole life, not just around girls. You will notice the slower you talk and move, the more relaxed you feel. So start working on that from the outside and it will change who you are on the inside.

Remember: If you make a calm and cool impression, girls will be more interested in you.

Mistake #7
Waiting For Her to Make a Move

Problem: This is one of the stupidest mistakes you can make. Never, never, never wait for her to do anything first.

Explanation & Solution: Lead by example. The less your game is dependent on her, the more successful you will be.

Girls are by default pushed into the passive role when it comes to dating. For evolutionary reasons, they are reactive by nature and guys are supposed to take the proactive role. That means we are supposed to initiate things while they respond to our moves. When you get rejected by a girl, it doesnt mean she doesnt like you personally. It means you did something wrong in your actions. If you do something right she will smile, give you an indicator of interest or will just let you to continue seducing her. Then if you do something that is miscalibrated, she will suddenly react with resistance. Seduction is about taking a sequence of right actions.

Remember: Always keep ball rolling and make sure that you are the one who controls ball.

Mistake #8
Waiting Too Long to Make a Move

Problem: You get the famous, Lets just be friends, line because you waited too long to make a move.

Explanation & Solution: If you wait too long, the tension and sexual options will disappear and you will be labeled a nice, safe friend in her mind. Once you are there its extremely difficult to switch out of that category.

When in doubt, and youve received indicators of interest, always opt to escalate. Its better to try and fail, but set the precedent of romantic interest, than to do nothing and be written off as a friend.

Remember: Its easier to escape from Alcatraz than from the, Lets just be friends, zone. Escalate and make a move before its too late.

Mistake #9
Being Needy

Problem: You care too much about succeeding with a particular girl. The more you appear to want her, the less she wants you.

Explanation & Solution: The less available you are, the more value you have. The less you are needy and show you want her, the more she will want you.

Its insane, but that is how it works, like it or not. So, start dating multiple girls. Never focus too much on one girl. Make sure she thinks you have options even if you dont right now. She must feel that she needs to work hard to get and keep you.

Remember: Girls love guys who have options and other women in their lives. They dismiss guys who are lonely and desperate.

Mistake #10
Being Predictable

Problem: The more predictable you are, the more resistance you will get.

Explanation & Solution: For girls, predictable means boring. And they hate boring guys. They love when something new is happening. They don’t want a boring life, so they will stick with guys who will push things beyond their normal limits. That’s why they are attracted to unpredictable guys.

To become unpredictable, stop doing what you usually do. Do the opposite. If you want to say her I love you, say I hate you. If you see you can comfortably get her phone number, push forward, and go for a kiss instead.

Remember: Make things exciting for both of you by being spontaneous and unpredictable.

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