Patience is a Virtue

I had been getting shit from my friends the last few weeks over this girl I started dating. To make a long story short; she was a prude. I met her through a friend’s girlfriend about two months ago. I kept in touch with her through Myspace for a couple weeks. Then I invited her out with myself and some mutual friends. That night went good, but nothing physical. The next time I invited her out I made it a little bit more clear that I was interested in her, but we still wound up going out with another couple. The kino was there big time. But the end of the night rolled around and she booked out of there. The next time I invite her out it is just me and her. We spend a great day together, but she shy’s away everytime I get closer. I drop her off to a kiss on the cheek. The next time we hang out same thing. Unbelievable kino but turns away when i go for the kiss. You are probably asking yourself why Bobby is dealing with this bullshit. First off, she is incredibly cute and a spinner, which happens to be what I am into at the moment. Second I knew from talking to her that she was on the conservative side with her beliefs about hooking up and sex and shit… and the final reason was 2 stories that stick in my mind whenever I am in a situation such as this:

The Phillipino Girl: About three years ago my friend was dating this Phillipino girl who was so smoking hot we all couldn’t stop staring at her any time he brought her around. But to his dismay after four dates all he got was a kiss on a cheek. He had pretty much written her off as a friend when he ran into her at a work party a few weeks after their last date. At the party she invited him back to her apartment where she proceeded fuck the living shit out of him all night and all morning. This from a girl who turned her cheek when he went for a kiss.

The Hostess: I was really into this hostess I worked with at a restruant a couple years ago. I worked her good and took her out three times. Each time she was as cold as ice when we went out. But she kept telling people she was into me so I kept taking her out. After the third date I gave up. About a year later I run into a friend. He tells me he is fucking Lisa the hostess. I ask him the story. He says he took her three times and didn’t get a kiss. The fourth date he fucked her.

The moral of the stories: Not every girl is a whore. Some girls still play by the old fashioned rules of dating. If the girl is giving you genuine indicators of interest… If you are clearly expressing your intentions and she still agrees to go out with you… then most likely you just have to be a little patient. Plus from a guy’s point of view it can be fun doing a little old fashioned pursuing. It makes it that much sweeter when you accomplish your goal.


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