101 Reasons Brazil is the Greatest Country on Earth: #101

People who know me know that I can not shut up about how great Brazil is. Frankly, they are sick of hearing about it. Most likely they are jealous that they’ll never grow the balls to go there and experience it for themselves. But since most of the people who read this blog don’t know me personally you haven’t heard my numerous stories and accounts of my trips down there every winter. So I am going to enlighten you. I’m calling these little quips on Brazil, “The 101 Reasons Brazil is the Greatest Country on Earth.”

Reason #101: The Brasilian Stare

I come back from Brazil every year missing many things about it. There is nothing I miss more than the Brasilian Stare. Unlike in America where making eye contact is almost forbidden and considered stalker like, in Brazil staring is part of the culture. And trust me as an American down in Brazil you are going to get stared at, so be prepared. I’m talking Brad Pitt type attention. It is a little shocking at first. I’m a decent looking guy and from time to time around here I catch girls checking me out… but down there it is ridiculous. Every where you go you notice young wide eyed girls just staring. They don’t even try to hide it. Oh yes, they admire daddy!!! And im not above admitting I love the adulation. I wish the girls around here would show the same enthusiasm. I get my ass grabbed and goggled at. Its like being a hot bitch at a club in the US. It is like they’ve never seen a foreigner before. And when you catch them blatantly, they don’t look away. That is the best part. It is like a mating call. When you catch them staring it becomes your choice. There are no longer games. They have let you know they are interested. From this point it is as simple as walking over and introducing yourself. Don’t worry about direct vs. indirect approaches or any of that shit. Just walk over and say hello. It took some time for me and my friends to fully understand this concept. Even now when I go back down there each year it takes a few days for it to sink in again. Once the stare has gone down… game is on!!!

It works on your end too. If you see a girl that you want to talk to. Just stare at her. Eventually she’ll catch on that you’re staring. If she’s the slightest bit interested she will simply smile, which means… yes… game is on!!!!

The only thing you have to remember is that when you come back to the USA this principle does not work. I often come back in “Brazil mode” and get nasty looks from American girls who don’t understand the stare down… Stupid Americanas!!

Go see for yourself… It really is a beautiful thing!!!

Bobby Rio

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