Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Why? Because every year a couple friends and myself throw a sick bash that has outgrown every venue we’ve rented for it. This year we are expecting a couple hundred people. And that means a shit load of scantily clad women. Ideally someone will invite you to a good house party, or if you’re smart and sociable you’ll throw one yourself. Remember, the host of the party, is the star of the party!! Even if you wind up going out to a bar (last resort) a good costume is a perfect opener, opportunity to display higher value (sense of humor) and just a great fucking night out!!

So in the spirit of halloween I decided to list some good creative easy halloween costume ideas. Here goes.

Halloween Costumes for men 


With the new movie coming out this is a timely costume. It’s a cheap and easy costume to pull off and most people will get it. Also it gives you an opporunity to go into character all night, which is always a blast. His Myspace page gives you plenty of sample dialogue you can use.

The Karate Kid Shower Costume

If you are creative this is a good one to do. Everyone has seen the Karate Kid and will appreciate the idea. Plus, you can pull girls behind the curtain for private make out sessions. Bobby is always thinking!!!

Tom Cruise as Frank Macky in “Magnolia

Sort of an inside joke for all the pickup artist out there. If you don’t know Tom’s character in Magnolia was based on Ross Jeffries… one of the inovators in the seduction community. People will get it. And Tom Cruise has become such a joke that any opportunity to rip on him is appreciated.

The Pussy Costume

This one speaks for itself… Priceless!!!

The Bunny Costume

I can personally vouge for this one. I went as a bunny last year. The costume garnered much attention. Plus it zips up in the back so every time I went to the bathroom I needed a girl to unzip me… No joke last year at my halloween party I’m wearing this costume… a girl that was friends with my ex Beth comes up and starts telling me how much she always wanted me… Drunk as a skunk I take her hand and walk her over to a boothe, lean her down on it, and start making out with her.. it all happened within minutes. About 30 seconds into kissing her I get a tap on my back. I think its a bouncer or something and get up kind of pissed. It turns out it was her boyfriend… He watched the whole thing go down. hahah Couldn’t do anything though since he was at my party with 120 of my friends there. oh well just thought id pass that on.

The Kevin and Brittney Couples Costume

If I had a girl friend this would be my costume. It would be so easy and so funny. You have the girl dress as a trashy pregnant Brittney and you go as Federline. Everyone will get it.

The Bobby Rio Costume

If all else fails you can go as me! No one will get it but at leat you’ll be cool for one night. All you need is a bathrobe, a handlebar mustashe, and a lone ranger mask. But you better stay in character all night and rock the fucken house.

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