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Making Her Happy

Here is a short post from BadBoy. I really enjoy Badboy’s material and recommend his ebook.

Making A Girl Happy in Relationship by Badboy 

A relationship starts when you sleep with a girl. Then, and only then, can you decide what you want to do with her. Each can be turned into successful and happy relationship. It’s really up to you how things proceed… If you want to move on you can. If you want to keep her as your girlfriend and know how to make her happy, she will stay with you.

Relationships start here – with making them happy. If you make them happy, they will reciprocate and make you happy. Please guys, do not expect that you can invest nothing into a relationship and things are going to be great.

So, let’s talk how to make them happy:

You need to make them happy on two layers of the relationship; physical and spiritual.


You need to satisfy the "wild and cute” sides of her.

When I say wild, I mean wild crazy sex, and when I say cute, I mean the cuddling after sex and pillow talk. Every girl is different, so you need to find her Yin and Yang; the balance that is just right for each girl.

For beginners, I advise that you calibrate to the girl, but the more advanced you get, the more you will notice that it’s really up to you who she is going to be around you, and that you are controlling her choices with your actions and subcommunications.


A long term relationship can’t sustain on just the physical (sex) layer. There must be a spiritual side. There are two ways to enhance this:

Make Them Feel Special

No matter how many girls you have, if you want to keep them, they need to feel they are special. So think about ways to make them feel special. Whether it’s spending more time with them, buying them gifts, taking them to a romantic dinner, or anything else that will send the, "You are unique and special to me,” signal. I have managed to maintain 4-5 girls at a time by just making sure they all feel that they are special to me in their own unique way.

That is the problem with cheating. When you cheat on a girl (if you set up the relationship as "exclusive”) she doesn’t feel special anymore, so she dumps you. The key is to openly have multiple girlfriends, multiple options, but to make them all feel very loved and special in their own way. Be warned though, to maintain this you need to invest lot of free time.

Make An Energy Connection

Sex is excellent way to create a connection on a spiritual energy level as well because when your bodies are naked and touching each other you create an energy "bubble” where its just the two of you utilizing, sharing and exploring energy you create together.

If one person has high-energy, the other will follow. If one person goes lower energy the other follows. It creates an instant synchronization and connection on a spiritual non-verbal level that can be profound.

Live long and prosper.


Check out Badboy’s ebook here 

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