When Should I Kiss Her

Below is a short but sweet post from Badboy. This post is about something I still to this day get caught up on… so I believe its worth reading!!  Check out his Ebook!

When Should You Kiss Her by Badboy

Being relaxed is one of the most important elements in pickup and in life. When you are relaxed, you are also confident and spontaneous — and being spontaneous drives girls crazy. Very few people on this planet are spontaneous. The majority of people behave according to routines and societal clichs.

Lets take for example giving flowers. Girls used to like flowers, as it used to have deeper connection with love, caring for someone, fertility, etc… Eventually, society mainstreamed flowers and today flowers are a typical thing that every guy gives to a girl. It has become a routine. Its not spontaneous and genuine. It doesn’t say, You are unique and special and I care about you. I meet so many girls today who want to puke when guys give them flowers. It’s so predictable. And being predictable is a KILLER of Attraction. If you are going to give her something, be spontaneous, original and creative.

When your body is relaxed, your mind will follow. And when your mind is relaxed, there are no limitations. You don’t overthink — you just do. When your logical brain is working too much, you don’t listen to the things that come from your unconscious. This is extremely important to learn to do. If you listen your unconscious mind and your instincts, you will get laid like crazy. That is what most Naturals do. They don’t think, they act from their unconcious.

How many times you asked yourself while talking with a girl, Should I kiss her? or, How long should I wait before I kiss her? Here’s some advice. If she’s giving you attraction signals and your body is telling you itâ’s time, GO FOR IT. Every time the window of opportunity appears, take it. If it closes you need to create new opportunity which may never come again.

Let me explain what’s happening in your body at that moment. The girl starts thinking about sex or kissing or just gives you strong attraction signals and you may not even be aware of it logically (girls can hide it beneath surface very well) but your body receives signals from her body (emotions are contagious) and the signal that she is attracted moves from your body to your brain. At this point you should trust your emotions and instincts, but instead your overused logical brain starts to rationalize and doubt the signal. Then you start asking yourself, Should I kiss her? etc

This, Should I kiss her? didn’t come from nowhere. It was triggered by something. It was triggered by her attraction to you and your body picks that up. That’s one of biggest differences between guys who get laid and guys who don’t get laid. One guy thinks and rationalizes while another guy ACTS and does something about it.

To make it simple: When you start thinking about whether you should kiss her or not, that means YOU SHOULD do it at exactly that moment. This all starts with making yourself very relaxed in every situation so that you are open to receive these subtle signals and respond genuinely from your unconscious instincts instead of your logical mind.

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