A Man Must Have Many Fishing Lines in the Water

Okay… So I’ve been tame over the last month. My time has been limited due to work, spending time with my newest chica and preparation of the great Brazil trip in January –I’m going to document the whole trip and broadcast it on this site.. but that’s a whole nother blog..

This morning I got an email from a girl I messaged on Match about a month ago… seems she finally got around to reading her messages. She checked out my profile and wants to talk more. I remember this girl quite clearly… my message to her was blunt..”I’ve never been this attracted to a girl just by looking at her pictures as I am with you. So tell me, is there more to you, or are you just another pretty face?” Not one of my best lines, but the thing was I meant it. She had a look that got me going!! That isn’t the point of this little blog though.

The point of the blog is… over the past month I haven’t been out to many bars or clubs, I haven’t been all that social, I’ve basically spent the little free time I have with the girl Im dating. (if you read my previous blogs about her you’ll know she made daddy wait… but when the time came a bunny she was) Yet this morning a smoking hot 23 year who I never met is emailing me telling me she would love to meet up sometime. How fucking easy is that. God bless the internet and online dating. It is like having robot that is always on the prowl for girls for you, while you go about with everyday life.

If you’re single and not online…what the fuck are you thinking???? Myspace is good for social networking, and keeping in touch with girls you meet out, but don’t count on it to get you laid. Match.com is probably the best… but it cost a little money. I just put a profile up on a new free dating site called OKcupid (I left a link below). Its free so what the fuck?? I suggest you get your asses on as many sites as possible. You never know who is going to bite one of the lines you have in the water.



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