The Power of Simple Message Protocol

Below is a post from the Fast Seduction forum. This was originally posted by A2daMIR. This is a great read to see a perspective of the whole process from start to finish. It is a great example of a seduction.

Simple Message Protocol

THis report is mostly for those who ask me about how to interact with chicks via cell phone text messaging ( SMS)…my inbox had gotten full so before i deleted it i thought i’d share this…

As usual let me give you some background info on this report. I was on business about 1500 miles away from Boston. I had already met and banged a chick in this city about 6 months ago when I traveled there, and we kept in touch, so this time when I went there we met up again, I asked her for some good bars or clubs in that area, and she told me what clubs were good for which nights.
Me and my clients were sitting at the hotel bar, until 11 pm which they had to close the bar, I suggested we go to a local bar but none of the clients were up for it..fuck’em I asked the hotel concierge for the address to **** ( the name of the place which I thought was a bar, but turned out to be a nightclub).

Oh, the moral of this LR is for those guys who think picking up chicks is a? who can get the fastest # competitionits for those who think just getting a number will get you laid, people who don’t focus on actually seducing the girl, rather they try just to get 10 digits off her this LR shows that with a strong first impression and in-field personality that you show to a girl, it makes the whole phone talks a lot easier? hence a lot of people ask me how come you never get flakes from chicks?
You should focus on attracting the chick first, and then just when your about to leave you should # close….

So I walk in, it was around 11:30 , the club was aight, house/ techno music. As usual, I walked around the club to pick up some ECs or IOIs, got a couple of ECs, but didn’t really feel a vibe or anything. Oh for people that ask what I wear, that night I wore a pair of light blue jeans and a DKNY black t-shirt. There were good looking people in the club, both guys and girls. The club had 3 or 4 bars, as I was walking by one of the bars, I noticed a 4 set ( 3 guys 1 girl), but the chick was a fucking 9.25, perhaps a 9 when the lights came on . she was wearing a pair of tight jeans, low cut top, you could see the curve of her abs and torso, with a amazingly sexy curly dark black hair ( Ray I’ll send you the pics later). Her face was an 8.5 , and later on I found out her fake tits were 36DD anyway, I didn’t even think about sarging her, she was with 3 other guys, not that I couldn’t get her or anything, but I was sure there were better opportunities out there other than a 3 guy/1 girl set. The only reason I mention her is because accidently we end up meetin I’ll call her HBSMS

I went to the bar, ordered a drink, and kinda just leaned against the bar and was looking around for a target nothing at all. Now here is where it gets weird. HBSMS and one of the guys come and get another drink at the bar I was leaning against, the guy that was with her leaves ( maybe goes to the bathroom or something I don’t know), about a minute later 2 other guys come talk to her. Now this is happening like 5 ft away from me. So they start talking, but the guy seemed pissed off ( from reading his hand movements), but I cant hear what they are saying so im just watching her ass, then I see the guy grab the girl by the wrist, the girl was trying to let her wrist free but couldn’t, then she poured her drink on the guy’s shirt and face.

So I stepped between and tried separating the 2. This wasn’t a routine or anything ( trust me someone would’ve asked me this HEY I LOVE YOUR FIGHT ROUTINE). I simply stepped in mostly because of my bouncing background, im used to this stuff, but specially when the guy was physically abusing the girl. I don’t care if I know her or not, im gonna stand up for any girl in that situation. Anyway I stepped between her and the dude ( which was her ex as I found outlater) with each arm I separated and pushed back the 2 of them, then out of nowhere the guy’s buddy sucker punched me, the fagget didn’t get a clear shot though although he did have a clear shot, he ended up hitting me in the ear and neck, then all hell broke loose. I wont get into the details of the fight, but the girl’s original 3 friends got involved too so it turned out to be a 4 on 2 fight. The bouncers come and kicked us out the backdoor, but it turned out the HBSMS was a promoter or was a VIP regular customer or some shit, cuz she told the manager and the bouncers that we were with her, and they let us in the back door again.

And that’s how we met. I wont put much dialogue yet, but she thanked me a lot for doing what I did, and that’s about it, for the first 20 mins she kept saying that she couldn’t believe it’she bought me a drink, and then one of the guys bought another round of drinks. Remember how I said I wasn’t gonna sarge this chick right? Fuck it I changed my mind. So basically she kept trying to get my attention and thank me, but I was talking to the guys and paying 95% attention to the guys, talking about the fight. It turned out the guys were from Florida and they were visiting there, at one point I even told HBSMS? Hey if you thank me one more time im gonna beat you up myself’ which she laughed.

Oh it turned out the guy was her Ex, she told me why he came down there that night but I wasn’t paying that much attention to her, deliberately trying to look not interested in her life story anyway she said that we should go to another bar because she was afraid that the Ex might send some of his friends and start another fight. Oh, of the 3 guys, one of them seemed more of a player, he seemed to be the better one out of the 3 of them. So we decided to change venu, now look what I did, I told the Leader guy and me and him should ride together, and let the 3 go in another car. The HBSMS said she’ll come with us, but I told her no you go with them cuz we might wanna pick up some chicks along the way ( which was BS, I was just doing a mini takeaway).

We go to the other bar, and I gave her my ONLY SOI of that night, as we got there, I held the door open , the 3 guys went in first and the chick was the last one, and she walked by I told her I hope your not aggressive in bed cuz I already took enough physical abuse for you?. As she was walking she turned around and looked at me for 2-3 seconds, didn’t say anything and kept going ( I know she was thinking, dunno about what r ay any comments?)
Anyway, I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere that night with her, the odds were just against me, plus I had a headache because of the 2 punches I took ( the other one was at the beginning when I was hitting the friend and the other guy got a clear shot of me before the 3 guys jumped in) so I decided to do another takeaway, because I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere with her that night, so when 2 of the guys went to the bathroom, I started talking to her and did a quick mini- isolation and told her that I was leaving, I gave her my business card and told her Call me if you get into a fight again, don’t wait too long thought im leaving soon that’s it, she asked me where I was going and I told her im going back to the hotel. That was it, all the seeds were planted, I just had to wait and see if they grew or not.

This is why I call her HBSMS, cuz all our communication was done via SMS, this goes to show the power of SMS
The following is all via SMS 🙁 this is the exact quotes FYI)
Her: Hey u its **** (her name)
Me: oh hey whats up
Her: No sun 🙁 being lazy in bed w my kitty 🙂
Me: oh you got a pussy cat? I wanna meet her ( note how I introduce the word pussy in the convo…)
Her: U will-shes my baby I cant get enuf of her
Me: 2 mean 2 share? Im leaving soon so you better hurry up
Her: When r u leaving again?
Me: 2morro
Her: Coming home?
Me: I AM going home, but 2 answr ur queston I don’t kno if I come bak or not
Me: aww she looks so cute, kinda like her mommy ( note how I play with the words, she cant tell if I meant she looked cute like her mommy or her mommy looked like a cat lol)
Her: I know and all she does is play and cuddle
Me: don’t we all
Her: LOL! shes just like her mommy
Me: just thinking out loud here, I always wanted a mom-daughter 3sum lol
Her: U Got it;) a 24 yr old mama ( now since I cant hear her tone of voice, I don’t know if she’s kidding or rea so I assumed she’s fucking around with meSo I try to get more info out of her, see if she was fucking around or not)
Me: Whats da matter? Ur house is dirty that’s why u wont invite me ova 2 c da cat?
Her: Haha no! im a neat freak actually did you find me on myspace yet? ( last night she had talked about her myspace page, she told me her screenname , I saw her page but didn’t ad her.)
Me: shhhh don’t ruin it, myscape is for lil kids. Whatcha doing later?
Her: Im supposed 2 meet those guys 4 dinner at **** ( some name) but im so lazy-they are flying back to fla 2mrw so they need a tour guide one more nite- i wanna c u thou( there it is, I hadn’t shown any interest in her, so now she takes the first step..i was actually dying to meet her)
Me: so does everybody else what time u get done with the boys? ( I was supposed to bang that girl that I told you about , so that’s why I planned to meet her AFTER she gets back from the dinner and all her plans)
Her: Haha I don’t even know-they r at the westin now-dinner then **** ( some name..perhaps some bar or club?) then **** ( another name) then ****( another name) is the plan
Last night she had told me where she works and what she does
Me: I think you should quit your **** job and be a tour guide
Her: Very funny smartass- im gonna take a nap-ill call u when i get up xoxo
Me: later

8:10 PM
Her: Come 2 **** ( a name which I assumed to be a bar or club, but I was with the other girl so I couldn’t yet, plus she was with 3 other guys why would I wanna risk a naked chick and go meet her with 3 guys?)
Me: I cant now , im with some friends , maybe later( I exaggerated the friendS)
Her: K txt me when ur close
Me: hey be a good tourguide, have fun the boys
Her: Yeah but Id rather c u ( wow she really was desperate… basically begging, but that was laying next to me and watching TV, I wasn’t gonna risk loosing her, cuz she was hot( not hotter than HBSMS but ht enough), and she had seen someone text me, so if I left abruptly she’d knew I was gonna meet someone else but the MOST IMPORTANT that I didn’t leave was cuz HBSMSwas with 3 guys always get your logistics straight)
Me: r u at **** ( I wanted to see where she was, not that I knew anywhere, but she had told me 3 places in the order of they would appear at, so I just wanted to see where in the schedule they stood)?
Her: No ****
Me: u promise not to get in fight if I come there?
Her: Yeah 🙂
12:31 AM
Her: u coming or wut?
Me: where r u?
Her: **** ( she was still at a club/bar, I thought by the time I get there and get dressed and blah blah blah, it was just too much, plus the chick I was with said she want to sleep over and leave early in the morning when I get up to leave)
Me: I have an early flight 2morrow, sorry
Her: : ((
****Next Day
Her: ( again , she initiated the contact) How was ur trhp ( she meant TRIP)?whr r u again?
Me: it was aight, I sat next 2 a gay guy who hit on me half the trip, the other half I slept and im on your mind how is the cat?
Her: Ur such a smartypants:) ***(cats name) is good-she is tearing around my bed-im so tired I just laid down- this is what I get 4 partying too much
Me: im going 2 Hawaii for a week in a couple of months, i wanna take ***(cats name) with me
Her: Yes we should! Could u imagine her on the plane
Me: u just invited yourself but dats kewl, I get window seat u can either fight 4 it or sit on my lap ( see how I get it sexual again?)
Her: ill soo take ur lap 🙂
Me: u a good cook?
Her: I can get by-no need 2 daily bc my mom cooks 4 her and my dad so she usually saves me something but I do know how ( I actually asked her that to set her up for something else, but she didn’t ask WHY?…BTW she’s Italian that why her family cooks a lot lol)
Me:im loving your mom already ( showing my love for everyone else except herI told her I love her cat and mom, not her)
Her: Haha momma and baby and nana! ( cuz earlier I said I wwant a 3sum w/ her and her cat , but I refered to her cat as her baby so that was the joke she was trying to make)
Me: she’s ur mom! get ur mind out of da gutter
Her: her and my dad r celebrating their 40 yrs in oct- they r so cute u will die
Me: send me a pic of them
Her: I don’t have any in my phone- whats your email?
Me: look at the business card I gave you its there, send it
Her: k 2mrw I will-xoxo

Her: r u coming back this week?
Me: no next week though, only if you promise to be my personal tourguide
Her: Deal! What do u like to do?
Me: nice dinner n then a cozy bar with less than 10 people in it ( setting up for isolation)
Her: Sure, rt ***( some highway in her area?) Has a lot of good spots we can pick from
Me:YOU’RE MY tourguide YOU pick? jeez 😉
Her: K baby ( she started the sweet name callings)

FYI the last text was sent by her 9:39 PM just so you know how long it took

Her:did you get my email babe?
Me: yeah , u have strong hands? u give good back massage?
Her: I guess I do-cant last 2 long tho-hands get tired; u should c ***(her cat) sleeping w her paws up in the air lol
Me: guess what?
Her: sorry shiela called-what?:) ( she sent me this text message about 50 mins after I had sent her the GUESS WHAT message?.remember how I keep reminding you guys of Pavlov’s Dog? Well here I use that agin…it took her 50 mins to reply to my message, fuck her I wasn’t gonna reply back’. Plus I was watching a movie on HBO so I was like fuck it?so I basically trained this girl that if she takes long to respond to me, im NEXTing her I don’t know if she got the point or out of my luck it just didn’t happen anymore)
9 mins later she texts:
Her: What what what?
I didn’t reply
7 mins later
Her: ( Sent a picture of her cat)
Me: didn’t reply
****Next Day
Me: sorry my phone died last nite
Her: no worries
Me: busy day at work 2day, hows ur day?
Her: same here
Me: ( told her a funny joke)
Her: LOL! whacko
Now i noticed that she was giving very brief answers, one or 2 word answers, she was probably pissed about last nite and didn’t buy my story, so I decided to wait and see if she txtx me or not she didn’t, 5 hours later I hit the gym, then in the locker room I take my shirt off and take a pic while standing in front of the mirror she was pissed, I had to win her back,,, an easy way was just to remind of of me
Me: ( sent her a body pic message)
Her: U look smoking xoxo
Me: keeping up with you babe ( second SOI)
Her: Awwwww 🙂 that’s so cute baby
2 hours later I check my email she sent me like 15 pics of her cat
I text her back
Me: she has blue eyes?
Her:Haha she did they changed yellowish green
Me: cant wait to see her
Her: U so miss me lol ( fuck what the hell made her think that?
Me: my momma told me 2 b ya I miss u
Her: good-me2
Me: u 2 about the momma? or miss?
Her: Both 🙂
Me: ( I asked her a question which was part of a joke)
Her: God y?
Me: ( gave the answer which was the joke itself)
Her: lmao haha
****Next day
Her: goodmorning sunshine
I was busy to respond, then i totally forgot cuz I went over milfy’s house after gym and slept over.
****Next day
Her: R u back yet?
Me: N-E-X-T W-E-E-K- !-!-!-
Her: Lol! don’t yell at me im a sweet girl. Jus got a new car 🙂
Her: lexus
Me: u mean ur daddy bought you a new car
Her: lol ur bad
Me: I know, u can take me for a ride though:)
Her: Hey cant wait 2 take u 4 a ride
Me:u take me 4 a ride then ill take u 4 a ride of ur life
Her: well see about that (hmmm she responded like this to a sexual statement’? showing a lil ASD)
Me: ok ill be there next Monday make plans 4 nite
Her: u know I will 🙂
Me: g2g ttyl
Her: nite baby

That’s basically it, we had 7-8 emails back and forth sent a couple of SMSs just saying hi and shit, but there it is. My cell phone’s txt message inbox was full I had to delete it that’s why I thought I’d share this with ya’ll. Oh for those of you who remember that Armani shirt I had, well I got one more lay out of it and made the record 13-1, but it will never be the same, so I gave the shirt to my bro..i was gonna sell it on ebay but fuck it

oh one more thing, just to show you guys i was thinking ahead. as usual.. when i was packing my shit to go back to this chicks town, i saw my pair of jeans that i had wore that night, and it had a lil blood stain on it from that night that we had a fight at the club, so when i met her that night, i wore the same pair of jeans, JUST IN CASE her ASD or LMR kicked in, i could just remind her of that night and how i protected her…. and show her the proof ( the bloodstain)….

Comments welcomed.


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