Learn to Love Texting

I posted this article from Sebastian of Master the Vibe on my Myspace blog and got such a good response I thought I would repost it here. I could not agree more with everything that Sebastian says in this post. Pure gold!!

Text Messaging Girls by Sebastian Drake

It’s no secret that girls love text messaging. Especially cute?girls. You can see them click-click-clicking away on their cell?phones, texting like crazy (or, ‘SMS’ing for all y’all European?cats).

Men typically don’t like it. But after today, you will.

The reason? Texting makes it easier for you to get women, and?communicate with them. The great thing about texting is that a text?is not a yes/no proposition.

You want to give women opportunities to say yes to you WITHOUT?forcing them to say no. Texting is better than calling a girl?because a girl will always read a text message. If a girl gets a?call from you, and doesn’t answer, it bodes poorly for you. It’s?what we call “rejected compliance” – you’re effectively asking for
something (for her to answer her phone) just by calling.

If she sees her phone ringing and doesn’t answer, it’s like she?went against what you were after. No good.

Texting solves that problem – it also lets girls who are interested?show it without forcing girls who aren’t interested to say no.

I text every girl in my phone every 3-4 days. The texts are just?fun, show a little of my personality, and fill the girls in on?what’s going on in my life. I write the texts for myself, because I?like to – NOT to impress or please her. And I NEVER ask for a?response, or ask a question. I give opportunities to respond
without making her feel bad or like she’s going against what I want?by not responding. I sent texts like:

After first meeting a girl:
GOOD: so fun to make new friends 🙂
GOOD: u are such a sweetheart! thanks for sharing umbrulla
GOOD: ur the cutest thing ever. happy i met u 🙂
BAD: cool meeting u. what u doing thurs?
BAD: want to hang on fri?

To keep in touch:
GOOD: i just got the most fly pair of jeans ever for $12. i’m pumped
GOOD: so warm out! it’s cowboy hat weather
GOOD: my puppy is ridiculous
BAD: whats going on?
BAD: havent talked to u in a while. whats up?
BAD: hey whats new

To invite her to spend time with you:
GOOD: hitting the museum fine art on tues. buzz me if you get in an
artistic mood
GOOD: if u have a lot of energy after work, we’re salsaing and u’d
fit right in.
GOOD: u totally have to meet my friend maria. u two are like
sisters seperated at birth
BAD: want to come to museum on tues?
BAD: we’re going salsa dancing tonight, want to come?

After spending time with her:
GOOD: had so much fun. *hugs*
GOOD: i’m safe, warm, & happy. mmm sleep tight darlin
GOOD: u are way too nice 🙂 i had so much fun
BAD: did u have fun?
BAD: are you home yet?

Leave those questions alone! Ask questions only after you get into?a texting “back and forth” conversation, and even then, only?sparingly. But DO text – My rule is I do not call a girl until she?has returned at least one text. It saves a lot of time too. Learn?to love it, fellas.


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