How To Really Impress A Girl Over Text…

The TRUTH About What Women Really Respond To Over Text…

Remember this: Women will go to the ENDS of the earth to bang a guy she’s attracted to…

If you currently struggle to impress women over text, I’m guessing you probably think the issue is that you aren’t sending the “right” texts… Am I right?

Well I’ve got some news for you…

The actual texts you send matter a lot LESS than you think.

Even though the text “Hey, what’s up?” might be one of the worst texts you can possibly send a girl…

If that same text was sent to her from a guy who she has a HUGE crush on, then she would instantly get excited, and may even respond right away.

Here’s the good news… You don’t have to be super “attractive” or a celebrity to create this same effect…

You just have to set the right FRAMES at the moment you get her phone number.

A girl will always remember you for the LAST emotion she felt around you… With that said, HOW you get her phone number will often times be the deciding factor in if she texts you back, or if she meets up with you later…

That’s why in this article, I’m going to tell you how to get her phone number in the most “attractive” way, so that she’ll be anxiously waiting for you to text her…

So if you’ve ever wondered the following questions…

“How do I get a girl’s phone number?”

“What do I say to get a girl to like me?”

“How do I touch a girl so that she’ll like me?”

Then stay tuned, because this is going to be the most valuable article for you.

A great man once told me… People who ask questions rarely asks the right question….

Follow me on this on here…

There’s the question that gets asked… and there’s the real question behind that question.

So when a guy asks me something like “what is the best way to get a girls number?” I don’t hear the actual question…

What I really hear is, “I don’t think I’m valuable.”

See what I mean?

It never comes down to the perfect way to manipulate her into getting something from her…

Ideally, it should come down you you giving her the gift of exchanging numbers with YOU!

Is your mind blown yet?…

Well sit tight.

Last night I took a guy out to a few bars here in Phoenix, and at one point in the night, I told him to go and exchange phone numbers with a girl who he had talked to earlier.

He did.

But she ended up rejecting him.

And I asked him “Well what did you say?”

He said, “I went up, and asked her if she wanted to hang out tomorrow night. Then she said she works on the nights, so I walked away.”


When you ask her for PERMISSION to hang out, then you are letting HER lead.

All girls want YOU to be the leader. Not the other way around.

And the easiest way to come from the correct frame of LEADING, is to assume that she already wants to hang out with you. And then go from there…

In other words, you believe with every cell in your being that she would BENEFIT from getting the chance to hang out with you for just a few minutes.

You’ve got to frame hanging out with you, and exchanging phone numbers as a REWARD.

She’s got to feel like she’s earned the chance to get your number. Think about it like this…

Do you think a f*cking celebrity, like Brad Pitt,
ever wonders how to get a girl’s number?

Or does he feel like he’s doing someone a favor when he gives his number out?…

The truth is, BRAD PITT is such a high value guy that when he gives his number to someone, he genuinely feels like he’s doing them a favor.

And that’s the exact issue that a lot of guys have today…

Most guys think that their problem is they don’t know the RIGHT technique for a certain situation…

When in reality, they just need to value themselves more.

So I’m gonna ask you a quick question to bring this lesson full circle…

When YOU get a hot girl’s phone number…

When YOU F*CK a hot girl…

What did SHE get out of it?

…tough question I know.

It’s pretty obvious that you may have gotten a lot out of those things.

I mean…

You got the hot girl’s number…

You got another notch on your bed post…

You got bragging rights with all your friends…

But what did SHE get?…

If you can’t answer that question with an honest answer that you truly believe in your core.

Then we have just found your sticking point my friend.

This is your ceiling right now.

And you know what?

I’m freaking PUMPED for you, dude.

Because once you realize what YOUR value is, you’ll blast right through this sticking point of yours…

By becoming a valuable person… You’ll no longer feel like you tricked a girl into getting her phone number.

You’ll actually feel like you did her a favor.

Every interaction you have… Whether it’s in dating, social, or business…

They’ll all be a win-win.

And that’s ultimately how it should be.

The most seductive people in the world OFFER the gift of their presence.

They constantly ask themselves, “How am I BRINGING value to the table here?”

And they give, give, give… (As long as the giving supports their path.)

So what could my man from last night have done differently to come from this “High Value/Giving Value” Frame?


Instead of asking for her permission to “hang out tomorrow night”, he could have just said something like:

“Hey, I think you’re cool, and I’m about to leave here in a bit. Take my number. We’re definitely gonna hang out soon.”

SO many good things about what that line there… It implies that HE’S approving of her.

It’s LEADING because he’s not asking for her permission to exchange numbers, he’s telling her that BECAUSE he think she’s cool, he is down to exchange numbers.

Then when she starts to type her number into his phone, he could say…

“By the way… What’s my name?”

If she remembers it, he can say “I knew I liked you for a reason. We could totally get along.”

Or if she doesn’t remember his name, he could then playfully tease her about it by saying, “Gosh, so disappointing. You can delete my number if you want…”

This is take-away selling at it’s finest.

By telling her she can delete your number, as a punishment for not remembering his name, she would have started chasing him by saying, “Remind me what your name is! I promise I’ll remember it.”

Why does this work?

Because when we get something taken away from us, we always want it a lot more. Even if we didn’t want it in the first place.

Can you see how this FRAMES your phone number as a reward?

On that note, before we end things today, do this QUICK exercise…

  1. Write out 5 awesome qualities about yourself that you
    bring to any social interaction.
  2. Write out 5 awesome ways that women benefit from getting to be around you
  3. Write out 3 of the most magnetic people you can think of, and then ask yourself “what one quality makes them so magnetic?”

Peace out!

-Patrick James

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