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BadBoy’s Dating Strategies

Here are some first date tips. First dates are the hardest and knowing the game will lead easier into a successful first date.

Dating Strategies by Badboy

When you take a phone number from a girl, DONT call her tomorrow morning or as soon as possible. Try to stay congruent with your image. I usually wait a day or two and call in the afternoon.

Keep that first phone call short, a few minutes. Have something interesting to say at the beginning of the call based on your previous conversation or something that happened to you today. If you have to make something up, go ahead. Just dont be boring or put the conversational burden on her.

After a few short minutes of chatter, arrange place and time to meet. You must lead here while still appearing democratic. Like, Lets meet Tuesday evening at bar X, and let her choose the time. You choose location and day and let her choose time. You arent asking if that day or bar are okay. You assume they are and she is committing to meet you by choosing a time. Dont ask her when she wants to meet. Planting lots choices and ambiguity in the process gives her opportunities to flake or make excuses. This is a delicate time in the relationship. Often, they wake up and wonder if their emotions were correct the night before. They start to have doubts. We prevent these doubts from getting in our way by conveying personality on the call and initiating a meet to continue escalating things.

Set dates for the weeknights and not the weekends when everybody goes out. They are likely to be busy or have something come up and cancel because they want to party with their friends. Plus, bars and venues are more crowded on the weekends which makes it more conducive to being intimate.

Be different. A first date can be normal, like coffee, drinks or a movie. But later, try to avoid these kinds of dates. Its boring. Once you have her in your life, keep things interesting if you want to keep her around. Well talk more about this later.

During first dates, avoid being insecure and dont worry about whether she likes you or not. If she is there, she likes you. Assume that things will go well, that she likes you and use the Go First Principle. In your mind, pretend that this is not a first date and that she is not a stranger. She will pick up on the sense of familiarity and become very comfortable with you.

Look at it from the girls point of view: They come on the first date to see if they really like a guy. Is he the same as the impression I got in the club? If he is then its okay to continue liking him. She wants to like him. Really, ask yourself, if she doesnt want to like the guy why would she come see him again? She is hoping things go well and that it will lead to a second date. So, keep this in mind, dont be needy and have fun with her.

Another thing is to make sure you escalate the relationship into something physical early on. Start touching, holding hands, kissing or more as the opportunity arises. If you dont and four dates go by, you will find that you have become emasculated and are now nothing but a friend to her. If you are the assertive male who takes what he wants, you will be unafraid to make a move and let her know you are interested in her sexually. It is already written into the subtext of the date. Not making a move is strange and conveys that you are afraid to take action. Again, lead confidently and she will follow.

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