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A quick word on getting in shape from Francis from the Mystery Method. Can fat guys still meet women? Do you need to be in shape to pick up girls?  How much does looks matter?

Get in Shape! by The Mystery Method

Women like men who are in shape. This comes from evolution. Fit, healthy, men are more likely to produce fit, healthy children and to protect the family. You dont HAVE to be in shape to attract women; the Mystery Method will allow you to succeed anyway. But why not make it easier for yourself?

Its not just to attract women, anyway. Being in shape will give you more energy and confidence, and reduce your risk of illness.

Being in shape depends on good diet and exercise. This isnt a diet or exercise program, but Ive put together some easy and realistic things everyone can do to improve. Face it, if I told you to use a calorie counter and buy a home gym, you wouldnt listen to me anyway. These tips can be used without a change to your lifestyle:

* If its in your kitchen, youre going to eat it. Dont shop when hungry. Better yet, make a list and shop with a friend who is trying to achieve the same goals. You can keep each other in check.

* There are a lot of calories in juice. 3 glasses of juice is 10 oranges. Thats a lot of sugar. Go easy on juice.

* What when you eat as much as what you eat. Have your big meals early in the day; nothing will pack on pounds like big dinners late at night.

* Portion size is a killer, especially in America. Order or cook smaller meals. Your stomach takes about 30 minutes to realize that its full. If youre having an enormous meal, you wont realize that youve eaten too much until its too late. Eat smaller, and if youre still hungry 30 minutes later, add to it.

* If you tend to eat the same thing a lot, do your research. I used to eat at Subway every day and Ive have the tuna sandwhich, which I didnt even like that much, because I figured it was healthy. I looked it up on Subways website, and its pretty much the worst thing I could be eating. Most chains give you nutritional information.

* Dont be fooled by no fat or no sugar. Sometimes youll see a no fat version of something that never had any fat to begin with, like jelly beans. Jelly beans make you fat because of their sugar, not their fat. Its like carbohydrate-free cheese, when the problem with cheese is the fat, not the carbohydrates.

And, for fitness

* Make exercise fun. Go hiking with a friend, or use your bicycle. A lot of active things to do make great Day 2s, so use them.

* Dont set yourself up for failure. If you dont exercise at all, dont promise yourself to run for two hours a day. You wont do it, youll feel badly about yourself, and then youll quit.

* Trust the professionals.

Taking my own advice, I asked around for experts to help me with fitness advice for the OAP. I met Mike Mahler, a famous strength and conditioning coach who has trained major celebrities and UFC fighters. Not only did he help me with this column, but he offered to help OAP members with personalized training.

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