Somen Women Don’t Sleep With Men ’till the Third Date? Really…?

I thought that this was interesting and rang really true as I’ve experienced this recently with the girl I’m currently dating. This is from Sebastian of Master the Vibe. How long should it take to fuck a girl?

The Third Date Lay by Sebastian Drake

Some women insist on “dating” before sleeping with a man. I
understand why – they want to know him, and know he’s a quality man
that will be nice to take as a lover before sleeping together.

Most quality women even have an idea of how well they want to know
a man before getting intimate. The thing is, it’s easy to know but
hard to measure, so often a fairly arbitrary label gets put on it:
“Number of dates”

“Not ’til the third date…”
“I don’t sleep with men before the fourth date…”
“At least five dates…”

The solution is simple – Go on five dates the first time you two
get together.

See, memory isn’t linear. You can’t quite measure exactly how long
and how well you’ve known someone. Instead, memory and how well you
know someone has the most to do with how many different experiences
you’ve had together.

Take an example – if you’ve been to high school or college
(secondary school and university for all you European cats), you
might’ve had a professor who occasionally held class outside, or
took you on fieldtrips, or had some classes in a lab.

Didn’t you feel like you knew that professor better than the
professors whom you just sat in a classroom with? Of course! Now,
whether you personally knew him any better is debatable. Maybe you
personally did, maybe not. But here’s the thing: EVERYONE that had
that teacher thought they knew him or her a little better, and were
a little closer.

It’s why many people don’t feel like they know your coworkers well,
despite having worked hundreds if not thousands of hours together –
yet feel like you’ve known a friend forever if they’ve been to a
few different parties and out to a few different places even after
meeting only a few weeks before.

Besides, dates in one place get stale! The best formula I’ve found
for getting together involves setting up something that’s
no-pressure and easy to walk away from – for you or the girl.
Something that takes not very long. That way, if she’s not to your
taste, you have a graceful out after a little while, and she’ll be
more likely to come knowing it’s no pressure.

Never meet for food – it makes it a “date”, specifically, “date#1”
(of 3, or 4, or 5…). Meet to do something quick and fun, and then
if it starts going well, feel free to try this one out:

“You hungry?”

If she says yes, you stop and eat somewhere. If she says no, you
can say,

“That’s okay, you can watch me eat” – with a big smile.

Bounce around to many different locations, and you’ll feel like
you’ve known each other longer and you’ll both feel a stronger
connection. And here’s something great I love for doing if you’re
getting dinner (NOT as the plan, of course, but after already
having coffee or going windowshopping):

Look at the menu for a minute, then say, “I know what we’re
getting!” and take them both. When the waiter comes, say, “The lady
and I will split a bowl of french onion soup, and a chicken cesar

When the food comes, sit next to her, or have her sit next to you.
Just eat at first, but move into splitting it, feeding her, having
her feed you, and making a mess.

Want to move to a bar afterwards? “I’ll grab the check if you’ve
got the first round of drinks.”

Want to have her pay the check instead?

Look at her, and say: “You got this one?”

Yes, it works. Yes, consistently. Enjoy!


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