The Pez Opener

A classic opener by Mystery, described by Craig in Clifford’s Seduction Newsletter:

The Pez Opener by Mystery

“You walk up to a girl, tilt your head to the side and look serious, stare for a second and wait for her to give you the “What do you want” look. Crack a half smile, and pull out the Pez.
Me: “Pez?”
(This is fuckin’ unreal… you can use it anywhere and it always gets a laugh. And who doesn’t love Pez?)
Her: “hehehe…I love Pez!”
Me: “Didn’t your mom warn you about taking candy from strangers?”
Her: “Yeah….”
Me: “And it’s bad for your teeth.”
Her: “Yeah, but I like it!”
Me: “Isn’t it funny how what’s dangerous can be so exciting? Tell ya what… [transition to proceeding to talk over coffee or a pattern or a #close etc]””

For a complete book filled with openers click here.

By the way, I don’t have a clue what Pez is, seems to be some sort of candy or sweets. Just carry some around to offer to the ladies you’d like to get to know more intimately:)

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